10 modern design and customizable sinks for a TOP bathroom

10 modern design and customizable sinks for a TOP bathroom

“It’s the little details that make the difference.” This phrase that you have heard more than once, I can assure you, as an interior designer, that there is nothing more true in this field.

I have seen projects spoiled by not taking care of these little details. As well as I have seen that making small changes and taking care of the small details, have achieved spectacular results.

In a bathroom this becomes even more important, since there are many small details that have a great relevance, beyond the wall or floor covering and sanitary ware, such as the taps, the worktop or, especially, the sink.

It is these small accessories that make the difference between a normal bathroom or a spectacular bathroom. That is why I have prepared 10 modern design and customizable sinks, so that you can choose the perfect washbasin to finish off your bathroom. We are going to see them and I will tell you about their characteristics and nuances.

ZenPlus washbasin

ZenPlus design washbasin

A beautiful countertop washbasin of modern design that just by looking at it there are no words.

Asymmetrically cut, it can create a touch of class and a focal point in any bathroom, be it Nordic style, such a cutting edge style these days, as well as in any other style.

And not only for its innovative design, since as I said before, these sinks that I have prepared can also be customized to adapt them to your bathroom and choose it in two colors.

That is, on the inside of the washbasin in pure white and on the outside, available in up to 10 RAL colors available that we see below:

RAL colors for designer washbasins

Thus, if you want to add a touch of color to the bathroom, for example, in the elegant Pink Mink, you would have a sink as beautiful as you can see below:

ZenPlus Mink Pink design washbasin

Don’t tell me it has no personality. This is a bathroom with all the details taken care of.

Let’s look at another model.

OvulaPlus washbasin

OvulaPlus design washbasin

Inspired by the linear and continuous path of a drop of water, this is a washbasin with great personality that will make the difference between a normal bathroom and a designer bathroom with character.

This sink can be found not only suspended but also embedded in case you prefer or need a countertop furniture in the bathroom.

In addition, although in the image we see the large format, 2 meters wide, it is also available in other smaller sizes to be able to adapt it to smaller bathrooms.

Like all the sinks that we are seeing and are going to see, it is made with SurfacePlus, a classic material already in the design of these elements due to its great resistance to water and chemicals, as well as for its durability and for the soft and pleasant touch of its surface that imitates natural stone.

It is from the Mundilite firm and you can see more details on their website.

Let’s look at another modern design washbasin.

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