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17 ideas for covering the fireplace with tiles. Renew your look and debut a new one

17 ideas for covering the fireplace with tiles. Renew your look and debut a new one

In addition to being a practical and functional element of the home, the fireplace is also a decorative object that is generally used as a focal point, directing the eye towards that particular position in the entire room.

Of course, over time, the fireplace may continue to be the focal point of the living room, but not precisely because of its beauty or attractive aesthetics, but because of how horrible it has become over the years.

If your fireplace has reached this point, or not, but you want to renew it and show off a current and modern aesthetic, or you have renovated the living room and the fireplace does not fit with the new style, then these ideas for cladding and renovating the fireplace with tiles that we are going to see next, they will serve as a lot of inspiration.

Tiling the front of a fireplace with tiles is not difficult; you don’t need to be an expert tiler. Today, there are glues and silicones for gluing tiles that make the task of tiling a surface very easy. And, taking into account that the fronts of the fireplace do not usually have much extension, if you propose it, this weekend you can release a new fireplace. So, let’s see these ideas for cladding and decorating the fireplace with tiles, so you can get inspired.

Stone imitation

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Photography Hunted Interiors

Today we have a large number of imitations, textures and different tile finishes to choose the one that best suits our decorative demands. The editor of the portal Hunted Interiors, chose this imitation brick tile to cover the bottom of her fireplace, creating a cozy contrast with the white wood that covers it.

With fish scale or dragon skin tile

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Photography @Tilometry

It is a type of tile of Arabic origin and handmade, but that today we can find in a commercial format, more economical, since it is produced in mass, and in a great variety of colors and sizes. If you are looking to create a great visual impact in the fireplace, this may be the tile for you.

See more ideas with fish scale tiles

Stone mosaic

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Photography Our Storied Home

You do not need to create the mosaic to cover the stone by stone fireplace, unless you prefer. As you sure well know, there are tiles that imitate this finish, in large format or tile, which is more realistic, and it is how the decorative frame of this fireplace that we see above these lines was covered, in Our Storied Home

Traditional tile, to taste

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Centsational Style Photography

It is not necessary to resort to elaborate and “novel” tiles. The traditional one is available in an infinite number of finishes and at a great price, to achieve a fireplace as spectacular as they have achieved in Centsational Style.

Colored grout

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Effortless Style Photography

Grout or joint mortar has been available in different colors for many years to create an attractive contrast to the tile. We have seen some ideas for using colored mortar some time ago and this fireplace designed by Effortless Style shows us the decorative power that we have at our fingertips, not only with the tiles, but with their final finish.

Tile with arabesque pattern

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

DIY Photography Whit Caitlin

Another tile design with a very attractive finish, especially if it is chosen in such striking colors as the blue of this fireplace designed by DIY whit Caitlin, finished with a medium gray grout.

Hand painted

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Photography Earnest Home Co

Standard 6 “x 6” standard white tiles, masking tape, tile paint, and a stencil. That’s all it took for the Earnest Home Co blogger to design this original and decorative fireplace.

Create a mosaic

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Photography Mercury Mosaics

Mosaic and tile go hand in hand, as you well know. Sit down one day at the computer, open Photoshop or any other photo editing program and try colors and designs until you find the one you are looking for; then put it on the fireplace.

Subway tile

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Nest of Poises Photography

A trendy tile that seems to fit into any surface where it is installed, as we see in this fireplace created by Nest of Poises. Simple and modern.

Subway tile in large format

Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

Photography Swingn Cocoa

The subway tile is also available but in a larger format, as they did in Swingn Cocoa, as well as in other colors beyond white, many of them, and with different bevels or relief, to cover a fireplace and create a very current design , as we see in the following idea.

Subway tile in different colors and finishes

Lay Baby Lay Photography

In gray, as Lay Baby Lay has done, and with a gloss finish, or in matte red, iridescent blue, or satin green. As I tell you, there are hundreds of different designs for you to design the most suitable fireplace for your home.


Chimney decorated, lined and tiled with tiles

The Hand Made Home

If there is a material that seems made to cover a fireplace, that is marble. If the classic slab with its classic format seems too classic for your non-classic fireplace, you can use this hexagonal marble mosaic tile for a more contemporary and modern finish.

The contact role in decoration

The contact role in decoration

Use contact paper in decoration or finishes it is a great alternative. It is a simple, practical article, with an incredible cost-benefit and that can let your creativity flow.

Let’s get to know this item better and show how you can make the most of it, using colors and patterns that match your environment. In addition, we will see the correct way to install it so as not to create the famous bubbles.

