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Kitchen Storage – How to Make Kitchen Spaces Functional Kitchen Storage – How to Make Kitchen Spaces Functional
Welcome Remodeling Ideas, the space on the web that asks its users to find instant solutions to problems that arise within the home. In... Kitchen Storage – How to Make Kitchen Spaces Functional

Welcome Remodeling Ideas, the space on the web that asks its users to find instant solutions to problems that arise within the home. In this way, we can decorate the house and make it a more functional space. Today we will talk about kitchen storage, due to the difficulties that sometimes arise if the kitchen is small. We will also know some plans to carry out the idea of ​​placing these furniture to save space. Therefore, we recommend that you settle in to visualize a fabulous entrance with ideas that you can make in your home. Here we go!

How to save space in the kitchen

No matter how big or small your kitchen is. Today in the market there are various storage systems perfect for every space. These are perfectly suited to each environment, thus allowing you to take advantage of each area of ​​your kitchen.

With these elements you can organize and store from small appliances, food and pantry items to utensils and glassware. Sometimes we do not realize the many things we have in the kitchen and the lack of organization in it.

Furniture to organize the kitchen

For most people, storing and organizing this space in the home is a bit difficult. This is perhaps due to the fact that they are unaware of the different types of kitchen storage and organizations that are carried out. Generally small things are kept in a single drawer without giving the true place that each item has.

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With the storage systems that we will indicate to you, you will be able to perfectly organize the lids and plastic containers. As well as cutting boards, food containers, and much more. Of course, you must take into account the space of your kitchen since they are not all the same.

But that is not a problem, since surely a storage system that is just right is what you need. You just have to select and organize each item in its proper place so that you store, organize and have everything at hand.

With all these storage systems you can make sure that each item you need is always where it should be and at your fingertips without clutter. With these storage systems you can not only perfectly organize your kitchen. But they can also be part of your interior decoration. So, don’t put off organizing this important part of your home for later. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds.

Expandable drawer organizer

The drawers are actually practical, but most of the time they are cluttered. So to eliminate and avoid clutter you can get these expandable organizers. They have several compartments of different sizes, to keep the cutlery in place, without clutter and always at hand when you need them. They are very useful and resistant to water.

Slim trolley storage system

This slim storage cart is ideal for those small spaces between cabinets, which you are sure to have in your kitchen. With this cart you can take advantage of that small space and give it utility instead of wasting it and not taking it into account.

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In general, this storage system has three levels and comes with wheels so that it is much easier to remove and move it and you can take what is needed. The space between the levels of the cart has a height that allows you to store up to bottles if you wish.

Spice & Cutlery Organizer

This is the type of storage system, which due to its size, can be easily placed in the kitchen counter or on the table. This has two levels with a visible rectangular basket on one side, which you can keep your cutlery. Although you could still use it, not for spices and cutlery, but as a cleaning station next to your sink. Actually these storage systems you can use them for what you need, it is a matter of ingenuity and necessity.

Organizer for tea bags

This is one of the storage systems that is for something specific like tea bags. If you are one of the people who love to have and drink different types of tea, this organizer is perfect for your drink. It is a fairly compact and very practical system, which can fit perfectly in any cabinet or shelf in your kitchen.

Removable Wire Basket for Deep Base Closet

Sometimes keeping items organized in a deep closet is difficult. This is because, if it is too deep when you put in or remove what you need, everything can fall off and become a mess. This is another of the perfect storage systems for those lower cabinets.

Wooden shelf for 12 bottles of wine

This is a great way to store, organize, and display your wine bottles. This is one of the storage systems that is truly simple and functional, which will not take up much space in your kitchen either. It is made of wood, to store 12 bottles. And thanks to its compact design you can keep it on your counter without getting in the way.

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Hanging Fruit Baskets

With these hanging baskets you can vacate your counter a bit. With these storage systems you will not have to put fruit bowls that may take away the little space you have to work. These baskets can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall. It comes with a three tier design so you can store fruits, vegetables or any other food or edible item you want.

Since Remodeling Ideas we hope that our storage images for small kitchens be of great help in your remodeling for the interior of the home, we also invite you to explore our Kitchen section to learn more in detail about this environment, also for more Ideas to remodel the house. You can follow us on Pinterest and Facebook to interact with our community.

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