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Wood Flooring – Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Wood Flooring - Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

I discovered the different types of wood, the ways in which you can find the boards or pieces. We also tell you the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these types of wood floors solid.

Advantages of wooden floors

Wood has the property of transmitting warmth to cold and impersonal places.

Hardwood floors are durable and have stood the test of time. Homes that are over 100 years old can still have the original flooring if they have been properly cared for.

They just need to sweep or vacuuming and a occasional cleaning with a wood floor cleaner.

Wood floors work with all decorating styles, from traditional to modern.

Disadvantage of hardwood floors

Solid wood floors are a expensive option. It also needs to be installed over the subfloor and installation is a bigger job than most homeowners can handle.

Although treated wood is very resistant, it is not recommended to constantly expose it to moisture and water.

Wood floors need constant maintenance and care, the softer the wood, the easier it will scratch and stain. Wood floors in high traffic areas, especially when there are pets or children, will be prone to showing damage.

Types of wood floors

Floor of Parquet

Small and short boards that are embedded in different designs. They can be nailed or glued to the folder with special adhesives or tar.

Floor Planked short

Short boards that are arranged in parallel. There are them in different lengths and widths. They are generally used with a width of 8 to 9 cm. and up to 1 mt. long. They can be nailed, glued, or glued to the folder with special adhesives or tar.

Long planked floor

Long wooden boards, placed in parallel. Like planks, they can be glued, embedded or nailed.

Types of Wood for Floors

Hard woods are used to make floors to guarantee their resistance and durability. Oak and Eucalyptus stand out.


Very light yellowish color. Acceptable hardness. It is very little disturbed by sunlight.


Light yellow with very little grain. Medium hard and is hardly affected by sunlight.

Elliotis Pine

After a process in which it is impregnated with certain products that make it resistant to moisture, fungi and insects, this wood is ideal for exteriors.


It is clear with darker streaks. It is very resistant, although nowadays it is very difficult to obtain, the demolition ones are generally used.


Light in color slightly pink. High resistance It darkens slightly in sunlight.

Brazilian pinotea

Wood similar to tea pine. Medium hard and very resinous, which makes it waterproof. It can be placed outdoors.


Yellowish brown in color with a glossy finish, as if it had been waxed. It is a very hard and resistant wood.


Light reddish brown in color. It tolerates wear thanks to its high degree of hardness, ideal for high traffic floors. Sunlight obscures it. It is used on decks and exterior floors because it resists the elements well.

Wood protection methods


Once laid, the floor should always be polished to achieve a perfect finish. This work can be repeated as many times as necessary, also over time, removing previous layers of plasticized or wax.

This option, typical of solid wood floors, guarantees a resistant and durable floor over time, always suitable to be replaced at any time.


It is laminated with a layer of oil-based varnish that covers the floor, protecting it and facilitating cleaning. There are different kinds of finishes: matte, semi-matte or glossy.

Lamination achieves a finish that protects it from stains and wear, making it more durable and easy to clean.


It is given a water-based finish that does not have strong odors. The floor can be used 3 or 4 hours after placing the product.

Its useful life is shorter than that of polyurethane varnish, but its effect is that of natural wood.


It is left only with polishing, being able to wax it for a better finish.

Although it is an interesting aesthetic option, we must not forget that it requires a waxed permanent and that its resistance to stains and water is practically nil.

Wood Floor Care

Every season brings new problems for your hardwood floors. Winter comes with snow, ice, and salt, spring brings rain and dirt, summer adds chlorine and salt water, and fall brings more dirt and leaves.

To keep them looking good and clean, you should follow the following tips

Clean up spills immediately: Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to immediately wipe up any spills, avoiding wet or steam mops.

Use furniture pads: Scratches are some of the hardest problems to solve on hardwood floors. While some scratches are unavoidable, others can definitely be prevented. One of the best ways to prevent them is to add furniture pads to the legs of your chairs, sofas, tables, etc.

Sweep or dust daily: Even if you have a rule of not wearing shoes in your home, the dust forms in everywhere and then it is deposited in the grain and between the floorboards.

Use a wood floor cleaner monthly: Use a special wood floor cleaner to bring out the shine.

