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Curiosities about colors to decorate your home Curiosities about colors to decorate your home
The colors fascinate me, that’s why I always read, research and talk about their use in decoration. I love to research the curiosities about... Curiosities about colors to decorate your home

The colors fascinate me, that’s why I always read, research and talk about their use in decoration. I love to research the curiosities about colors, like the influence of colors on themselves, how much they change our perception of space and some more that I will talk about below and that will help you to use colors even better in decoration.

Curiosities about colors to better decorate your home

Why do we suggest that bright red, orange and yellow be used in low doses?

The more lit an environment is, the more the vibrant warm colors “jump” and “scream”! Look at these 2 chromatic circles, where I simulate more light being thrown in the circle on the right:

Curiosities about colors - chromatic circles

Compared with the other colors, the hot ones are much more striking the more illuminated. Also, do you notice, in the circle on the left, that these colors – mainly red – seem to be closer and even take up more space than the others?

Yeah. The warm colors call us a lot of attention! Therefore, they should be contained in the home decoration as follows: Using in small areas, or on walls where we fix the eye less, or in environments where we stay for a short time or choosing attenuated, gray tones.

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use of red in decoration

A beautiful example of the use of red: Full of neutrals around it, in different tones and patterns that are harmonious – everything just right is boring!)

use of red in decoration - 2Terra

A good example, a little impoverished by the use of the same shade of yellow without a print on the objects that stand out in this harmonized room in neutral earth tones.

comparison use of different reds in decorationCasatreschic

See the difference and compare how much this environment would lose in sophistication if the chosen red was not the most muted in the first photo. Muted colors are more sophisticated!

Why is gray the best partner of almost all colors?

This is due to an optical illusion that makes us think that gray “tends” to the complementary color of the color that is close to it. And you already know that complementary colors exalt each other. It is not that the other colors do not “take over” our eyes, complementing the color that is close to it (this is called simultaneous contrast). The question is what gray, being a neutral and with less light, makes this “effect” more delicate than white, for example and does not “blend visually” to complement with its own color.

gray with different colors comparison

The gray is the same, but our perception of it is totally different depending on the color that surrounds it: On the violet background it turns yellow, on the green, reddish, on the yellow it turns to the violet and on the orange, to the blue! Exactly, the complementary ones!

Sometimes we see what doesn’t exist and you can use it!

optical illusion - things that don't exist

In the 2 photos you see a white triangle that doesn’t exist

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We tend to “complete” forms that, in fact, do not exist. So, we can create effects using less colors (and spending less!)

volume illusion with colors

We also perceive volume when we use the same lighter and darker color in the same design. Sometimes even with different colors we have this impression.

Colors and senses

The colors touch your feeling of cold or heat!

In fact, they even affect your heartbeat, you know?

blue in the environment gives a cold feelingstyleathome

Using plenty of light blue, white and not making strong contrasts is sure to create environments that seem more refreshing.

Environments in black and warm colors make us feel or even make us feel more warm and in cold colors, we feel it is colder.

red makes the environment look warmerdecorfacil

I felt hot just seeing the photo. Is that you?

This is great when used well: In warm places – use cool colors and vice versa! Who knows you even spend less energy?

Color can mess with your desire to eat

Orange and yellow increase appetite. They even researched how hot chocolate tastes best in an orange mug! But if you want to decrease your appetite buy blue dishes.

color influences appetite

Just testing, right?

The colors and the mood

Too much yellow, orange and red irritate – all warm colors, especially very bright and even extremely vibrant cold colors irritate. They tire the vision quickly – Hospitals, clinics, places where people are already strained by nature, should avoid them. In rooms, excess red can even cause fights! But these colors, to a large extent, cheer up, help in creativity and socialization – your mind becomes more active, which is great for study and play spaces, dynamic work environments, etc.

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orange color stimulates the mindApartment therapy
The reading and play corner in orange and white is a good choice

Orange is a very good color for commercial signs – especially at night, because it draws attention without overshadowing, like yellow.

warm colors tending to earthy colors - warmthTheNew
The warm attenuated colors, tending to brown and even green (earth tones) are much more welcoming and easy to use in the decoration.
green is a great color for roomscasatreschic

Blue soothes and green too (cool colors associated with nature: woods, sky and sea). Therefore, green (not vibrant) is a great color for bedrooms, bathrooms, clinics. More than blue, which can depress too much.

Colors changing the feel of space

You must be tired of seeing those diagrams showing that the warm colors give you a feeling of closeness and the cold colors, of distance. And others showing that dark colors make things seem more distant and light ones “get closer”. But watch out:

warm and cold colors dark and light feeling of space

A dark warm color may appear more distant than a light cold color, and a dark cold color may appear more distant than a light warm color as in the examples above. It is the luminosity of the color that makes the difference here, but to simulate the maximum depth, for example, use cold and dark colors, such as dark blue, for example.

The versatility of pink and tones that mix red and blue

Pink is more childish when lighter, even more accompanied by white. But when it is more vibrant or, on the contrary, more grayish or accompanied by violet and black, it is more adult, which can create a climate of passion, seduction or even eroticism.

the versatility of pink in decorationThe red and blue mixtures have the same versatility: the lilac (red + blue + quite white) is delicate and romantic. Purple (red + blue) is either melancholy or sensual.

Want to decrease the possibility of error? Use blue

It is the most preferred color of people in the world. In baby rooms surveys say they reduce crying. But beware of mosquitoes, because they are attracted to that color.

different blue tones in the decorationAD e casavogue

Baby blue is great for baby’s room, of course! But if you want to convey an idea of maturity and responsibility, use dark blue. In the office, for example.

I hope you enjoyed it because you will surely see many more color posts here!