So, keep reading to understand everything about the topic! Come on?

Contact paper in decoration – How to apply and how to decorate walls and objects

That contact paper is very useful in everyday life, we already know. But, how to take advantage of the best colors and prints to make your environment truly beautiful? Follow!

contact role in decoration
Before and after – Everything with contact paper (simulation)

What is contact paper for?

One of the most practical articles for decoration and personalization that we can find in stores specialized in the theme, contact paper has several applications.

It is used to cover notebooks, diaries, handouts, finish crafts objects and, of course, line or personalize that wall or piece of furniture that needs a new look. For all these situations, there is a contact paper model waiting for you!

contact role in decoration
Before and after – (simulation)

But what’s the difference between him and the wallpapers? The basic differences are that the wallpaper is more expensive, a little more robust and most of the time it needs specialized labor. Contact paper is much more affordable and in general, you can apply it yourself. Eventually, with use, the ends may come loose. But nothing that prevents you from getting your hands dirty and making your space beautiful (and with your face)!

Stamped contact paper – Usage tip

The contact paper is sold in different models and styles of prints. And printed contact paper is one of the most famous on the market. After all, people often seek it to uniquely personalize any surface. That is, with some theme, character or illustration.

So, to use this look, we recommend that you consider all the decoration, the context of personalization. Use your creativity and good taste. The prints will give a totally new “face” and highlight the environment or object of decoration.

In large areas, perhaps the excess of characters or prints can create a feeling of “weight”. So, considering and evaluating each situation is always important, okay?

contact paper in the child's room
Before and after – (simulation)

Contactless paper (plain) – Usage tip

Colored or neutral colored contact paper is easier to use. All you need to do is choose a color that suits you and matches the environment. Then just apply the paper to the surface in question.

As a bonus tip, consider shades with respect to color psychology. For example, the color red will always refer to something hot and energetic. Blue, on the other hand, will lead us to something peaceful, calm and serene.

Understanding the basic concepts of primary colors will help you make a decision that is not only creative, but also based on the sensations and feelings that tones can awaken.

Step by step how to install contact paper

And how to apply the material in a practical way, without major work or inconvenience? Let’s look at a very easy step by step so that nothing goes wrong during the process. Follow!

contact role in the decoration of the room
Before and after – (simulation)

1- Surface cleaning is important

The number one step you need to take to install contact paper is to clean the surface where it will be installed. There can be no dirt whatsoever. Otherwise, the glue of the paper will not make ideal contact and the life of your application can be greatly reduced.

Then, do a good cleaning with a damp and dry cloth. Avoid using chemicals like furniture polish, okay? This may cause the glue to lose contact.

2- Take measurements

The second step is to measure the wall, furniture or object that will receive the contact paper. Each surface has a better way of applying the material and you need to consider this.

Straight or square walls are easier. After all, just apply. In small or detailed and irregular areas, you need to make the correct measurements to create the right folds and not tangle the contact paper.

contact paper models
Today contact papers imitate different materials

3- Wetting the surface can be advantageous

A great tip before starting to glue the paper is to wet the surface.

Then, the third step is to moisten the surface with water sprays (in the case of walls) and damp cloths (in the case of hard book covers, for example). This will help the paper not to create those uncomfortable balls and you will have a very good result at the end of the process.

4- Make the collage little by little

The fourth step is to glue the paper gradually, in order to remove the protective plastic sheet gradually. Avoid removing the plastic sheet completely before gluing, ok? You may accidentally let the contact paper stick to itself. In this case, you would have to start the process over and even buy more paper. So, be very careful in this phase and enjoy the millimeter background that the best contact papers have to position you perfectly.

contact paper models
And classic wallpaper prints

Advantages of using contact paper in decoration

There are many advantages of using contact paper in decoration. The biggest one is that you can provide an incredible effect to an environment without having to make major renovations or drastic changes and spending very little, especially because you can do it yourself (o).

Among other benefits, we separate the following:

Practicality and versatility

Just buy the amount you need, prepare the surface and make the collage. In a few minutes, you have a wall, furniture, notebook or any other object with a new and modern look.

paper models contact children's motif
Children’s prints are very dear

Great value for money

The cost-benefit of using contact paper is very large. Both painting and wallpapering are more expensive. And even more if you hire specialized labor.

And it is easy to find! If you are looking for contact paper in BH, RJ, SP or anywhere else, you will always find a lot of variety.