Reapply finish every 3-5 years: Over time, when your wood floors start to look a bit dull, they can be renewed with a new coat. This involves applying a new coat of wood floor finish.

Bedroom with Bathroom: +50 Models to Use in Your Suite Project

Quarto com banheiro e closet

Having a room with a bathroom – the famous suite – is a true consumer dream, don’t you think? And although it seems exclusive to big houses, today we are going to prove that it is possible to have a small room with a bathroom.

We separated some incredible ideas and examples to help you when making the bathroom floor plan. So, write down everything we indicate and start planning your dream room. Look!

Bedroom with bathroom and closet

1. Bedroom with bathroom and closet – Via: El Mueble

How to make a bathroom inside a small room?

The first step is to plan. Write down the measurements of the environment to plan every detail of your bathroom floor plan. From that, we can think of alternatives to start the design of a bedroom with small bathroom.

Consider that, in addition to having a room with a small bathroom, you need to have other furniture in the room. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for the planned furniture, so you gain space to store all your belongings with little space.

Room with bathroom and glass door

2. Room with bathroom and glass door – Via: Habitare

Knowing this, we can move on to the tips on how to make a room with a small bathroom, check out:

Bet on the room with connecting bathroom

Have you ever heard of the room with a connecting bathroom? This is a new trend in architectural projects, which promises to save space for you to have a small room with an impeccable bathroom.

In this case, the room with a combined bathroom follows the open concept, with no walls separating the bathroom from the bedroom.

Room with connecting bathroom and curtain

3. Room with combined bathroom and curtain – Via: Revista VD

But don’t worry because it is possible to guarantee your privacy with the bathroom. You can use glass doors, for example, to separate the two environments and still guarantee space in the small bedroom with bathroom.

Another way to separate the rooms is to make a drywall wall behind the bed. The bathroom is at the rear, separate from the rest of the room, but without taking up much space. It’s mega functional!

Room with bathroom and modern closet

4. Bedroom with bathroom and modern closet – Via: Dwell

Have only the essential furniture

This tip applies to both the bedroom and the bathroom. If you have little space to put a shower and a bathtub (which is a consumer dream!) Then it is better not to have them in your room with a simple bathroom.

To choose the best option, make more than one room plan with a bathroom: one with the bathtub, the other without. Then just evaluate the one that works best for your environment and start designing a bedroom with a simple bathroom.

And don’t forget to add cabinets or shelves in your bedroom with a simple bathroom. All of this helps to optimize space.

Room with large, modern bathroom

5. Room with large and modern bathroom – Via: Limão nágua

Choose the best coatings

When making your room model with a bathroom, a very important factor is the choice of coverings; especially if you choose the combined bathroom.

Think of the bathroom room model as a set. All elements must be in the same style and color palette. Bathroom cabinets can be made in the same color as other bedroom furniture.

Bedroom with bathroom behind the bed

6. Room with bathroom behind the bed – Via: El Mueble

Room ventilation

Having good ventilation, especially in the bathroom, is essential for your double bedroom with bathroom design. Ventilation does not allow the steam from the shower to accumulate in the environment (which can leave the environment humid and, consequently, evolve into molds in your room), and also releases the bathroom odor.

Think about good ventilation and make no mistake when designing a double bedroom with a bathroom!

Double room with small bathroom

7. Double room with small bathroom – Via: Arkpad

Enjoy space to make a bedroom with closet and bathroom

You need to invest in the model of bedroom with bathroom that best fits your need. And one of the most suitable for enjoying space in small environments is the bedroom with dressing room and bathroom.

As the name implies, the bedroom with closet and bathroom can also follow the open concept. In this case, the bathroom is integrated with the closet. Remember the tip we gave about using a drywall or wood structure to divide the room? You can use it to have a spotless bathroom and closet!

To have everything to keep everything, follow our tip to use only furniture designed in your room with bathroom and closet. It is a worthwhile investment!

Double bedroom with closet and bathroom

8. Double room with closet and bathroom – Via: Revista VD

Tips for your double room with bathroom

For the double bedroom with closet and bathroom, the ideal is to ensure a little more privacy when making the project. Making a room with a glass bathroom is a great alternative. The glass can be frosted in the shower and the toilet can be separated with a sliding door.

