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Coatings for kitchen backsplash Coatings for kitchen backsplash
If you are in the process of designing your new kitchen or remodeling it, you should take into consideration the coatings for the backsplash.... Coatings for kitchen backsplash

If you are in the process of designing your new kitchen or remodeling it, you should take into consideration the coatings for the backsplash. And it is that as part of the design of our kitchen, we must select the appropriate materials so that it not only looks good aesthetically, but also to be functional and durable. And precisely in the durability and easy maintenance we must focus when choosing the wall coverings since in this area it is used for cooking, cutting, frying, baking, scrubbing and this implies that the area gets dirty and that we must be able to clean it easily .

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Until a few years ago the trend in coatings for the backsplash It was about laying tiles in this area, and although they are still used, the market offers us hundreds of wonderful options for this kitchen area. Now we can cover the kitchen backsplash with decorative vinyl paper, with quartz, granite, glass, bricks, wood and metal. Keep reading and find out about everything that the market and our Suppliers offer you.

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Vinyl paint and decorative paper

The most economical and easy-to-apply option for coating the backsplash cooking is painting. Use a good quality paint that is washable to make the cleaning process easier for you. In the same way, the vinyl wallpaper is very easy to install and looks super delicate, and there are also thousands of modern designs to choose from. However, these options are not recommended just above the stove for safety and because food or oil splashes are not so easy to clean. But you have the option of placing glass or an aluminum plate on the paper or paint to protect it and facilitate cleaning.

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Colored glass

A very modern, clean and easy-to-maintain option is glass. Glass backsplash has been in mosaic for the past years and remains one of the kitchen coatings of choice for designers and consumers. You can place glass on the entire dashboard, but if you install it in the area of ​​the stove, you should choose tempered glass to withstand the high temperatures.

One of the aesthetic advantages that the backsplash crystal is that you have hundreds of colors to choose from so that you have the perfect combination in your kitchen.

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Quartz and Granite

And if there are coatings that have become popular, they are quartz and granite. The trend is to use the same material as the kitchen top for the backsplash paneling. Especially Calacatta quartz has become a trend in modern kitchens. This quartz perfectly imitates Calacatta marble and is the latest in kitchen design.

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The classic Marble

If you want to give a classic and formal air to your kitchen, you can choose to cover the backsplash Of marble. This material offers unsurpassed elegance to your kitchen and is also very easy to combine.

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The options in coatings for the backsplash of the kitchen are endless.

Tiles and mosaics

The tiles and mosaycos have not gone out of fashion. Incorporate them into backsplash of your kitchen in a modern and striking version. There are modern options such as metallic and glass tiles, as well as hundreds of eco-friendly colors. Cheer up!

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