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Minimalist bathrooms: ideas and designs

equipos sanitarios para baños modernos

The minimalist bathrooms they are very fashionable and easily adapted to our needs. And it is that the sanitary equipment is more and more modern and practical, managing to satisfy our tastes and style. These bathrooms where the phrase “less is more” makes complete sense, stand out for their simplicity and order. He minimalist style it is based on simplicity and simple lines, using only what is necessary in space. Read on and find out everything about this style of bathroom where only the minimum is required.

sink for minimalist bathrooms

Via Bathroom Jewels

How to design minimalist bathrooms

To design a minimalist bathroom you must consider that the space should look simple, and that does not mean that it lacks elegance. Minimalist bathrooms can be luxurious, without being overloaded. When choosing equipment, you should think in simple and mostly straight lines. Currently the market offers us a wide variety of modern and functional equipment, which will not only make your bathroom look super modern, but will also make your life easier.

sanitary equipment for modern bathrooms

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Minimalist bathroom sink

With hundreds of options to choose from, the modern and minimalist bathroom sinks stand out for their simplicity. Simple and modern designs and finishes for a look clean and fresh. Taps play a very important role in bathroom design, both aesthetically and functionally. Wall-mounted taps are on the cutting edge, so take advantage of this trend.

minimalist bathroom sink

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If you don’t have a lot of space in your bathroom and you need storage, you can opt for a modern floating furniture. Floating bathroom cabinets provide the feeling of more space, allowing you to store.

modern bathroom sink

Via Modern Style

Decoration and materials for the bathroom

As the name emphasizes, a minimalist bathroom should be decorated with the minimum, no excesses. So it will be good for you to add one or another accessory, but very simple. Modern potted plants are a great option to decorate the bathroom and bring freshness to the space. In terms of materials, glass, porcelain and wood stand out in modern bathroom furniture.

decoration and materials minimalist bathrooms

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Lighting for minimalist bathrooms

Lighting is very important in this style, as it creates a visual sense of clarity and spaciousness. The ideal would be to have natural lighting in the space and make the most of it. But if you don’t have natural light, then you should opt for good artificial lighting that resembles this.

bathroom lightingVia Bathroom Jewels

Flowers and color to decorate your home this spring

flores y color

The spring, and with it, our desire to fill our home with many flowers and color. This is a fresh and cheerful season, which motivates us to integrate nature into our home in a different way. And with this post we want to inspire you to bring spring into your home in the form of color, paintings, cushions, textiles and flowers.

floral wallpaperVia etsy

Change the color of your walls

If you want to give a refresh to your house, this is the perfect time. Not needing to make big changes to achieve it, with a little paint you will make your spaces look different. The idea is not to fill the house with many colors, we recommend keeping your walls in neutral colors such as light gray, beige or white and give a nice accent color to the back wall of the hall or living room. With this you will make your house look like it has just been decorated.

green room


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Place flowers in the living room, kitchen or hall

If there is something distinctive about spring, it is the flowers. Place a vase with natural flowers in a space in your home to fill it with freshness. You do not have to spend on expensive flowers, surely in your patio you have some that will look beautiful inside. The living room is the place where we commonly like to place flowers and accessories on our coffee table. Flowers add a joyful and relaxing touch to our living room. In the hall they look very elegant and your guests will surely love to be greeted with flowers.

flowers and color


Another space in the home where we like to place flowers is undoubtedly the kitchen. They will surely inspire you to cook your favorite dishes.

flowers and color


Spring textiles

In addition to changing the color of the walls and adding flowers, you can change the textiles of your home to introduce spring. Changing textiles is very economical and there are also many options on the market. You can change cushions, shower curtain, towels, bedspreads and bedding. If the walls are neutral, you can play with cushions in floral, striped or plaid prints in your favorite seasonal colors. Make a small change of textiles not only in the room, you can place spring cushions in your room and change the fabrics in the bathroom.

flowers and color


Curtains that allow light to enter

During the spring we want to see our home full of light. Having clear spaces is vital to be able to enjoy this magical season of the year. Use curtains that allow light to pass through and cool fabrics that give way to the cool breeze.

flowers and color


And, don’t forget the spring fragrances and candles

candle spring

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Exteriors full of flowers and color

Create a very cozy and spring atmosphere in your outdoor living room. Take advantage and decorate your terrace with cushions in cheerful patterns of flowers, butterflies, stripes or squares. Place a matching rug with them and of course, add lots of flowers. Orchids are a sight!

Flowers and color to decorate your home this spring


Ideas for your house to have many flowers and color, get inspired!

flowers and color


Flowers and color to decorate your home this spring

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flowers and color


flowers and color


flowers and colorVia

Christmas decorations on the occasion of the Sea

coastal style christmas ornaments and decorations

Get inspired by the coastal style to create an original Christmas decoration. Whether you have a beach house or apartment, or if you simply love the sea, this beach Christmas decoration is for you. Small trees made of snails and spectacular ornaments of fish, shells and turtles will create the perfect marine environment. Keep reading and don’t miss these Christmas decorations with a sea motif.

coastal style christmas ornaments and decorations

Ideas to decorate your coastal style Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is basic in seasonal decoration. To decorate it, you can choose marine motifs, such as starfish, snails, seahorses, turtles or mermaids. Check out this spectacular collection of Christmas tree ornaments with marine motifs. Enjoy Christmas nautical style!