Another idea to ensure privacy in your double room with closet and bathroom is to add a curtain or blind around the bedroom with a glass bathroom.

You can also make two vats, one for each person, in the room with a glass bathroom. However, if the space is small, use only one.

Room with bathroom and two basins for couples

9. Room with bathroom and two basins for couples – Via: El Mueble

Check out more inspirations of bedroom with bathroom

Bedroom with bathroom and closet

10. Room with bathroom and closet – Via: Homify
Room with bathroom and curtain to share the ambience

11. Room with bathroom and curtain to share the ambience – Via: Arkpad
Bedroom with marble bathroom and sink

12. Room with bathroom and marble sink – Via: Apartamento 203
Room with glass bathroom

13. Room with glass bathroom – Via: Arkpad
Room with full bathroom

14. Room with complete bathroom – Via: Behance
Room with a combined glass bathroom

15. Room with combined glass bathroom – Via: Casa Vogue
Room with connecting bathroom

16. Room with connecting bathroom – Via: Dezignark
Room with glass bathroom

17. Room with glass bathroom – Via: Lemon water
Room with bathroom and sliding door

18. Room with bathroom and sliding door – Via: Micasa Revista
Room with bathroom and sliding door

19. Room with bathroom and sliding door – Via: Studio Munge
Room with simple connecting bathroom

20. Room with simple connecting bathroom – Via: Mad About the House
Room with modern bathroom

21. Room with modern bathroom – Via: Behance
Room with bathroom and glass door

22. Room with bathroom and glass door – Via: Dellano Home Styling
Simple room with small bathroom

23. Simple room with small bathroom – Via: Casa Aberta
Room with small glass bathroom

24. Room with small glass bathroom – Via: Casa de Valentina
Room with combined bathtub

25. Room with combined bathtub – Via: Decor Salteado
Room with small bathroom

26. Room with small bathroom – Via: Joli Place
Room with small bathroom

27. Room with small bathroom – Via: Revista VD
Room with planned bathroom

28. Room with planned bathroom – Via: TopBuzz
Room with simple bathroom

29. Room with simple bathroom – Via: Home Adore
Double room with bathroom

30. Double room with bathroom – Via: Arquitrecos
Double room with bathroom

31. Double room with bathroom – via: Coco Kelley
White planned room with bathroom

32. Planned white room with bathroom – Via: Limão nágua
Room with white bathtub

33. Room with white bathtub – Via: Pinterest
Double room with bathroom

34. Double room with bathroom – Via: El Mueble
Small planned white room

35. Small planned white room – Via: Pinterest
Room with full bathroom

36. Room with complete bathroom – Via: Limão nagua
Room with connecting bathroom

37. Room with connecting bathroom – Via: Idol Design
 Room with glass bathroom with shower beside the bed

38. Room with glass bathroom with box next to the bed – Via: Lovin Blog
Room with glass bathroom

39. Room with glass bathroom – Via: Histórias de Casa
Modern room with shower next door

40. Modern room with shower next door – Via: Limão nágua
Room with glass bathroom

41. Room with glass bathroom – Via: Limão Nágua
Room with glass bathroom and two basins

42. Room with glass bathroom and two basins – Via: Micasa Revista
Room with bathroom and white bathtub

43. Room with bathroom and white bathtub – Via: Habitissimo
Small room with glass bathroom

44. Small room with glass bathroom – Via: Decor Salteado
Room with modern bathroom

45. Room with modern bathroom – Via: Limão nágua
Room with bathroom and Japanese bed

46. ​​Room with bathroom and Japanese bed – Via: Ultralix
Room with bathroom and shower

47. Room with bathroom and shower- Via: Home Adore
Modern room with frosted glass bathroom

48. Modern room with frosted glass bathroom – Via: Arquitrecos
Room with bathroom and glass closet

49. Room with bathroom and glass closet – Via: Dicas de Mulher
Bedroom with dressing room and bathroom

50. Bedroom with dressing room and bathroom – Via: Design Decor

Meet the latest trends in modern bathrooms 2020 – Everything you need to know to update your bathroom

Meet the latest trends in modern bathrooms 2020 - Everything you need to know to update yourself

Years go by and designers continue to surprise us with different designs. So today from Remodeling Ideas we plan to share with you some modern bathrooms 2020, a year that despite how atypical it is being, continues to modernize in the interior and exterior spaces, and the decoration of houses. So, if you are interested, we invite you not to detach yourself from the screen and see what comes next …

Modern bathroom trends 2020 – Choose the one you like the most

These trends of modern bathrooms 2020 they will add functionality and style to what already exists. So watch out for what’s coming, because in this new article you will see from practical and simple modifications to increase space to various styles of colors … Let’s see.

