12 Beautiful Ideas That You Can Make Yourself To Decorate The Walls Of Your Girls’ Rooms.

12 Beautiful Ideas That You Can Make Yourself To Decorate The Walls Of Your Girls' Rooms.

Look here you are 12 beautiful ideas that you can make yourself to decorate the walls of your girls’ rooms. They are beautiful very modern and decorative ideas that you will love to decorate.

Let your creativity fly with all these ideas that will surely be very useful to decorate your girls’ rooms. See how you can adapt the toys or what to put on the walls to decorate. What are you waiting for? Let us begin!. If you want to know more, read until the end …


SHELVES TO ORGANIZE AND DECORATE: Without a doubt, this is a very good idea to organize toys and decorate your girls’ room at the same time.


THE SKY ON THE WALL: It is a great idea to illuminate and decorate your girls’ room. Beautiful clouds with stars on the wall will look great and make them feel more comfortable at bedtime.


LARGE PAPER FLOWERS: If you want to learn how to make this beautiful decoration for the walls of your girls’ room, CLICK HERE


WALL DECORATION IN SHARED ROOMS: If you have a girl and a boy, this idea is excellent for decorating the shared room with one side of a pink color and the other side of blue.


HOUSES ON THE WALL: Grab some pieces of pallet boards and put together little houses. Paint them or line them with contact paper on the inside and you will see how beautiful they will look on the wall of the room.


POSTERS WITH DRAWINGS: You can print posters in giant size and paint them however you like in the colors you prefer. Create a not-so-thick frame with wood and voila! So you will have a beautiful, very original wall decoration.


UNICORN FIGURE: Make beautiful giant paper flowers and create with them a beautiful unicorn that will make everyone fall in love. It is a very beautiful decoration for the girls room.


THE ENTERTAINMENT CORNER: With pieces of wood and recycled paper, you can make various objects such as paintings, paper garlands, among others.


DRAWINGS ON THE WALL: This is a great idea that will allow you to save a lot of money on decorating a girls room. And you will also make a professional decoration like a magazine.

IDEA 10:

FLOWERS ON THE WALL: The secret to decorating a wall with flowers like the one you see here is using the decoupage technique. Paint the wall and glue large flowers with white glue. The room will look spectacular!

IDEA 11:

WOODEN PICTURES: As you can see, recycled wood will always help you make things at home that are very useful and very decorative. Recycle wood and create paintings and decorate rooms for girls with them.

IDEA 12:

BEAUTIFUL CROWN: Create a large wreath out of recycled material and hang tulle fabric from it. With it you will decorate your girls’ room in a very original way.

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