Bedrooms with a single bed that invite you to imitate them


Putting the bed at ground level is a very attractive option at first, as we will see in these spectacular bedrooms with the bed at ground level.

And I say at first because, as attractive and cool as it may seem to put the bed at ground level, it also has its disadvantages, which we will examine at the end of the article.

Handicaps that, for some, will be compensated by the great look that the bedroom has with the bed at floor level, and for others not.

For now, let’s start with the images, to take good note and inspiration to later move on to the tips to install a bed in this way, in addition to seeing how to dress it and, as I said, also knowing the advantages and disadvantages of putting the mattress on it. floor.

Although if you want to go to a specific point in the article, here is the index:

  • Photos of bedrooms with the bed at floor level
  • Tips for putting a bed at ground level
  • Advantages and disadvantages of putting a bed at ground level
  • How to dress a bed at floor level

Photos of bedrooms with the bed at floor level

Bedroom with walk-in bed

Photography Monday to Sunday Home Instagram @mondaytosundayhome

With linen textiles to create a magazine scene.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 2

Photography Prettygoodjoke

A mattress has been added only so that the mattress is not directly on the floor.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 3

If it is not a bed base, wooden pallets can also be used if we do not want the mattress to be completely on the floor.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 4

Hyundyuri Photography

If the bedroom or room is limited in meters, the beds at floor level take up less physical and visual space, making the room look larger.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 5

If you decide to put it on the floor, you will also have to make sure that the clothes on the bed match the floor, since it is the element with which it will contrast the most.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 6

Photography Syoooonii

And the nightstands? The ideal would be to place one that is at the same level, like the one we see above these lines.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 7

Photograph by Almost Make Perfect

If you decide not to put the mattress directly on the floor, by lifting it a little with the bed base, you allow the bedding to hang and cover the entire bed, as we see above these lines, where the cover reaches just level with the ground, covering all.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 8

Design and photography JellinaInterior by Jellinadetmar

Add a good base that covers most of the floor and you will turn the entire bedroom into a bed.

A bedroom with a Japanese futon

The classic Japanese futon, which you can remove and put on to free up space when you get up.

And also for children:

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 9

In a corner occupying the minimum space in the room.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 10

Photography Project Party Studio

Completely on the floor, for a child’s bedroom, on a very thin mattress, suitable for the baby.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 11

Montessori Photography at Home

The mattress on a thick carpet, so that the cold from the floor does not pass to the mattress.

Bedroom with walk-in bed - 12

Photography La Tela di Carlota

Using the frame and box spring of the IKEA Sniglar bed, without legs.

I did not lie. They are spectacular, right? The look that is achieved by installing the bed at ground level is inimitable. Add an exotic and different touch that captivates as soon as you see it. Let’s now see some tips to put a bed in the bedroom in this way.

Tips for putting the bed at ground level

Although it may seem very attractive to put the mattress directly on the floor, it is advisable to add a structure of about 7 or 8 centimeters so that the mattress does not get too dirty, since if not, all the dust from the floor will end up on the mattress.

Also, if we decide to put the mattress directly on the floor and it is tiled, the cold will pass to the mattress.

If the bedroom is very small, and I do not mean the height, but the total space, the bed will seem disproportionate in dimensions and the visual effect will be unpleasant. Single beds work well in medium to large bedrooms.

If the bedroom is low, it would be a good alternative, since a bed at ground level reduces the volume of the furniture and we do not see the ceiling so close, a situation that can be suffocating.

Advantages and disadvantages of putting a bed at ground level


Distinction and a captivating look from a different bedroom.

Visually makes the bedroom larger by detracting from the overall bedroom volume.

Ideal for low-rise bedrooms.

Less light remains making some bedrooms brighter.

They divert their gaze to another point, such as: paintings, vinyls, wall murals or any element that we want to highlight.

The bedroom is clearer and lighter.

If the mattress is thick enough, we also save the bed base. Since we can install the mattress directly on the floor.

They are perfect for bohemian-style bedrooms.


Unthinkable for some ages, such as babies, since they have to be cared for and it would be uncomfortable for us or the elderly.

Not suitable for people with physical ailments such as the back, knees, etc.

Discomfort and added effort to do it daily, since you have to bend down to the ground.

Storage space remains. The space under the bed does not exist and discounts a possible storage space.

Prone to picking up more dirt.

They waste space since they prevent putting, for example, a multifunction bunk, with a bed on top and a desk or sofa below.

In small bedrooms they do not look good, since there is a disproportion in the dimensions that is very evident to the eye.

How to dress a bed at floor level

The beauty of beds at floor level lies not only in their low or no height, but in the way they are dressed. It all depends on what environment we want to achieve and the type of support (if there is one), where the mattress rests.

If we are looking for a casual look, like a bohemian-style bedroom, the bedding should rest on the floor about 20cm, on the sides and feet of the bed. This way of putting on the duvet or the cover creates a relaxed and carefree look.

Naturally, with this option the whole bed, and especially the duvet or cover, is more prone to getting dirty and collecting dust.

If we are looking for a more minimalist and orderly environment, the bedding should be tucked under the mattress, and the duvet or the cover should not rest on the floor.

It has to cover the sides of the mattress so that we can see it, since it is ugly, but not rest on the floor. In this way, the bedroom and the bed offer us a more collected and orderly look.

If the bed is on a support, either a few centimeters, 7 or 8, or higher, but still a low bed, around 20 or 30 centimeters, so that it seems that the bed rests on the floor and achieve that aesthetics offered by beds on the floor, the duvet or the cover that covers the bed should rest a few centimeters on the floor otherwise, the structure where the mattress rests will be seen and it will not cause the same sensation.

What do you think of the beds at ground level, would you put one or are there too many disadvantages to put it? I read you in the comments.

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