Bathrooms are an extremely important room in our home, because we use them every day and with different frequency. The many modern details that exist today can automatically transform boring bathrooms into great, refreshing and relaxing spaces. For the modern bathrooms 2020 there are many ideas which fit different tastes, personalities and needs.

The gray color in modern bathrooms has been one of the most popular. However, it is betting on styles and colors that are much more daring. For this year, ldarker shades like black are taking ground and will be very popular this year in modern bathrooms. The color black will also be an important and popular trend for bathroom accessories such as vanities, mirrors, and others, especially with matte finishes.

The vintage style with details in brass and gold will also say present in the modern bathrooms 2020 and they will look better than ever. These brass and gold tones they are taking over the sinks, the toilets, in short, it can be in any accessory and element of your bathroom to make it completely change its appearance.

It is worth mentioning that one of the advantages you will get is being able to keep your fingerprints and water stains hidden. Obviously with this simple and subtle change, you will visibly transform the look of your boring bathroom to a modern bathroom.

Some touches of color in your bathroom can make the difference between a normal bathroom, and a completely new and different bathroom. For this 2020 different colorful touches are expected that can make good combinations with either a neutral color, or dark colors.

Green and blue colors are becoming very popular since relatively recently. So these colors will not come as a surprise to modern bathrooms 2020. It is worth mentioning that, also depending on the color you choose, it can set your mood.

We leave you some more copies of modern bathrooms that they are being and will continue to be in 2020. We are sure that they will be to your liking and will help you to be able to update this space inside your house… let’s see.

The 50 most beautiful modern white kitchens

Una cocina blanca con isla

It is somewhat presumptuous to say that these are the most beautiful modern white kitchens but I have to admit that each and every one of them is absolutely beautiful, perfectly decorated and all are very current.

Some have a minimalist style, with straight and pure lines; others are more rustic, but with current finishes; others also have a vintage air, even retro; but still, all are modern, current white kitchens, to add them to any contemporary home and boast of having the most beautiful kitchen of all.

So, it does not matter what your decorative style is, because among these photos that we are going to see below, you will surely find the kitchen of your dreams, as long as it is white and modern in style. Let’s see them. Take note and prepare to be inspired.

Una cocina blanca, moderna y bonita

Photography @ froken.frida

The entire white kitchen, with the countertop also in gray tones and the wooden island countertop, but it is the decoration with plants and other decorative details that make it one of the most beautiful white kitchens.

Let’s keep going.

Una cocina blanca con isla

Photography by Jose Chas | Abracadabra Decor Project

This beautiful white kitchen is one of the projects of the Abracadabra Decor studio, and is equipped with a Kitchenin Vigo kitchen in L format. White and in wood, very modern and bright, with embossed cabinets, and all this within an incomparable setting of modernist style mosaic.

Una cocina blanca, moderna y bonita

Seen on Pinterest

All in white with straight lines, with the Gola-type handles also in white, with the wooden floor except for a border that has been left near the ceramic work area to be able to clean without damaging the wood.

Una cocina blanca, moderna y bonita

A galley kitchen with an island where the fires are housed and the kitchen table, open to the living room, all in glossy white with a glossy black floor, and the front in backlit lacquered glass.

Una cocina blanca, moderna y bonita

Design and photography by Dreierlei Liebelei Instagram @NadineBurck

This other kitchen is smaller, but equally beautiful and modern in style, it also has white cabinets, subway tile on the front and the rest of the wall painted white, all combined with warm wood on the countertop and floor.

Una cocina blanca, modera y bonita

If you like spacious and white kitchens, you are going to love this. A large kitchen in white, with a very modern aesthetic and a large kitchen island that houses the sink and a bar.

