10 reasons to create a creative space in your children’s room


6) Allows for initial contact with artistic techniques It may be that she or he does not become an artist (and it may be!) But it will certainly be easier in careers where they are needed (architect and designer, for example)

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7) Stimulates curiosity for new knowledge Several branches of Art, History, Geography, Sciences… many interests can be created or stimulated through drawing, painting and contact with the arts in general (pictures, photos, small sculptures, drawings, etc.)

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8) Enables new and different ways to express feelings Drawing an angry face with a lot of red and yellow paint instead of breaking a toy in a moment of anger is something that can be taught … From there, the knowledge that there can be countless ways to put your feelings out and be happier (or balanced, who knows?)

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9) Stimulates greater knowledge and expression of personality and personal tastes The contact with art and the possibility to choose what is desired freely in its corner allows the child to discover his personal style faster than he likes or dislikes.

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10) Can improve the relationship between children and between parents and childrenArtistic expression, including that of children, is a way of showing feelings, conflicts, the intimacy that many times a child does not yet know how to verbalize. Using and participating in your child’s artistic activities and encouraging them to “make art” together will show a lot to you, mother or father, both about your child and his relationship with his world and family.

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