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How To Make A Beautiful Baby Cloth Headband Or Turban Step By Step How To Make A Beautiful Baby Cloth Headband Or Turban Step By Step
We all want to see our beautiful and elegant little girls when it comes to going out for a walk! Thinking of you and... How To Make A Beautiful Baby Cloth Headband Or Turban Step By Step

We all want to see our beautiful and elegant little girls when it comes to going out for a walk! Thinking of you and your baby I will teach you how to make a beautiful headband or turban for babies up to 1 year old step by step.

The good thing about this baby turban is that, because it is made of fabric, it will make it comfortable, and even better you can combine it with their clothes. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

Step by Step to Make a Beautiful Turban or Headband for Your Baby

It is advisable to make these headbands in cotton fabric to avoid allergies. They are comfortable since it has wadding on the inside, which will allow comfort to the baby. So you will look beautiful and be comfortable.

Materials to use to make the headband:

  • Cotton fabric in the colors of your preference
  • A piece of wadding
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • A piece of wire
  • Head pins
  • Safety pin
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine



Take the tape measure and cut several pieces of fabric. The first piece of fabric will measure 38 cm long by 20 cm wide and you will cut two more pieces with which you will make two strips measuring 20 cm long by 7 cm wide.


Next step, you will have to cut a piece of wadding with a measurement of 24 cm long by 10 cm wide. For the elastic you will cut a measure of 12 cm long.


Fold the first piece of fabric, that is, the largest one measuring 38 cm long by 20 cm wide. You will fold it in half and on the wrong side. Then place the batting on it right in the center of the fabric and you are going to sew all the way around.

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The seam will go on the side that is open since the other side is folded and has no opening, and you will sew along with the sewing machine. Once you’ve sewn, flip the fabric over on the patterned side.


Here you will repeat the previous step but without placing the batting on the strip, and you will sew just around the edge of the strip on the side of the opening with the sewing machine.

You will introduce the wire through the bottom of the strip with the tip slightly bent to be able to turn the strip and stay on the side of the stamping. You will do this step for both strips.


Once all the pieces are ready, fold the largest strip in half. To make sure you are folding it correctly in half, take the tape measure and measure. You put a pin and fold by pressing on the fabric so that it is marked.

Right where you have made the mark in the center, you will proceed to gather the fabric and for this you will use the thread and the needle.


Take the needle already threaded with the thread and proceed to gather the fabric. IF YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO GETTING FABRIC CLICK HERE. Once you have gathered the fabric, go around the gathered several times and pull the thread being very careful not to break it and close the seam.


Next step, take one of the thin strips and place it around the gathered central part and you will sew on your sewing machine. Once you finish sewing, you will turn over to cover the seam.


Now place the safety pin on the edge of the elastic, and insert the pin into the strip until the elastic is fully inserted. Then sew the edge of the strip with the elastic on the sewing machine.


You have already sewn one of the ends of the strip, now we go with the other end. The pin that is still inside the strip should be removed. Pull the pin. As you pull on the pin, the fabric will gather.

STEP 10:

Remove the pin from the elastic and once it is out, you sew the strip together with the elastic on the edge on your sewing machine. When finished, use the scissors to remove the threads and excess fabric.

STEP 11:

Take the cloth headband and put it on the top. Now you will take the gathered strip and place it on the edge of the headband right in the center. Fold one side inward of the headband and then fold the other side and sew on the machine.

STEP 12:

Use the scissors to cut the edge once you have finished sewing. Now fold the headband in half and place the gathered elastic at the other end and repeat the previous procedure.

STEP 13:

Last step, you turn the finished headband and fix it.


The best thing about this turban is that you can make it in the colors of your preference and you can also make beautiful bows to decorate it.

Credits: Ateliê Rita Rosa / YouTube

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I hope these crafts are very useful to you. Start creating beautiful things now. Don’t miss any!

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