6 DIY ideas to decorate and furnish your rental bathroom

Estantes DIY para el baño

It is not your home, but it is your home. And as such, you should feel comfortable in it, decorating any room that requires it; even the most difficult spaces to personalize when renting, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

And, although we have limitations to decorate the bathroom of an apartment or a rental house, it is not impossible to give it a personal touch to adapt it to our tastes. And that is precisely what we are going to see next: 6 DIY and decorative ideas that you can do yourself to decorate and fully furnish your bathroom without disturbing the landlord. Let’s see them.

Add more storage space. All you need

DIY shelves for the bathroom

If the bathroom in your rental apartment doesn’t have enough furniture or shelves to meet your organizational demands, you need to fix it. This small change will make you feel better in a functional bathroom adapted to you.

You can make custom shelves and furniture yourself and, once ready, install them without drilling holes if the landlord does not allow you to drill the tiles. In this way, you also have the advantage that when you leave the apartment you can take your furniture with you without any problem.

Today, you will find on the market a wide variety of effective products to create or install furniture, such as super strong adhesives that allow you to do without nails. This resistant product allows you to install shelves, furniture, towel racks, coat racks and anything else you need to create a space that provides you with all the storage capacity you need.

We have already talked about this topic previously on the blog, specifically in this article on how to hang things on the wall without using nails or a drill.

In addition, the good thing about this type of glue is that not only can you add furniture or other practical accessories, but its resistance makes them perfect to give a new look to your bathtub:

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