Una cocina blanca, moderna y bonita

All in white, but with many black details, making it acquire a more elegant hue, thanks to the combination of black and white.

Una cocina blanca, moderna y bonita

Once Upon a Home Photography

The only thing that this other kitchen has white are the cabinets and base cabinets, since the rest have been left uncoated with tiles to apply two shades of gray, creating a neutral palette of white, gray and black with a great wood accent thanks to the countertop.

Una cocina blanca y madera con isla

Bornelo Interior Design Project | Photography Kamal Photography

In this other white kitchen, the predominant materials are white lacquer and light-colored wood, which shine in a very bright space thanks to the large windows available.

Una cocina blanca con isla

Lucio Reformas Project | Photography Lupe Clemente

In a Nordic style, completely white, with the wooden floor matching the seats of the stools in the island bar area, which also houses the fires. A vertical garden on the wall, decorates and provides fresh herbs.

Una cocina con isla

Abrils Studio project

White, spacious with a concrete floor, white kitchen furniture with white gola handles, and with a large central island framed in a modernist mosaic floor.

Una cocina blanca moderna con isla central

Photography María Pujol | Marta Ametller Project

Leaving minimalism aside and straight lines, this other modern kitchen shows off moldings in its cabinets, making the kitchen more welcoming and have more presence, just like the wooden countertop in medium tones that dresses the kitchen. However, the central island with the fire area has been added in straight lines and lacquered.

Una cocina blanca modera con isla

Laia Ubia Project | Photography Noemí de la Peña

If you are lucky enough to have exposed wooden beams in your kitchen, the resulting contrast between the roughness of the beams and the immaculate surfaces of the straight-lined white kitchen will create a kitchen with personality.

Una cocina blanca con isla

The Worker Queen Project

With the concrete floor, a material that is increasingly seen indoors, this other kitchen sports a modern total white aesthetic, with a central island where the sink is located, and which also serves as a bar.

Una cocina blanca con suelo de madera y estanterías vistas

Centsational Style Photography

Simpler, more traditional, but warm, thanks to the wooden floor, with presence, by the subway-type tiles with bevel and relief that cover the windowsill and the walls, with visible shelves, and without tall units.

Una cocina blanca con madera

Project and photography Almost Make Perfect

Returning to the straight lines, but also cozy, thanks to the large amount of wood used and combined with the white surfaces, is the kitchen of the well-known blogger Molly from Amost Make Perfect.

Una cocina blanca y amplia

Fantastic Frank project and photography

Large, bright, with a multitude of cabinets and storage space and all in white, except for the marble-lined windowsill. The wood of the floor gives it the necessary warmth.

Una cocina blanca compacta de estilo nórdico

Fantastic Frank project and photography

Nordic in style, small, compact but with beautiful lines, and the top and front are covered with decorative stone with natural effects that contrasts with the purity of the white cabinets.

Una cocina en tonos blancos de estilo nórdico

Fantastic Frank project and photography

The whole kitchen is awesome. From the kitchen itself, with the furniture in off-white, to the rest of the large space, where we can see the dining table with classic Thonet chairs, and the wooden floor in light tones.

Una cocina blanca de estilo tradicional

Decor Aid project and photography

More traditional and American style. With coarser but equally elegant surfaces, generous in size and very modern.

Una cocina blanca con azulejo tipo metro en negro

Decor Aid project and photography

Simple, but it deserves to be on this list for the perfect optimization of space, as well as for the daring combination of materials, textures and colors. Parapet covered with marbled black subway tile, white kitchen and furniture, and modernist-style flooring.

Una cocina blanca minimalista

Totally minimalist design, in white tones, with a large kitchen island that also doubles as an office.

Una cocina moderna en blanco y negro

Decor Aid project and photography

In black and white, it never fails, but unlike others with an almost futuristic look, this kitchen has character and personality.

Una cocina blanca con suelo en blanco y negro

Photograph by Sílvia Caballero

Perfectly optimized, and all in white except for the black stone countertops. To highlight the pattern of the floor mosaic also in black and white.

