Dark Interior Decor With Confident Sophistication


Dark decor gives out a confident and sophisticated vibe, particularly when it spans a large living space that is wide open to plentiful natural light sources to promote an easy airy atmosphere. These two high-end home interiors are filled with modern luxury furniture, accessorised with contemporary statement lighting, and encapsulated with smooth wood effect panels for a seamless finish. Glass display cabinets with orange lighting offset the darkness in our first tour, building warmth and glow. Then we move into the stylish bedroom and bathrooms of our second inspirational apartment design, to explore a light-borrowing glass wall bedroom with a unique glass ensuite shower room.

Designer: Yurii Chaikovskyi
Visualizer: Alexander Beliko

A cluster of black furniture forms a rich dark heart inside our first home, located in Kiev, Ukraine. A modern black sofa and round coffee tables back onto a large black kitchen island with coordinated bar stools, whilst wood grain units stretch out around two walls to showcase the extent of interior space. A silver grey rug softly lightens the scheme underfoot.

Wood and terrazzo form the lighter basis for the interior design, whilst furniture and metal fittings thread the strong black element throughout.

The modular sofa looks upon a slatted wood TV wall, and a floor to ceiling display cabinet backed with terrazzo and atmospheric orange light.

The same warm orange backlight highlights a terrazzo backsplash across the kitchen wall. A black floor reading lamp neatly wraps the side of the sofa.

This interior layout and ambient lighting scheme follows a laconic form. Recessed track lights draw around the edges of the ceiling space to distribute even illumination.

One side of the sofa module has a stretched backless silhouette so that the kitchen and lounge areas feel open and fully connected.

A modern chandelier loops over the length of the central kitchen island, burning a bright statement in the dark surroundings.

Shadowy wood grain panels make a rich wall covering across the living room’s width.

Orange light spills from a long terrazzo hearth beneath the wood panelled TV wall.

The backlit display cabinet at the end of the TV wall is mirrored by a second unit on the opposite side of the room.

Heavy charcoal drapes frame wide windows that are softened by sheer white voiles.

Unique decorative vases break up the solid blackness of the coffee tables.

The terrazzo surface of the modern dining table coordinates with the sleek hearth and terrazzo cabinet interiors.

Black dining chairs provide deep contrast with the light stone tabletop.

Decorative shelf items silhouette mysteriously in the orange backlight, whilst a small book collection falls quietly into darkness all the way up in the top section.

White dining room pendant lights lighten up the look of the eating area.

The table’s chunky black legs mingle with the matching modern dining chairs.

Artisan vases make an eclectic table centrepiece.

Over on the kitchen island, a matt black faucet merges with the stark black volume.

Three kitchen bar stools make a captive audience for the cook.

Visualizer: Hot Walls

This apartment is an Airbnb rental situated on the 79th floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow city. A grey modern sofa divides the open plan living space between the lounge area and a kitchen diner.

Stylish side tables dot black notes around the grey seating area.

Two grey area rugs make a tonal floor beneath the lounge.

Marble panels build luxe TV wall decor. Sleek grey cabinets store media items out of sight.

Large windows bring light to the darkly decorated living room dining room combo.

The natural light from the living room windows also serves a glass wall bedroom at the back of the space.

The kitchen is a solid black design with a matching island. A pair of black dining room pendant lights drop over a black marble dining table.

The tabletop slots right onto the slick black kitchen island, to make one flowing piece.

A wine cooler glows warmly in the back of the kitchen island, close at hand to serve the table. An Oda style lamp translates the same warm glow into the corner of the lounge. Originals are available here.

Black appliances and accessories meld effortlessly with the black kitchen.

Matching dark decor camouflages the glass bedroom with the rest of the living quarters.

Mature indoor plants and a slatted screen afford the bedroom with a little cover from the main room.

Unique bedroom pendant lights descend upon one of the black bedside units.

At the other side of the room, an orb bedside table lamp is set on the bedside drawer.

The bedroom is also home to a modern bathtub, which stretches out behind the slatted room divider.

The powder room is furnished with a contemporary cylindrical pedestal sink, and a backlit mirror with a complementary circular motif.

Black fixtures punctuate warm grey walls.

An orange vanity unit shakes off the shadows in the ensuite. A ribbon of cool white LEDs underline a long mirrored cabinet, which accentuates the orange statement piece and a rugged black stone feature wall behind.

A glass wall visually connects the shower room with the bedroom, and the rest of the living space through the slatted wall.

A black toiletries shelf obscures against the matching black backsplash, allowing the chic pedestal and colourful vanity storage volume to remain the focus of the scheme.

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