Decorate the hall for spring-summer

decora el recibidor

Now that spring has arrived and summer is approaching, we want to decorate the house with a tropical air that indicates that we are entering the seasons. To make the change of season in your house noticeable, decorate the hall, which is the first thing the visitor sees when they enter your home. There are many options to give that spring-summer air to the hall, so keep reading to get ideas.

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Add flowers

To make your hall look springy, just place a beautiful vase with flowers. Flowers bring joy and elegance to any space. Plus, they’ll tell everyone that spring has come to your home! You can place beautiful natural or artificial flowers, the important thing is that you give life and joy to your hall.

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Decorate the hall with leaves

If you are not a flower lover, but you want to give your hall a tropical touch, nothing like adding foliage. Place a beautiful vase with green leaves and you will be able to give that warm atmosphere to your home from the entrance. To achieve this, you will not have to invest anything, surely you have leaves or branches in your yard or in your mother’s. The tropical Monstera leaf is one of my favorites to place in vases, in my case I have them not only in spring, but also throughout the year. Another good option is Horse Face leaves or your favorite tropical leaf.

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Baskets at the entrance

If you want to give a spring-summer air to your hall, place some flowers or foliage and complement with straw baskets for that. look tropical. The baskets add warmth to the space, apart from being very practical to store.

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