Una cocina blanca y amplia con el techo en negro

Photograph by Sílvia Caballero

Magnificent white kitchen, with the floor in very light tones and with the dining area composed of a metal and glass table and the Louis Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck that reinforce the lightness of the whole kitchen, despite being very spacious. The ceiling in black, low, visually speaking.

Una cocina blanca con mucha madera

Photograph by Sílvia Caballero

Smaller, more flirtatious, but very stylish and welcoming, thanks to the wood that covers the worktop. The office supported in part by the wooden pillars completes the scene with great originality.

Una cocina blanca de estilo moderno y líneas rectas

Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design project.

If you like modern kitchens, with straight and spacious lines, this is a good design to be inspired by. A magnificent galley kitchen with a modern look that relies on minimalism to achieve an almost futuristic aesthetic with impeccable workmanship.

Una cocina blanca moderna

Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design project

This other white kitchen, also designed by the Bayeltecnics interior design studio, deserves to be on this list of the 50 most beautiful white kitchens just for the contrast between the countertop and the sill with the rest of it, all white and straight lines and with some well thought out finishes.

Una cocina blanca con madera

Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design project

Likewise, from Sebastián Bayona’s Bayeltecnics studio, we see this other, more welcoming kitchen, in which light-colored wood with large veins gives warmth and personality to the entire space. The rest, a superb exercise in optimizing space, completes the kitchen.

Una cocina blanca con muebles lacados

All in white, except for the upstairs cabinets in off-white lacquered, and with the kitchen front in lacquered glass.

Preciosa cocina blanca moderna

photo: Nicola Blackmore

White kitchen with a blackboard paint painted wall.

Una cocina blanca con azulejos imitación a madera

All the white furniture, with moldings to give them more presence and avoid the smooth surfaces of minimalism. It is true that the rest of the kitchen is clad in wood-effect slab and a wall painted tan gray.

Una cocina blanca con el frente revestido en negro.

All in white, but with plenty of black accents, such as the embossed tile-clad windowsill in black, industrial-style stools and lamps also in black and other shades, which make the kitchen take on elegance and timelessness.

Una cocina blanca con isla central

Large bright and all in white, with a central island where it houses an office area and the sink, with the windowsill covered with gray subway tiles.

Una cocina toda blanca con las paredes pintadas de blanco

All in white, except for the wooden countertop, with the front covered in mosaic-type hexagonal tiles, and the walls painted white without tiling.

Una cocina blanca en madera y mármol

All in white: Wood, stone and marble. And with touches of natural wood on the floor and in the area of the fires to give warmth to the space.

Preciosa cocina blanca moderna

photo: 7th House on the Left

Moderate white kitchen with a small office or bar.

Preciosa cocina blanca moderna

Design and photography Dougelissa

Beautiful kitchen front lined with subway tiles.

Una cocina blanca moderna

Design and photography by Jennifer Paro

This other kitchen has a very modern and cozy style, with white furniture combined with a cozy wooden worktop to match the wooden floor.

Preciosa cocina blanca moderna

photo: White Space Study

Another one of my favorites. The image speaks for itself.

Una cocina blanca con paredes pintadas de azul

BMK Study Project

This other white kitchen is beautiful, in which the walls have been left uncoated and painted blue, contrasting with the orange Tolix stools.

Interior design and photography Estudio Sincro

The Sincro studio designs this other beautiful modern white kitchen open to the living room, to match the entire space, also with a modern cut, straight lines and minimalist.

Interior design and photography Estudio Sincro

Also in the synchro studio is this other beautiful all-white kitchen, with the windowsill covered in elegant marble. A sophisticated and contemporary kitchen, also open to the living room, with a wooden slat panel acting as a separator.

How To Pull Off A Cheerful Colour Clash With Red And Blue Decor

How To Pull Off A Cheerful Colour Clash With Red And Blue Decor

Whilst red and blue aren’t exact opposites on the colour wheel, they’re pretty close to it. This clashing quality can make the two brights seem daunting to work with together, but simple white borders will balance out and tame the bold combo. The resulting fresh contrast evokes an energised and cheerful character in the room, which brings great warmth along with it. To avoid over-saturating blank space with colourful elements, break up cold expanses with a thread of neutral blonde wood or smooth golden accents. We’ve gathered together three expertly executed interiors that illustrate how to get this balance just right, whether your home style is compact minimalist, artistic chic, or sophisticated elegance.

