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Looking for ideas to decorate a bedroom, room or small room? Then get ready to satisfy that search with this collection of 101 photos and decorating ideas for small bedrooms that we have collected.

They are modern bedrooms, very stylish, naturally, small; Each one has a different decoration, so you can find the one that best suits your style and get inspired or copy it directly.

Look at the colors with which they are painted, the furniture and its distribution, the natural and artificial lighting, the textiles, and the rest of the elements that are in them, take good note and prepare to leave your room or room, however small, in a magazine bedroom. Let us begin!

A well decorated small room or bedroom

PhotoJ. Ingerstedt | @Jonasingerstedt

A low bed without a headboard helps to lighten the bedroom, making it less cluttering. The headboard of the bed is an ornament, it has no practical function. So, don’t mind taking it off to make the bedroom lighter. Here you can see bedrooms without headboards with a spectacular design.

A small blank room with the bed on the floor

Mireia Pla project

Some bedrooms, in addition to being small, have structural elements such as beams, projections or an irregular structure that further complicate the task of decorating it. In this case, we can ally ourselves with the problems and, instead of hiding them, highlight them with harmony. Here you can see ideas and solutions to decorate and hide columns, beams and projections.

A small white room with a brick wall

HS Decor project

If the bedroom is very narrow, it is convenient to create a focal point, as we have already seen, to guide the eye towards that point and that the prominence does not have the little space that there is. We can do it with paint, wallpaper, or with any other element, such as a brick wall.

Neutral tones work great in small rooms. To compensate for its lack of warmth, if you add wood, the bedroom will acquire a more welcoming and balanced nuance, as did the interior designer Virginia de Virlova Style in this beautiful small bedroom that we see above these lines.

We can put the wood laminating a wall, the one with the headboard, if we do not like it on the floor, as did the interior design studio of Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design.

FFWD project | Photograph by David Benito Cortázar

A built-in closet in the headboard wall clears the front of the bed and makes better use of space.

A well decorated small room or bedroom

Photo ShutterStock

This other small bedroom is also a good example to look at. It has a sloping roof and is still contemporary and cozy. Small tables, light colors, a low headboard … Everything in the right measure.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room

Photo ShutterStock

Dark colors for a small room? Yes, of course, if they can be combined; as in this bedroom that we see above this paragraph.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 2

Photography by Apartmenttherapy

At two heights. In this other small bohemian-style room, the attic has been used to insert a mattress and turn it into a very modern room for two.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 3

Photo ShutterStock

Modern cut, very current; decorated in black and white, a combination that never fails, with custom cabinets above the headboard and integrated lighting.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 4

Photo ShutterStock

It’s not my style, but you have to admit that it has a lot of character.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 5

Photo ShutterStock

Another small room, this time, with Nordic decoration.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 6

Photo ShutterStock

Simple and straightforward but very pretty and practical this other small bedroom in which custom cabinets and white have been key.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 7

Photo ShutterStock

Beauty is in harmony, they say.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 8

Photo ShutterStock

If we can get by with a 1.05 meter bed, why do we have to have a bigger one and take up precious space?

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 9

Photo ShutterStock

Modern and very masculine this other small double bedroom.

Decoration of bedroom, room, small and modern room - 10

Photo ShutterStock

The atmosphere of this small room is very modern and fresh, in which the wallpaper with floral pattern in blue has been the key to adding dynamism to the decorative scene.

A small room decorated in white and blue

Nobohome | Photo by Arne Grugel

All in white, with the old window that offers presence to the whole room, and a wallpaper in blue tones as the focus of attention.

A very small room in white with a lot of style

Slow and Chic project and photography

Simple, small and pretty, with more style than many large bedrooms. Add elements that dress, the fair ones, but that harmonize in the whole.

A small room with class

Slow and Chic project and photography

If you have some nice furniture, you can add a couple of sconces or lamps, as appropriate, and let them speak for themselves. You don’t need superfluous noise to beautify your room.

A small room decorated in blue and white tones

Thorp Design Project

Blue tones are some of the most appropriate colors to decorate a small room, as they are relaxing, fresh and make spaces visually larger than warm ones. Do you want a relaxing color? Here you can see the 22 most relaxing colors to paint a bedroom.

A small room decorated in bone color

Proyecto Fit your House

A wall mirror that multiplies the light in a small room painted in bone white is a success. The wood of the floor provides the necessary warmth to the bedroom.

A small room with exposed brick wall and ropes

Egion Project | Photography Javier Orive

So small that only one bed fits, but it is more stylish than many other bedrooms. The cladding of the structures and the materials used are the protagonists of this room.

