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5 decoration trends for 2021 5 decoration trends for 2021
The challenges and characteristics of the past year were the great inspirations for these 5 trends in decoration for 2021. 2020 was the year... 5 decoration trends for 2021

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The challenges and characteristics of the past year were the great inspirations for these 5 trends in decoration for 2021.

2020 was the year when everything needed to be rethought. From our customs to consumption habits, measures of social isolation have transformed the lives of everyone around the world.

If before we used our home to rest after a day of work, now the spaces needed to be rethought to receive us for much longer, to welcome new uses, to protect ourselves and, in some way, to connect with the outside and nature.

5 decoration trends for 2021 - industrial style room
Photo: @ Cafofo_208

At first, many saw this new outlook on life as a prison. Over time, we got used to the new reality and transformed our houses and apartments into real safe havens.

That’s why the word that serves as a guide to trends in decor for 2021 is “Host”.

living room sofa blue light pink wallPhoto: arquitectimimovel

In this article you will see what is already being done in many apartments in Itaim Bibi and other neighborhoods in São Paulo, Brazil and worldwide to experience this transformation. Check out!

5 decoration trends for 2021

  • The reframing of the lobby

Before a place of fast passage and that did not exist in many apartments and houses, the hall became the most important protection front of the house. Whoever did not have a hall, somehow created it and whoever had added space for new and super important uses for the hygiene of everything that enters and leaves the house.

entrance hall roomPhoto: vmdesignblogg
  • Home office for long periods

What was already a trend has become a requirement, needing much more space and often more than one area in the house: the home office serves children during their study hours and parents who have gone to work at home, being also, for many families, a leisure environment.

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Home office on the balconyPhoto: TokStok

Thus, the need to think more in ergonomics in the home office it was imperative: After all, working or studying for hours in a chair that does not provide the necessary comfort is extremely harmful and quickly felt by the body.

  • The search for more welcoming spaces

One of the reflections that some people made throughout 2020 is that life can and needs to be much simpler and more peaceful.

That usual rush of the great urban scenarios gave rise to the possibility of spending more time with the family, taking courses during office hours and being able to sleep a little more before starting to work.

room in warm neutral colorsPhoto: casatreschic

Thus, the search for environments that give more coziness, attending and facilitating these moments is one of the main decoration trends for 2021.

quiet living room in neutral colors and blue gray sofa Photo: coco + kelley

To help cause this cozy effect, the finishes, fabrics and textures are rethought to convey this feeling of peace inside the home. Thus, linen, cotton and all coatings that have a pleasant texture for our touch are on the rise.

This vibe is also looking for plants, home gardens, relaxation corners, and everything that connects us with Nature and our inner peace.

homemade vegetable garden on the balconyPhoto: Detail of Project Architect Júlia Guadix

A house more connected to nature is a great option for those who will stay longer in the comfort of their own home. So try to populate each of your environments with plants because, in addition to making the spaces more colorful, they improve the air quality of your apartment.

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Room with pink wall and plantsPhoto: vmdesignblogg
  • The colors that will be the inspiration of 2021

Consistent with the search for coziness, the colors chosen by the big companies that bet on their palettes every year are mostly earthy, with natural fiber tones, woody, plants, the colors of the sky, in short, colors related to Nature.

As an example, see some of the colors of the palettes called Consciência e Resgate, by Suvinil: Even in the name we recognize the influence of Nature of the beautiful choices.

Suvinil colors for 2021Photo: Suvinil
  1. Scandinavian style environments

The Scandinavian style is known for bringing a minimalist ambiance to the spaces and therefore it is one of the most suitable options for those who need multifunctional environments.

In the past year, we found ourselves adapting our rooms to a new way of living – living rooms that also function as offices and rooms that have become home theaters or even where gyms have been adapted.

integrated apartment with officeProject: Architect Júlia Guadix photo: Guilherme Pucci

One way to build multifunctional environments without overloading spaces with a lot of information is to take advantage of Scandinavian style ideas, such as the predominance of light colored woods for the finishing of furniture and decorative pieces with sober lines and more neutral colors such as ice, sand and shades pastels.

Enjoy these 5 trends of decoration for 2021, adapt and renew your home!

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