Christmas decorations with sea motif

Marine Style Tree Ornaments

Christmas decorations with a sea motif bring joy and warmth to your Christmas tree, as well as making it look beachy and elegant.

Christmas ornaments and decorations with sea motif

If you don’t have much space for a traditional tree, you can opt for spiral Christmas trees in blue, turquoise, or green colors.

modern spiral christmas trees

Another good option to decorate and add the coastal touch to the decoration, are the Christmas wreaths. Decorate it with blue Christmas balls and starfish to complement the look.

Christmas wreaths and decorations with sea motif

Marine-themed Christmas cushions

Cushions are always a good idea to transform spaces, they are capable of changing the style of the decoration instantly. So placing some cheerful Christmas cushions with marine motifs will give your living room the look wanted.

Christmas cushions with marine motifs

coastal style christmas cushions

Christmas decorations on the occasion of the Sea

In addition to the cushions, there are many options in terms of paintings and coastal-style decorative accessories that you can integrate into your decoration. Wood is essential in beach decorations, so you can opt for pictures and accessories in this material.

coastal christmas signs and decorations

Christmas coastal style kitchen and bathrooms

Add a touch of coastal Christmas style in your kitchen with some cute towels.

ideas for coastal Christmas decoration

For the bathroom, you can opt for a colorful Christmas curtain with marine motifs and towels in solid colors to avoid overloading.

Coastal Christmas Style Bath Curtain

Christmas fireplaces with sea motif

If your house has a fireplace, take advantage of it and decorate it with marine motifs this Christmas. The fireplaces look spectacular with Christmas decorations, place a delicate garlan with starfish, it will be super cute.

Christmas decoration with sea motif

And don’t forget to hang up your Christmas boot, there are many beautiful options.

coastal style christmas decorations

Ideas to decorate the house in the fall

Ideas para decorar la casa en el otoño

The ideas for decorating the house in the fall are endless. And it is this beautiful and fresh season that invites us to decorate our home with the colors of this wonderful season. Luckily this doesn’t mean big remodels (although you can do them if you want), with a few simple changes to your home you can be ready to receive the cool weather and fall colors.

ideas to decorate the house in the fall


Colors to decorate the house in the fall

In the autumn decoration it is important that you bring the reddish, orange, beige and brown colors of nature to the interior of your house. To achieve this it is not necessary to paint the walls, with accessories and decorations you can create an autumn effect in your home. Add accents of red and orange colors, especially for an eye-catching touch. Be sure to add beige and brown colors to balance the bright colors, this can be done with tablecloths, curtains and the tones of your wooden furniture.

Ideas to decorate the house in the fall

The Sugar Bowl Residence by John Maniscalco Architecture.

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Autumn accessories to set the scene

Among the decorative accessories that we can use to decorate the house in the fall, are candles with autumn fragrances, vases with seasonal leaves or spikes, and of course, pumpkins in all their versions. The signs with positive and autumn messages have become favorites for this fall-winter.

accessories to decorate the house in the fall


signs to decorate the house in the fall

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Decorate the room for fall

The cushions are also a must have in the fall decorations. You can place cushions in the colors of the season, and the highly requested cushions with messages.

farmhouse room for fall


cushions with pumpkins for fall

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How to set the terrace

Bring autumn to every corner of your home, including the terrace or balcony. To decorate it, you can make cushions, blankets, pumpkins, wheat ears and a warm straw mat.

ideas to decorate the terrace in autumnVia

Decoration and trends: fall winter 2019-20 colors

fall winter decor for living room

With the arrival of autumn we feel the desire to give our house a change and even more because after this season the long-awaited Christmas arrives and we want to have our house set to receive it. You can achieve big changes in your home only with small and varied details of color. And so that your home is super trendy, we present you the trends in autumn winter 2019-2020 colors.

fall winter decor for living room

Photo via

Neutral tones to decorate this fall winter

We tell you that gray is still a trend this season and together with white and greige, they become the favorite neutrals of the fall winter. Achieve harmonious combinations with terracotta accents or the memorable teal color for an enviable space.

autumn winter colors to decorate the house

Photo via @thehauteinteriors

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Metallic brushstrokes: fall winter 2019-2020 colors

Metallic colors such as gold and silver are also protagonists this autumn-winter. But without a doubt the favorite this season is gold. Combine gold with neutral tones to achieve a delicate and very elegant atmosphere. You can apply the metallic tones in accessories and they will also look majestic on a textured wall.

autumn winter colors to decorate the house

Photo via

Green tones in their very wide range are another seasonal trend for fall winter. Combined with neutral tones and gold, you will achieve incredible spaces. Army green, emerald, hunter green and turquoise flood our houses this fall winter.

green decor to decorate in the fall

Photo via @mmkinterior

To the greens are added the yellows either on walls or textiles. They give the house the brightness and warmth appropriate for the colder seasons.

autumn winter colors to decorate the housePhoto via

In trend and daring, do not hesitate to jump into the beautiful world of colors to decorate your spaces during this fall winter season. You will make a difference and you will feel truly renewed. Small details, big differences.

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