How to decorate the table at Christmas

How to decorate the table at Christmas

Thinking about how to decorate the table at Christmas? There are many very original ideas for you to decorate your Christmas table and leave your guests impressed. Ideas range from placing candles and mini Christmas trees to making elaborate centerpieces. And to make your table look like a show, take a look at these fabulous ideas that we have selected for you.

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Decorating the table for Christmas becomes an event, but you do not have to complicate yourself, much less make extraordinary expenses. You can decorate your Christmas table with accessories that you surely have at home. Get creative and take advantage of those vases or plates that you have stored.

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A good Christmas centerpiece

Comment by choosing a good Christmas centerpiece. He centerpiece, It is very important in the Christmas Eve decoration and there are many options for you to show off. A very easy idea to make for your centerpiece is to place a base type bowl, filled with Christmas balls. If you want to add some warmth, you can add some pine cones or pine branches.

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Now that if you want to go big, you can create centerpieces with flowers and foliage to set the Christmas style. Roses with pine foliage is an excellent combination, although you can also opt for Easter. And if you have a poinsettia plant at home, even better!

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Candles to decorate the table at Christmas

Candles are the perfect allies when decorating the Christmas table. Attach multiple glass candle holders of different sizes for an eye-catching centerpiece. You can add some foliage to add warmth and life to the decor.

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Good tableware

Take out the crockery you have saved for special dates and use it at your Christmas dinner. What more special occasion than Christmas? Take advantage of the holiday and show off with everything, that your good taste is noticed, even in dishes! White dinnerware with metallic edges looks very delicate and formal. Although the glass ones are also being used a lot.

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christmas square white tableware

Runners or tablecloths

Give formality to your Christmas table with a nice tablecloth or a modern runner. A table looks better presented if it has delicate textiles that dress it. If it is in solid colors, the better, so that the designs do not compete with the decoration.

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You can also place a table type candy bar with all the Christmas desserts and sweets. Decorate it with the same theme as the main table and place typical Christmas sweets.

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