21 ideas for decorating with plants and creativity

canos de cobre apoiando vasos de plantas

Everyone knows that plants invaded the interior of the houses, but how about adding your own touch? And even a little humor and reuse, what helps the planet? I’ll give you 21 ideas to decorate with plants and creativity, but use your imagination and originality and create something of your own.

21 ideas for decorating with plants and creativity

21 ideas for decorating with plants and creativity

A frame and flower pots, a tray hung with ropes and beautiful vases for succulents. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

container for plants with pet bottles

Using pet bottles is not new, but you can always do something original

painting on plant pots

So also with painting: invent things you’ve never seen! Draw different shapes. You can!

cup covered with fabric for flowers

It makes all the difference to coat a simple cup with a beautiful fabric and put beautiful flowers

frames made with plant leaves on the glass

Beautiful leaves of plants (mainly of shade, which are the most beautiful, in general) deserve to be framed. They are between 2 glasses (can also be acrylic) and last a long time! If they start aging you can always change

glass with plants and flowers covered with crochet and knitting

Crochet and knitting never go out of style, this is the truth! They are classics and appear, turn and move, in different ways, like this one. enjoy

plants in the window stuck with rod

If you are able to place a rod that does not impede the functionality of your window that receives some sun, this is a great idea to have and maintain vegetables

artificial flowers in wired glass vases

This arrangement refers to the house in the countryside and simplicity. Of course, real flowers look better

cactus pots made with fabric and stones

If you really have a hideous finger for plants or don’t have time, or your house has no sun at all, you can still use fabric and even stones (the first 2 photos) to pretend you have cacti. The important thing is to bring the idea of ​​Nature home

pvc tubes used as flower pots

Pieces of pvc tubes are used for a lot, including creating some pretty cool potted plants and flowers!

using wood to hang plant pots

The wooden slats being used to hang the potted plants are a very different idea. And be aware that they cannot be too big or heavy and you must measure correctly so that they are securely attached

hanging plant pot with metal hoops

A delicate and different idea? 3 metal hoops (may be a thicker and less flexible wire) attached with wire and a chain. And this piece is ready that I found super different and very beautiful (a string of fabric or leather makes the finish for the wire that holds the rings does not appear). The important thing is to measure the circumference well so that the vessel is securely attached

copper pipes supporting plant pots

Nice idea of ​​this site that always has good ideas! Copper pipes supporting plant pots. The glasses below can be used to keep the plants always moist – just put water and a string that goes through the hole in the pots

drawer serves as a support for plants

A nice drawer gains feet and serves to support plants. Just place it near a spot with some light and use shade plants. Another idea is to have a tray below the plants to prevent moisture from spoiling the wood

kettle turns into terrarium and teapot

The kettle becomes a terrarium and the teapot a vase of flowers. Always use and reuse

children's toys supporting succulent pot

I don’t know if I would paint it in gold, but the idea of ​​putting succulent vases on dinosaurs that your son or daughter doesn’t like is really cool and can decorate their room. Who knows, maybe a good way to teach them how to care for plants?

pallets to support plants

And the pallets couldn’t be missing, could they? Supporting plant pots anyway, in small or large formats, painted or not, you can invent at will

vases decorated with phrases

Decorating vases with motivational or funny phrases already greatly modifies and personalizes your vases

plant pot and corner for cats at the same time

This last idea is a product, but I think it is possible to make it with a similar shaped pot, for example: You would have to open the entrance to the pussy (and be careful with the edges so you don’t hurt it) and place a plant that doesn’t need much depth (this one is fake, I’m almost sure!).

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