20 safe, practical and comfortable baby rooms

quartos de bebê

Air currents – They can get cold, especially at bath time. That is why it is good to avoid that the cradle or changing table is “in the way” of the wind that enters the window. If this is not possible, always pay attention to the curtains / blinds when bathing. And close the bedroom door.

baby room decorNever place lights directly above the crib, in the baby’s line of sight. This can impair your vision and your rest. Mobiles like this, with pastel colors, are quite suitable

So, you who are living this moment, think about the decoration of your baby’s room. Do not be so enchanted with exaggerated, expensive, unnecessary decorations that, even worse, can cause problems for your son or daughter.

brown and white baby roomDark colors can be used, but add light colors to the composition and don’t create too many strong color contrasts

Go in the basics, simple, elegant, healthy and beautiful. And take the opportunity to save good money for the many needs that a baby really has.

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