17 cheerful, colorful and beautiful double bedrooms

17 cheerful, colorful and beautiful double bedrooms

When designing the bedroom of Gloria, a recent client, she asked me for a cheerful, colorful, young, dynamic bedroom, and I loved this proposal, since in general most bedrooms, even well decorated and beautiful, tend to be sober, “boring ”, Monochrome, simple.

And despite the fact that a relaxing, calm and calm environment is, in the beginning, the ideal environment for a bedroom, since it is a space dedicated to rest, I want to break a spear in favor of cheerful and colorful double bedrooms.

That is why I have prepared these 17 cheerful and beautiful double bedrooms, full of color, in case you, like Gloria, also want a space like this. We are going to see these 17 bedrooms and I will tell you the keys and how you can transform yours into a lively and cheerful space. We started.

In pink and yellow

Cheerful and pretty double bedroom painted in pink and yellow

Photography Leroy Merlin

Unfortunately, when it comes to a double bedroom composed of a woman and a man, pink is a color that is not usually used, since it still carries old clichés, and from experience I know that men tend to reject this color usually.

Well, if this is not your case, look at what a cheerful and dynamic double bedroom you can create with pink as the protagonist and yellow as a complement.

Besides being beautiful and cheerful, it is easy to replicate. You just have to paint the headboard wall pink, and then add touches of yellow, either on a wall or on textile accessories if you do not want to paint more walls.

Let’s see the next one.

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