Repurpose Scraps Of Fabric To Create Beautiful Purses. Here The Step by Step!

This is an ingenious idea that you can take advantage of to make purses with scraps of fabric. In this way you can use the fabric that you have left over in sewing projects that you have made.

You can also use old fabric or a shirt that you no longer use to make these beautiful purses. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

Step by Step To Make Fabric Patch Purses

List of the materials you will need:

  • Sheet of bond paper
  • Pencil
  • Rule
  • Scissors
  • Cloth
  • 2 ropes of 50 cm
  • Pins
  • Griddle
  • Head pin



You will need to make the mold first. Make a circle with a measurement of 22 cm x 22 cm. Then with the scissors you will cut the circle flush, which is inside a square sheet.

Take the ruler and draw a 3 cm line, taking the edge of the square sheet down as a reference point.


To finish the mold, cut the upper part of 3 cm in a straight line with the scissors and then you will cut the lower part in a circular way, guiding you along the same line of the circle. And so you will get the sewing mold.


Place the mold on the fabric and you will remove 4 pieces of fabric. Secure with pins so the fabric does not move and cut with the scissors. Then you will cut two strips of fabric with measures of 6 cm x 20 cm each.


Then we will proceed to assemble our purse. Take the strips and fold their ends to 1 cm and iron. Then you sew the edge of the strips on the sewing machine.


Next step, fold the strip in half across the width, leaving its wrong side hidden and planks. Then you will fold the strip again, but this time you will fold it in half lengthwise and iron it. Repeat the same procedure for the other strip.


Now take the large pieces of fabric of one color and fold it in half at the top across the width. Then once folded you will pass the iron only in the upper part to make a mark.


Place on the fabric that you have cut with the mold the strip in the upper central part, just to the edge of the fabric and place tweezers or pins to hold and sew on your sewing machine. Repeat the same procedure for the other piece of fabric of the same color.


In this step you are going to take the two pieces of fabric of another color and place it on the other fabric where you have sewn the strip. It should fit as shown in image 4 below.


From the previous step you will take out 2 oval fabrics that you will place their right side face to face and that are sewn with seam in the central part. Secure with pins or pliers.

STEP 10:

Before you start sewing, you will draw a 7 cm pencil mark on one of the pieces of fabric. After making the mark you will hold both fabrics with tweezers or pins placing them around.

STEP 11:

Now sew around the edge of the fabric, leaving 1 cm, until you reach the mark you made in the previous step. Once you finish sewing, you will see that there will be an opening in the mark you have made.

STEP 12:

After sewing, you will cut the curves of the fabric with the scissors, being careful not to cut the thread. Leave a small space between one cut and the other. This will allow the fabric to be well molded by turning the fabric on the right side.

STEP 13:

Once you finish the cuts on both sides, proceed to flip the fabric over to the right side, flatten and arrange a bit before ironing.

STEP 14:

After ironing the fabric, you will need to close the seam with a 2mm allowance on the sewing machine. After closing the seam, you will place the back fabric inside to make the purse bag.

STEP 15:

It is time to insert the rope into the strip of fabric. Take a safety pin and insert the rope into it, pass it through the hole in the strap on both sides.

Then you will repeat the same procedure, but on the opposite side with another rope.

STEP 16:

And finally, tie knots at both ends of the strings and cut the excess with the scissors.


Credits: ひ ー と ん チ ャ ン ネ ル / YouTube

I hope these crafts are very useful to you. Start creating beautiful things now and Don’t Miss Anything!

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