Visualizer: Artem Alekseev

In Saint-Petersburg, Russia, this red and blue one bedroom apartment interior was designed for young female homeowner. A set of nesting coffee tables bring in the first bright blast of red, which creates a hot clash against a deep blue sofa design. A black floor lamp adds stark contrast to the white wainscot wall.

A white kitchen continues the room’s colourless border, so that the red and blue elements remain the stars of this minimalist show.

The wall mounted TVs set camouflages into a background of basic black.

Built-in storage disappears into the white wall treatment.

A white dining room pendant light gains attention with a heavily textured shade.

Perimeter lights accentuate the decorative molding across the living room wall.

The round pedestal dining table brings a wood tone element into the scheme. Wooden dining chairs are topped with cheerful red cushions.

A white modern fruit bowl cleanly continues the line of the white table stem.

A colour coordinated faucet and integrated oven quietly blend with the one wall white kitchen. The oven’s red electronic display takes the colour theme down to the tiniest detail.

The end of the kitchen cabinet run is faced with a custom cut full length mirror, set inside a bold black frame.

A black framed entryway hall tree bench occupies the opposite side of the small home entryway.

A striking cherry red entry door inside a colour matched frame dominates the entryway niche.

Directly opposite the front door, a dash of red stripes between closet doors, hinting at the colour scheme that continues inside the home.

Black door hardware and light switches interrupt the ice white paintwork.

A terrazzo headboard brings a flurry of colour to the white bedroom. Black modern wall sconces mingle with the coloured chips at each side of the headboard, where they illuminate small black bedside tables.

Minimalistic handle-free plain white wardrobes make no fanfare by the bed.

Over on the bedroom TV wall, a slimline drawer unit doubles as both a media shelf and a dressing table.

Inside the bathroom, a white vertical radiator, wall hung toilet and modern flush plate all sink into a colourless background.

A dark terrazzo floor treatment and light terrazzo shower wall bring life to the party.

Shelving nooks have been tucked into the side of the cistern wall that forms part of the shower frame. This clever use of the void also keeps toiletries tidily out of sight from the main bathroom area.

An attention demanding red vanity unit lords over the bathroom.

Terrazzo tiles form an enlivened backsplash.

Visualizer: Alexandru Ionita & Traian Dumbrava

This chic apartment is filled with artistic statements, wrapped in a riot of red and blue.

The unique accent rug is fashioned like a translucent colour overlay, which brings a tonal pop of red to the lounge.

Sculptural blue accent chairs sit brightly on the red base note.

A rounded rectangle coffee table complements the smooth outline of the unusual lounge chairs.

A large red pendant light hovers above the loud lounge design.

The open plan room bends around at a right angle, where a long white dining island leads into the kitchen. Two blue window frames contribute the color element, whilst natural timber chairs warm through the expanse of white tile.

A wood frame and white tile bench reclines beneath a blue sided modern staircase design.

Dark cabinets balance out the stark white kitchen decor.

Visualizer: Warrior CGI

Our last tour is a sophisticated scheme with elegant modern furniture. This time, a cool grey canvas has been employed to disrupt the red and blue elements in place of basic white.

A unique coffee table scrolls a golden element into the centre of the spacious living room.

A matching gold sculptural side table lustres beneath an elegant floor lamp.

At the back of the open plan living room, a baseline of gold cabinets draws across the kitchen.

A collection of ruby red dining chairs is disrupted by one solitary sapphire counterpart.

Floor to ceiling balcony doors spill natural light over the colourful luxury dining room. The sunlight passes through clear perspex legs on the long rectangular table.

A modern dining room chandelier sends great loops of light down the table’s length, and adds another touch of gold to the luxe room scheme.

A neat contemporary fireplace flickers on the lounge wall, burning as bright as the red lounge chairs beside it. Glossy black and a gold carafes shine on the golden kitchen countertop.

A bridging benchtop connects two separate volumes of kitchen cabinets, one with the kitchen sink set in and the other with the cooktop. An eye-catching gold chimney extractor descends upon the hob.

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