Learn How To Make Unicorn Slippers For Girls Step By Step

Learn How To Make Unicorn Slippers For Girls Step By Step

Unicorn slippers are very fashionable, so today you will learn how to make beautiful unicorn slippers what you can do to give as a gift or get an economic profit.

Without a doubt, it will be a very good and ingenious craft that everyone will want to do. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …

In This Step By Step I Will Teach You How To Make Unicorn Slippers

Materials to need:

  • Flip flops that you no longer use.
  • Cuter.
  • Sheet of bond paper
  • Scissors.
  • Plush fabric with white plush fabric.
  • Soft fabric or thick white and pink felt fabric
  • Somewhat rigid golden fabric
  • Wadding for stuffing
  • Pencil.
  • Pins
  • Resistant glue
  • Gold paper
  • Needle and thread or Sewing machine



To begin, take your pair of flip flops and with the help of the cutter, proceed to remove the strips, so that only the pair of soles is free of strips. Cut the strips on one side and with your fingertips remove the rest.


Now you will make the mold of your flip flop. Place one of them on the sheet of paper with the holes in it protruding a couple of fingers from the edge of the paper and mark the sheet with the pencil, guiding you around the outline of the flip-flop.


The next step is to place your hand on one side of the arch of the flip flop and you will place only 4 fingers of your hand on the left side, repeat the same procedure with the right side and make an arch over the arch of the flip flop.

After making the marks with your fingers on the sides, with your pencil you will draw another arc-shaped line on the arch of the flip-flop and cut with the scissors.


Now proceed to take the scissors and cut out the bow shape from your sheet of paper. In this way, you will have your mold made to continue with the next step.


From your plush fabric with white fabric, you will need 2 rectangular cuts that you will fold in half each and place the mold on them, pinned and cut with scissors.


Now we are going to make the template for the unicorn slipper. In this step we will use the soft pink and white fabric.

Place the flip flop on the soft fabric and trace with the pencil, both on the pink soft fabric and on the white one, then you will draw another line about 1 cm apart for the seam.


Join the templates, you will place a pink template on a white template. You glue the inner part of the stencil and once it dries, you sew around by hand or with a sewing machine.


Next, once you join the templates, you will make a hole in the upper central part in the white fabric and turn it over. Then introduce the flip flop inside the template.


Once the flip-flop is inside the template, you will sew with a needle and thread to cover the hole. Remember that you must use a thread of the color of the fabric.

STEP 10:

We come to the part where we will use the white plush fabric. Here you will repeat the previous step. Place glue on the edge of the fabric and once it sticks you will sew the edges leaving a small opening.

STEP 11:

Insert into the hole you have left, the wadding for the slipper filling, then glue with glue and sew the edge with thread and needle.

STEP 12:

The next step is to make the back of the template. Using a rectangular piece of terry cloth, you will glue the edge like the previous steps and then sew.

You are only going to sew on the upper part, leaving its lakes with openings in order to insert the wadding inside it.

STEP 13:

In this step you are going to join both pieces, the back, which would be the heel and the front, and sew with thread of the same color as the fabric.

STEP 14:

Now you are going to attach the template to the upper part of the slipper with a needle and thread. You are going to sew around the edge.

STEP 15:

The next step is to make the face of the unicorn. You will start with the ears. Place the mold on a piece of terry cloth and on it draw the unicorn’s ears and cut with the scissors and glue.

STEP 16:

Now you will take a small piece of soft pink fabric and you will make a smaller ear and glue to the plush ears.

STEP 17:

The ears are ready, now we proceed to make the unicorn’s horn. You can use stiff gold fabric and form a cone on the wrong side of the fabric and then turn over when the fabric dries and fill with wadding.

STEP 18:

Make a circle and glue it to cover the bottom of the horn. Once the glue dries, put glue back on the bottom of the horn to stick it to the slipper.

STEP 19:

In this step you glue the unicorn’s ears to each side of the horn and decorate with pompoms. You will glue them in rows in front of the ears and horn.

STEP 20:

To finish our beautiful slippers, you will make a few eyes and you will stick to the slippers.

And that’s how your slipper will be. You will see that everyone will like it!

Credits: Daiane Carrasco / YouTube

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