17 ideas to install an exposed sliding door 17 ideas to install an exposed sliding door
Visible sliding doors offer us practical and useful meters in our home, they are cheaper and easier to install than recessed doors, since they... 17 ideas to install an exposed sliding door

Visible sliding doors offer us practical and useful meters in our home, they are cheaper and easier to install than recessed doors, since they do not need work, only the installation of the rails and these can become a decorative advantage, as we will see below with these 17 ideas to install an exposed sliding door.

In addition, the visible sliding doors, by not needing to fit into the door frame, allow us greater flexibility in terms of the type of leaf to choose, being able to choose materials and designs that a recessed sliding door does not allow.

Are you going to put a visible sliding door? Take a look at these models to know all the options you have in your hand.


A rustic style sliding door

WoodenNail Door

For lovers of rustic and country style, this type of doors reinforces and enhances this style.

If, in addition, the door encloses a modern-style room, with cold and smooth materials, the contrast elevates the scene to the category of art.


A sliding door with a mirror

Etsy sliding door

This type of sliding doors seen with the mirror sheet works very well in bedrooms and corridors, making the room brighter and visually larger and providing us with a surface where we can observe ourselves.

Metal and glass

Ideas to install an exposed sliding door

Design and photography Vive Estudio

Without a doubt it is the combo of the moment. Glass paneled metal doors are at their best. A sliding door with these characteristics works very well for its own aesthetics and for the added value of the rails, made of metal, which match the general style of the door.

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An industrial style sliding door

Puerta de Modern Industrial Furniture

Another type of sliding door that we have at our disposal is the industrial one. Bastas, in metal or wood or combining both materials for a powerful aesthetic.

Lacquered glass

Ideas to install an exposed sliding door

Photography Habitissimo

Perfect for narrow spaces where glass provides physical and visual lightness, achieving a modern aesthetic and offering the necessary privacy.


A sliding door with reclaimed door leaves

Something that has become very fashionable lately are the old doors recovered to be used as headboards, as decorative elements and, of course, as door leaves. Even if it is about a new system based on seen rails. Have you found a door that you fell in love with on the street or in a building site?


A black painted double sight sliding door

Design and photography The Learner Observer

Naturally, if the gap in the door allows us, we can play with two leaves to create a double system that is not more practical or better, but for many it has a classic traditional charm.

In addition, the doors being double, have a greater presence and prominence in the decoration.

Farm or barn

A sliding barn or farm door

SupernovaWoodWorkLLC Door

With a lot of rustic style but with a farmhouse touch. These doors work very well in different colors, being able to paint without losing their essence.

Although if you like natural wood they are also suitable.

With shelving system

A sliding door with shelves

Curling the curl to get the most out of the door, we can also install the sheets in shelf format, single or double, as we see above these lines.

It is a much more elaborate door that will require the hands of a carpenter, but in addition to separating spaces it will also provide us with storage space.

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A smart solution.

With a mirror

A sliding wooden door with mirror

Photography by Designs by Jeanna | Instagram @designsbyjeanna

It is not that the leaf has a mirror-coated face, but, as we see above in the paragraph, it is about combining the wood or the material of the door with a mirror, adding latticework, moldings or other decorative details.


Invisible system sliding door

Argent Gate

This door system is somewhat more complex since a small piece of work is needed so that the door ends up fitting into the wall, completely, from ceiling to floor, blending in with the wall, making the door invisible.

Wood and glass

Ideas to install an exposed sliding door

Fotografía Mi Casa Revista

Another classic that works very well: wood with glass panels. A door that lets in light for rooms that require it.

This type of door is more classic and elegant, and combines well in practically all spaces.

Of metal

A metal sliding door

Model Line Design door

If ours is the industrial style or we want to add an element of contrast, a large raw metal door, with visible welding points, will achieve this effect.


a sliding door painted with chalk

Photograph 4 Men 1 Lady

It is obviously not slate, but metal painted with black slate paint. A very interesting option that must be considered to install a sliding door.

Decorative glass

Ideas to install an exposed sliding door

De OTC Doors

Within the range of glass doors, we have lacquered glass, such as Lacobel, translucent glass with some effect, transparent, opaque glass and, among the other options, also decorative glass, silk-screened, as we see above these lines.

Although if you like this model of door and you already have a glass one, you can always decorate it with a vinyl of letters, before changing the entire door.

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Classic contemporary

Ideas to install an exposed sliding door

By Leroy Merlin

After so many options we cannot forget the traditional. A contemporary, classic, simple door that fits into any modern home today and, with the exception of the salvaged leaves that we have seen above, it is also very economical.


A minimalist view sliding door

Puerta de Puertas Castalla

Ideal for a contemporary minimalist home. All hidden.

With straight and simple lines, where the rail and all the fittings go inside.

The options for installing an exposed sliding door are wide. What style and model of door do you prefer? I read you in the comments.

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