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10 tips to create a peaceful corner in your home 10 tips to create a peaceful corner in your home
What would be a corner of peace? A space that is, for you, quiet, cozy and comfortable, no matter how big it is. The... 10 tips to create a peaceful corner in your home

What would be a corner of peace? A space that is, for you, quiet, cozy and comfortable, no matter how big it is. The important thing is that you are surrounded by things that make it good to see, feel, smell, touch, drink, eat – triggering in a positive way all your senses, enveloping you in the relaxing and calm atmosphere you are looking for

10 tips to create a peaceful corner in your home
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In addition to involving the body, this space should take your mind to a state of security, tranquility, reflection, balance and connection with your inner peace – the one that we all have, but that the problems, rush and daily tensions end up making us forget .

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But how do you decorate an environment that provides all this?

How to make a corner of peace in your home

In fact, everyone has their own idea of ​​what a space can be that can provide these sensations and states and, of course, that is what should guide you to decorate that place.

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Next, I’ll give you inspirations that may or may not “hit” with what makes you feel good, but that make many people achieve this:

  • Colors and lighting

The cool colors – blue, green, violet have the ability to calm most people. In fact, green (yellow + blue) and violet (blue + red), as they have warm colors in the mix, should be chosen carefully, preferably the understated, less vibrant tones.

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Besides them, white, off whites, woods and earthy “neutral” colors are a good choice in a peaceful corner. And some people feel good with soft orange tones.

Use the color that gives you the most comfortable feeling on the walls or accessories. But don’t overdo the amount of different colors, unless you feel better.

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Natural lighting is always welcome, as are lamps with a warmer color temperature, which give the feeling of warmth. Prefer lamps with diffused and / or indirect light. They are even more welcoming when they are weaker, keeping the environment in dim light.

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  • Body comfort

It is easier to feel relaxed when you are well seated in a seat that gives your body comfort. That is why it is important to choose this seat according to your personal taste, where your body feels good. Soft cushions in fabrics that are pleasant to the touch are also welcome. Many love hammocks or futons and rugs.

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  • Ambient temperature

Of course, it is impossible to have peace of mind feeling very hot or cold. A corner of peace should have a temperature that is comfortable for you.

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  • Smells

If you like, candles, incense, diffusers, pleasant perfumes and in small quantities are desirable. Lavender, the aroma of coffee, chamomile, honeysuckle, vanilla, cinnamon, rosemary, in essential oils are soothing. Perfect smells for a peaceful place.

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  • Affective objects

Having photos and objects close by that remind us of happy situations, loved ones, pleasant journeys always provides us with a positive and peaceful state of mind. If you have a religion or are attached to the values ​​of one, having symbols around it does you good. Books that interest you – but not connected to your work – may be available if you like to read.

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  • Music

Many people feel relaxed with soft, low-volume music. If so, choose the ones you like and enjoy.

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  • Privacy

Your place of peace at home should be chosen so that you are not interrupted at all times or that unpleasant noises are disturbing.

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  • Activities in a corner of peace

A massage, scalding feet, pleasant and light reading, meditation, yoga – in short, relaxing and pleasurable activities for you can and should be exercised in your little corner of peace.

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  • Intention

It is not part of the decoration, but it is perhaps the most important point for you to have your corner of peace. Ideally, it should always be used with that intention of peace and relaxation, so that it becomes, in your mind, the representation of the tranquility you need.

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Much peace for you. And try to involve everyone who lives with you to use yours or create your own peaceful spots. This is extremely healthy, especially in the difficult times we are living in.