The golden wallpaper is a trend in decoration

papel decorativo oro

Metallic colors are a trend this season and gold makes its triumphal entry transforming your walls. If he wallpaper Gold is in fashion and you get it in a wide variety of designs to complement your decor. Decorative paper gold, it will add that glamorous touch to your walls with its undeniable majesty.

gold wallpaper

Photo via @philipjeffriesltd. Available at Centro Cortinas

Gold has always been a symbol of distinction and in interior decoration it is no exception. A wallpaper dorado will inject personality into any space making it extraordinary. Take advantage of the trend and transform your interiors with the classic wallpaper, which is back.

gold wallpaperDecorative paper Philip Jeffries. You get it at Centro Cortinas.

With decorative paper, you have many advantages, including that it is not so expensive and that it can be installed relatively quickly. So you will achieve a big change in a short time and on a small budget. He wallpaper It is ideal to place on the back wall of the hall, the living room or the main room.

gold decorative paperPhoto via Corsetti

Decorative gold textured paper

There are thousands of decorative paper models with wonderful designs to choose from. But there is one that is sweeping and it is wallpaper textured. The textures create imposing spaces with their own personality.

gold decorative paper

Photo via @philipjeffriesltd. Available at Centro Cortinas

Decorative paper with geometric figures

He wallpaper with geometric figures is also very trendy In the design. Create incredible interiors with circles, triangles, squares, pentagons, and the much-sought-after hexagons. These look great in a modern dining room.

gold decorative paper

Photo via Ditex

Wallpaper golden in the bathroom

Although if you are a little more risky, you can also place gold decorative paper in the bathrooms. Of course, make sure it is vinyl and resistant to moisture.

gold decorative paperPhoto via @philipjeffiesltd

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