A tour of Jessica Alba’s house in Los Angeles

A tour of Jessica Alba's house in Los Angeles

Jessica Alba, actress and co-founder of eco-friendly mega-brand The Honest Co., and her husband, Cash Warren, producer and co-founder of lifestyle brand Pair of Thieves, opened the doors of their new home to Architectural Digest and showed off the charm of every corner. Jessica Alba’s house in Los Angeles is decorated to your liking and each space has its own personality.

jessica alba housephotos via Architectural Digest

As published in AD, Alba and Warren met at the set of The Fantastic Four, in 2004. They married and had their first daughter, Honor, in 2008. Their second daughter, Haven, arrived in 2011, and their son Hayes was born on New Years Eve 2017. The couple was looking for a more spacious house with a large patio.

They found her on the first day of their search. The house was not decorated to their taste, but they knew they could transform it. At first Alba thought it would be a quick and easy remodel, but it took 18 months. Today we show you the result of the transformation of Jessica and Cash’s house, masterfully decorated by Kathleen and Tommy Clements.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

Source and photos via Architectural Digest

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