Types of mobiles or carousels to decorate a children’s room


The mobiles or also called carousels, are considered the first toy of the baby. They are very useful and beneficial accessories for their development, since in addition to stimulating their hearing and sight with their different shapes and colors, the circular and pendulum movements of the objects make their crib the perfect resting place, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment. relaxing that will be part of your sleep routine. In this way, in a few days the baby will associate a cradle, mobile and sound with the time of rest and will sleep easily.

mobile baby crib

There are countless mobiles in stores, with sounds of nature, lights that are projected on the walls and ceiling, and those of a lifetime, those made of crochet, felt or fabric made by ourselves or bought in a market or craft store (personally, they are the most endearing).

The prices are very varied, the ones that you will find in the stores range between € 20 and € 80, the more technology, the more expensive, and as expected, the simpler, the cheaper.

In today’s post, we are going to make a small compilation of the types of mobiles that you can use when preparing the nursery for your new baby, and we will also talk about the different places where you can place them or the material that we will have to use to create them by hand. We go with them.

Different types of mobiles. Baby mobiles are classified into two genres, technological and artisanal.

Technological mobiles.

The technological ones are those that you can find in any store specialized in babies or children’s toys, whose sound and lighting effects will be of great help for the relaxation of the baby. They can be made of plastic or soft fabric of the stuffed type. Some are battery operated, and can be hung from the wall or ceiling, attached to the crib, or simply placed on top of a cabinet or bedside table.

Frog-free mobile with sound and light projections.

mobile frog ebay sound effects light
Stuffed frog mobile creates an unbeatable environment, as it contains lullabies and nature sounds. It is not necessary to hang it anywhere, it can be perfectly placed on the table or any nearby furniture. It also has a very relaxing visual effect of moons and stars, as well as an automatic shutdown after 30 minutes. We have found it on Ebay and its price is € 30.07.

Mobile or carousel with clamp for portable cribs.

mobile cradle amazon

This mobile contains soft stuffed animals, a star, a moon and a mirror. It is ideal for portable or travel cribs with bars, as it is held with a clip. It also has a music box that works without batteries. We have found it on Amazon and its price is € 28.50. For more information, click here.

Handmade mobiles.

Handmade mobiles are those that are sewn or carved manually. We can hang them from any place, ceiling, wall or crib. They can be of any gender, from wood, beads, fabric, corduroy, felt, wool, crochet, etc. Personally they are the most endearing, since we can decorate it with the colors and shapes that we like the most.

On Pinterest, we’ve found some handcrafted designs that really are gorgeous, inexpensive, and so easy to make. Let’s see them.

Felt and bead elephant mobile.

mobile elephants bells children's room

Felt aircraft mobile.

Sheep mobile made of wool and cloth.

Crochet bee mobile.

mobile bees children's room

Felt marine mobile.

mobile under the sea children's room

Felt boat mobile.

mobile boats children's room

Wool tassels mobile.

mobile tassels wool children's room

Crochet owls mobile.

mobile owls crochet children's room

Felt owl mobile.

mobile owl swing children's room

Crochet bunnies mobile.

mobile bunnies children's room

Fabric hearts mobile.

mobile hearts children's room

Fabric stars mobile.

mobile stars fabric children's room

Balloons and clouds mobile.

mobile balloons children's room

Owl mobile and swing.

mobile owl swing children's room

Where to put the baby’s mobiles?

The mobiles should be located within the baby’s field of vision, at a distance of 25 to 30 cm. Above his head.
We can place them on the ceiling, on the wall, or hooked to the crib, always in the safest way by anchoring or holding them well to maximize the safety of the baby.

Professionals advise removing the mobile phone or placing it further away, when the child reaches 6 months of age, since in this phase is when he begins to sit down and pick up things with his hands, thus we will prevent the child from pulling it and causing harm .

Helpful tips:

It is very important to choose a nice type of mobile for the baby, far from whether or not it combines with the room or crib clothes.

The color must be striking, but we will avoid excessively loud or strong ones. They must have different color tones so that the contrasts stimulate their color perception from a young age.

They should hang light items, so that the baby can hit them without hurting himself.

It should never interfere with lifting and putting the baby down in the crib.

We hope that these ideas and tips have helped you decide which is the ideal mobile to hang over your little one’s crib. If so, tell us!

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