5 more mistakes when hanging pictures on the wall that you will no longer make

Mais 5 erros ao pendurar quadros na parede

If you don’t know if you’re making the first 5 mistakes I talked about earlier, go check it out, okay? Because today I’m going to talk about 5 more mistakes when hanging pictures on the wall that I don’t want to see you making again, okay? So, let’s go to them:

5 more mistakes when hanging pictures on the wall

Distance / heights between frames together:

Regarding the distance between frames together, I have seen 2 situations: Either the frames are more distant than they should be or they are too close:

5 more mistakes when hanging pictures on the wall

In the photo on the left, the pairs of frames in the vertical are very distant and the whole set a little high. When the pictures are more distant than they should be, I feel that “the league is missing”, you know? The correct distance does not exist, but there is a distance in which the group ceases to be a group – like when friends stay away for a long time and then they can no longer resume their friendship (I’m already dreaming, right? Kkkk). Well, what you have to do is test a lot.

error - frames too far away

Here (photo on the left), in addition to the somewhat random distances, see that the white frames on the white wall end up not emphasizing the pictures (mistake that I will talk about below). If all or most had some detail of the frame in a darker tone (as I did in the first 3 at the top) this would enhance the whole.

frames at wrong times

In the photo on the left, all the frames are very high. In addition, everyone is distant and at different times, random and for no reason. In the photo on the right, I approached and lowered the 2 pictures above the sofa, forming a set. The small comic was more or less at a centralized height with them. And the picture on the other wall I just put lower. And look at the difference!

Regarding height: It is better that, if there is no reason not to do so, pictures in the same environment maintain a height ratio – be it the same, either centering in relation to the largest, or placing them on the same “straight” above or below, in short, some relationship.

error- frames with different heights

In this very beautiful room, it seems to me that the small picture on the right was placed there to make a set with the side table. But he got caught in the curtain and – since he’s close to the big picture above the sofa, he looks out of alignment, a little strange. In the photo on the right, I thought that a smaller frame and aligned at the bottom, with the larger frame, the set would be much less strange. Do you agree?

In this photo, the group on the “tooth” of the wall is centered well below the other group, above the sofa. See how the sets look more harmonious when I place them all centered at the same height.

Look how crazy, in the first photo: I think that to balance the volume of the pictures they put 2 pillows below the smaller picture! And that doesn’t make any sense! It would be better to put 2 frames, as in the photo below, right? (Of course not the same picture, but you understand, right?) Notice that what is above is more or less aligned with the top of the mirror on the right. And that gives harmony to the whole.

Frames with ordinary glass facing sunny windows

bug- frames with glass in front of very bright windows

If you intend to place a frame facing a window where a lot of light comes from, either avoid frames with glass or use anti-reflective glass. I prefer paintings without glass in this type of situation.

Incorrect lighting:

When a picture is well lit, the lighting is smooth, homogeneous, dispersed throughout the picture in a well balanced way. There is no glare or shadows on the frame.

That said, see which group of pictures is well lit… Do you have any questions?

Group 1:

error - wrong lighting in the frames

Group 2:

well-lit frames

Good lighting is one that does not attract your attention more than what it illuminates. Think about it.

Don’t take advantage of the contrast or use it excessively

error - contrast between frames and walls

In the photo on the left, although the colors of the decoration match well, the pictures are very close together and the color variation of the frames ends up drawing more attention than the pictures themselves. In the photo on the right, as I said before, there is no contrast – the white wall and the white frames also end up not valuing the photos. It is necessary to find a middle ground: Frames should not overshadow art. But they must also discreetly limit and draw attention to what they display.

Hide the frame:

I wanted to understand the meaning of putting pictures in such a way that they practically cannot be seen. Does anyone understand? Other than that, I, as a painter, even though it is a hobby, would be very sad to see my pictures on the floor of a house. I don’t know who invented this fashion, but it doesn’t seem like a way to value art. After all, if you bought it, it was to show off in the best way, right?

error - Hiding frames

The attention to these “details” makes all the difference in the decoration of an environment. Pay attention and really spend your time to find the best way to display your paintings. This will make a big difference in the final result of your decoration!

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