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How can the decoration and organization of the room help mental health? How can the decoration and organization of the room help mental health?
Did you know that the decoration and organization of the room can contribute to mental health? The choice of the colors of the walls,... How can the decoration and organization of the room help mental health?

Did you know that the decoration and organization of the room can contribute to mental health? The choice of the colors of the walls, the lighting, the arrangement of furniture and decorative objects, all can contribute to the energy of the environment.

How can the decoration and organization of the room help mental health?

decoration and organization of the room can help mental health
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To make the space where you rest more cozy and quiet, every detail must be chosen carefully, starting with the colors that line the walls.

Mint Green RoomPhoto: Delikatissen


If you want a unique shade, we suggest choosing classic white, some of the so-called off white colors or very unsaturated colors (that is, very light colors, pastels, with a lot of white in their composition).

If you want to add a touch of color, but maintain neutrality, bet on delicate colors, related to Nature or on wood in the details.

Bedroom in neutral colors and woodPhoto: DomumArquitectura

But if you want to emphasize a wall with a stronger color, do so on the headboard wall. Thus, when sleeping, this color will not disturb your sleep. Anyway, avoid too bright colors, mainly red, orange or yellow. Unless you know that you have little sensitivity to the dynamic effects of these colors. Greens and greyish blues are very suitable.

bedroom with gray blue wall and yellow detailsPhoto: Vmdesignblogg

In addition to the main tone, use complementary colors, which can appear in decoration details or on a patterned wallpaper.


To complement, add a natural plant. In addition to being decorative, the plant is functional, as it helps to clean and improve air quality, neutralize negative energies and keep the environment quiet.

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Bedroom detail - plant and earthy colorsPhoto: dci


To reinforce the presence of nature, how about using the benefits of aromatherapy? Essential oils help restore mental, spiritual and physical balance. Its aromas can stimulate or inhibit the production of certain hormones and secretions that influence your emotions. Just be careful with allergies, product quality and overuse.


Regarding lighting, choose warm lamps (3000 or 2700 K) that help the body to relax. And lamps that indirectly illuminate and are diffused, all to have light that is not dazzling, but delicate and fluid.

bedroom in neutral colors litPhoto: AprimoreDecor

It is important to control the amount and intensity of lighting, as the incidence of light decreases the ability to produce melatonin, an important hormone in the regulation of sleep. The ideal would be to sleep completely in the dark for most people.

Bedroom detail neutral colors lighting and headboardPhoto: Casatreschic

To control artificial lighting, invest in dimmers, which allow you to control the amount of light from the luminaires. In addition, lighting controls must be placed within reach of the person lying down.

Bedroom gray and blue wooden headboard Photo: MuitoChic

The incidence of natural light must also be controlled, either by a curtain or blind or even both solutions. But between 10 am and 4 pm, leave the windows open to let in sunlight, clean and renew the air.

room with conservatoryPhoto: Delikatissen

According to Anabel Rodríguez, health consultant for the Healthy and Strong portal, vitamin D, present in the sun’s rays, can help mental health, as this substance is essential in the functioning of neurons. Vitamin D deficiency can even lead to emotional disorders, you know? So, especially if you do activities in your room during the day, let the sun in!

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Decoration accessories:

Another element that can help your emotions is the decoration. Choose objects that stimulate your creativity, relaxation, inspiration and determination or that recall special moments lived with friends and family.

Bedroom detail neutral colors pillowsPhoto: Casatreschic

An important item in the decoration of the room is the mirror, however, be careful: The mirror should be placed in such a way that it does not reflect you sleeping, as this can generate restlessness, stress, insomnia, among other ills for many people.

Bedroom with mirrored headboardProject: Giseli Koraicho Photo: Eder Bruscagin

Bedding can also influence sleep quality. Investing in a set with good quality pieces, made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen is essential, as these fabrics allow the skin to perspire.

bedroom detail pillowsPhoto: Casatreschic

And, in addition, an essential factor: To keep mental health up to date, it is not enough that your room is well decorated. It is essential that the environment is clean and well organized, as the disorder of the environment can cause stress and anxiety and dirt, diseases.

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