A small blank room

Home Staging Mallorca Project

All in white, simple, austere, but with style. I repeat: Enter the basics, but with class and good taste, and you will not need anything else.

A small room with the bed made of pallets

Bhoga Home Staging Project

Very small space, wooden pallet bed, result: A lovely little room adorned with little more than a tapestry on the headboard.

A small room with a wall of metal and glass panels

Photography David Montero

With a more minimalist and modern design, separated from the rest of the house by metal and glass panels, to gain lighting.

A small room in the attic with a lot of color

Photography Lupe Clemente

Anyone would say that such a small space must be very careful with the colors so as not to load the room, but if it is done with style and good taste, the result is worth it.

A small room decorated in black and white

Patricia Company Project | Photography Nestor Machado

Serious and regal, thanks to the chosen black and white color palette. A very elegant and stylish small room.

A small room with a lot of style

Photography Andrés Arranz

With oriental touches and the beautiful wall sconces by master Serge Moille.

A small room decorated in blue and wood tones

Fotoinmo Photography

Separated from the rest of the house by a wall with a butron on the headboard wall painted blue combined with the warm wood of the furniture and floors. Giving it a more romantic and enveloping touch, the white curtains are a success.

A small room decorated in black and white

Lalola Vacui Project | Photography Óscar Alegre

All in black and white, divided between wall paint, curtains, and wallpaper and textiles. Small but classy.

A modern small room with geometric wallpaper

Nobohome | Photo by Arne Grugel

Something more current, all in white except for the wallpaper that covers the wall of the headboard of the bed.

A small room with classic touches

Interior design Mayte Juberias

More classic but with a lot of charm thanks to the upholstered headboard, the footboard and the textiles that dress the bed.

A small room decorated in earth tones

Estibaliz Martín Project

In earth tones: Wood on the floor, wallpaper on the headboard wall, and warm accents on the bed textiles. A very cozy little bedroom.

A small room with two antique doors as headboards

Valgreen Project | Photography Marco Ambrosini

The two doors as headboards are the stars of this beautiful small room decorated in immaculate white.

A small room decorated in white

Nice Home Barcelona project

Small, but stylish and well optimized. You even allow yourself the luxury of a nice desk.

A small room decorated in white and blue

Project and photography Home & House

Simpler but equally classy, this small room is an example of how simplicity is the best weapon to dress spaces, with great taste.

A small room with a paint plinth and metal and glass panels

Photography and Slow and Chic project

A plinth on the headboard wall painted in dark blue, textiles in gray tones and two hanging sconces in black by Tom Dixon that we can buy here.

A small room in gray tones

Ana Fernández Project | Photography Angelo Rodríguez

Even the staircase that interrupts the middle of the bedroom adds style to this other small room. A correct choice of materials is vital to achieve a balanced decoration.

A small blank room

Le Sable Indigo Project

Small, functional and cute. With touches of blue and yellow in different accents. A great composition.

A small room with rustic touches

Crystal Decoration Project

With a more rustic style, but without recharging, a mirror with metal panels as a headboard and lamps with a wrought-iron base.

A small room

Itta Estudio Project | Photography Luzestudio

Neutral tones decorating the walls, flying tables to occupy less space and a beautiful headboard upholstered in dark and grayish purple.

A small room in the attic

Photography by David Montero | Mabel Sierra Project

Eclectic in style, with the roof sloping down and full of objects with personality. The anthracite gray wall to match the Nordic gives presence to the entire bedroom.

A small blank room

HS Decor project

Simpler and with a contemporary cut, all in white, with wooden accents and raw upholstery giving warmth to the space. A shelf takes advantage of the gap for a nifty shelf or desk.

A small white room with a red carpet

Photography Sílvia Caballero

All in white, with the terracotta carpet to add character to this small room full of style.

A lovely cozy little room

Ele Room 62 Project

This other double room is beautiful and, despite having little space, the Ele Room 62 team has managed to create a charming and very nice cozy bedroom. Textiles, wood and lighting are the key.

A small room with tropical wallpaper on the headboard

Photograph by Pablo Cousinou

With a tropical accent and more casual this other small room, thanks to the wallpaper used on the headboard of the bed. A shelf makes an ingenious side cabinet.

A small room

Crystal Decoration Project

Oriental touches combined with rustic in a simple but beautiful small bedroom.

As I told you at the beginning, if you were looking for ideas to decorate a small bedroom, surely you have found several to carry out.

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