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10 easy-care plants that need shade 10 easy-care plants that need shade
Do you have a balcony that doesn’t beat the sun or does it only have 3 hours of sun a day? You need to... 10 easy-care plants that need shade

Do you have a balcony that doesn’t beat the sun or does it only have 3 hours of sun a day? You need to know 10 easy-to-care plants that need shade!

10 easy-care plants that need shade

We have already talked about 10 easy-to-care plants that like the sun, but now it is the turn of the plants that should decorate most apartment balconies, the ones that almost always suffer from the lack of sun.

And don’t forget that they can also live together inside the house, near the windows to receive light. No plant survives without some natural light nearby.

A tip for you: Shade plants, in general, have beautiful leaves as their main point of interest.

Pending plants


It is simple, widely used, very easy to maintain and a sweetie that still has the characteristic of cleaning the air. It is toxic to animals and children, so I suggest putting it high, hanging. It just doesn’t tolerate very low temperatures.

To make seedlings, cut the end of a branch with 4 to 6 leaves, place it in the water and wait for it to take root.

10 easy-care plants that need shade
Photo: Decorfacil

To plant, use substrate rich in organic matter, without forgetting to put expanded clay or gravel in the bottom of the pot. Sprinkle 1 (in the cold) to 3 times (in the heat) a week. The best measure is to water when the soil is almost dry.

Fertilize it with fertilizers like earthworms every 3 months so that it is always healthy. From time to time, prune the old, yellowed leaves and dust the remaining leaves.


She looks a little bit and must have a treatment similar to the one informed above for Boa constrictor. But see the post about Peperômia and Rafis (another great shade plant – the one with a pot and a bigger one) for more details.

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shade plant - peperomiaPhoto: Selvvva

There are several types of peperomias. Some are not outstanding, but all are beautiful and can be used in shady environments.

Matted Hearts

A plant that looks super delicate, this easy-care plant needs watering twice a week or when the soil is already getting dry. Only wet the earth. The lack or excess of water is not good for her, who needs to stay close to the light. Plant mixing soil and sand to avoid waterlogging.

Shadow plant - tangled heartsPhoto: Selvvva

You can use the tubers that come out of the stems or leaves to make new seedlings.

In summer she gives pink flowers with petals tending to purple, which attract hummingbirds being outdoors.

Plants that are not pending

Adam’s Rib

Another well-known plant, easy to care for, with beautiful leaves and adapts very well to the interior and areas of shade and half shade. It needs good light and humidity.

Water whenever the soil is practically dry. If the leaves turn brown, it may be a sign of low water. If they turn yellow, reduce watering a little.

shade plant - Rib of AdãoPhoto: total construction

The soil must be rich in organic matter and fertilized with organic compost. It also needs space because its beautiful leaves are large and it spreads well across space. Remove dead and dry leaves and always clean them.

It is very similar to guaimbê also a good shade plant. The difference is that it has holes in the leaves and the gaimbê has the torn leaves.

Tree of Happiness

Another very well-known (remember that we are talking about easy-to-care plants, so they are in many houses, but that does not detract from their beauty), usually comes in pairs, what they call male and female – they say they bring luck to anyone who receives them as a gift. In fact, they also live quite alone, they do not depend on each other in any way.

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shadow plant - tree of happinessPhoto: maxres

The female (left) has the technical name of Polyscias fruticosa and the male, is Polyscias guilfoylei

With one or both plants, the treatment is the same: The pot must have excellent drainage (use substrates with wood bark in the composition), water twice a week or when the soil is dry and spray water on its leaves instead in a while. Keep the plant in a place that has very good light.

The female has the weakest stems. Eventually it may be necessary to tie supports so that they do not break.

Peace lily

Another air purifying plant, the Lily of Peace prefers the shade with some lighting. With perfect health, its leaves turn dark and bright green. The soil must be rich in organic matter and moist. He likes water, but the pot must have good drainage. To know that it needs water, make sure the leaves are half wilted.

shade plant - Peace LilyPhoto: tuacasa

On warmer days, spray your leaves with water. This also helps to keep them clean (you can also, if necessary, use a damp cloth to clean them). He prefers filtered or rainwater. Remove dead, diseased or yellow leaves whenever they appear.

It blooms twice a year, but after the purchase and change of pot it may take a while to give the first flower.


You must be careful with excess water. Once a week is enough for her in general, but water when the soil is dry and plant in a pot with good drainage and large, as it occupies a good space with its leaves.

shade plant - pacováphoto: Evelyn Muller

The soil must be rich in organic fertilizers and remain well fertilized. She doesn’t like air conditioning and cold.

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Elegant Camedórea

A small-sized palm tree (for a palm tree, right?) That does very well in shady environments, always remembering that all need light, but the camedória supports it until it stays indoors, up to 2 to 3 meters from the sunlight. Sun. It grows slowly and is easy to maintain: Just leave the soil moist, but not soaked and rich in organic matter. If the leaves or their ends turn yellow, it will be due to the lack of moisture. She likes heat and burns in the sun. She also doesn’t like air conditioning or the cold.

Shadow plant - ComedoryPhoto: gazetadopovo

It must be fertilized in the warmer months with compost for palm trees. Spray the leaves with water to clean them and prune the dry and dead leaves.


Another plant that likes shade with good light and humidity, without soaking. If the light is low for him, the colored parts turn green. The soil must be very rich in organic matter mixed with pine bark to be more “porous” and the pot must be well drained.

Shadow Plant - AnthuriumPhoto: hometeka

Like many of the plants above (the Pacová in the bulb part, all parts of the peace lily and boa and the leaves of the Adam’s rib), the latex that comes out of the anthurium is also toxic for children and animals.

It is very important to clean the dry leaves and stems to avoid pests and diseases and to avoid having too many clumps in the same pot.

Maranta mustache cat

Maranta and Calathea are from the same family and they are all beautiful! I chose this one for its colorful leaves that draw attention wherever you are. And good news for those who have cats – The maranta poses no danger to them.

Shade plant: MarantaPhoto: umbotaniconoapa

It does not tolerate dry air or soil (again, not soaked) and must be protected from the wind. The light must be abundant, but direct light only in the morning.

Shade plant - MarantaPhoto: roots and leaves