Freedom for creativity

And finally, this material allows you to use your creativity much more freely than painting or wallpaper would allow. You can mix different patterns and colors much more easily, creating environments or unique details in your home. Experiment and let your imagination run wild!

21 ideas for decorating with plants and creativity

21 ideas for decorating with plants and creativity

Everyone knows that plants invaded the interior of the houses, but how about adding your own touch? And even a little humor and reuse, what helps the planet? I’ll give you 21 ideas to decorate with plants and creativity, but use your imagination and originality and create something of your own.

21 ideas for decorating with plants and creativity

21 ideas for decorating with plants and creativity

A frame and flower pots, a tray hung with ropes and beautiful vases for succulents. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

container for plants with pet bottles

Using pet bottles is not new, but you can always do something original

painting on plant pots

Likewise with painting: invent things you’ve never seen! Draw different shapes. You can!

cup covered with fabric for flowers

It makes all the difference to coat a simple cup with a beautiful fabric and put beautiful flowers

frames made with plant leaves on the glass

Beautiful leaves of plants (mainly of shade, which are the most beautiful, in general) deserve to be framed. They are between 2 glasses (can also be acrylic) and last a long time! If they start aging you can always change

glass with plants and flowers covered with crochet and knitting

Crochet and knitting never go out of style, this is the truth! They are classics and appear, turn and move, in different ways, like this one. enjoy

plants in the window stuck with rod

If you are able to place a rod that does not impede the functionality of your window that receives some sun, this is a great idea to have and maintain vegetables

artificial flowers in wired glass vases

This arrangement refers to the house in the countryside and simplicity. Of course, real flowers look better

cactus pots made with fabric and stones

If you really have a hideous finger for plants or don’t have time, or your house has no sun at all, you can still use fabric and even stones (the first 2 pictures) to pretend you have cacti. The important thing is to bring the idea of ​​Nature home

pvc tubes used as flower pots

Pieces of pvc tubes are used for a lot, including to create some pretty potted plants and flowers!

using wood to hang plant pots

The wooden slats being used to hang plant pots are a very different idea. And be aware that they cannot be too big or heavy and you must measure correctly so that they are securely attached

hanging plant pot with metal hoops

A delicate and different idea? 3 metal hoops (may be a thicker and less flexible wire) attached with wire and a chain. And this piece is ready that I found super different and very beautiful (a string of fabric or leather makes the finish for the wire that holds the rings does not appear). The important thing is to measure the circumference well so that the vessel is securely attached

copper pipes supporting plant pots

Nice idea of ​​this site that always has good ideas! Copper pipes supporting plant pots. The glasses below can be used to keep the plants always moist – just put water and a string that goes through the hole in the pots

drawer serves as a support for plants

A nice drawer gains feet and serves to support plants. Just place it near a spot with some light and use shade plants. Another idea is to have a tray below the plants to prevent moisture from spoiling the wood

kettle turns into terrarium and teapot

The kettle becomes a terrarium and the teapot a vase of flowers. Always use and reuse

children's toys supporting succulent pot

I don’t know if I would paint it in gold, but the idea of ​​putting succulent vases on dinosaurs that your son or daughter doesn’t like is really cool and can decorate their room. Who knows, maybe a good way to teach them how to care for plants?

pallets to support plants

And the pallets couldn’t be missing, could they? Supporting plant pots anyway, in small or large formats, painted or not, you can invent at will

vases decorated with phrases

Decorating vases with motivational or funny phrases already greatly modifies and personalizes your vases

plant pot and cat corner at the same time

This last idea is a product, but I think it is possible to make it with a similar shaped pot, for example: I would have to open the entrance to the pussy (and be careful with the edges so as not to hurt it) and place a plant that doesn’t need much depth (this one is fake, I’m almost sure!).

Living Room Color Combinations

Living Room Color Combinations

The colors we choose for our home help provide the right climate for a warm and well-being atmosphere. Through a good selection, combining with furniture or floors, it is possible to create the desired effect for your environment. Cold or warm colors, or even mixing everything, they are an essential part of the decoration and determine what kind of sensation you intend to cause in the residents or visitors! Get inspired by these room color combinations:

1- Have you ever thought of a beautiful salmon wall matching blue furniture ?!

2- A turquoise wall goes very well with a gray sofa!

3- The gray wall combines with a green sofa, bringing joy to the environment!

4- This combination of orange sofa with a light blue floor ?! Innovative!

5- A blue wall blends perfectly with wooden floors!

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6- The light pink wall also matches the wooden floor!

7- A purple wall, on the other hand, combines more with a dark wooden floor.

8- This red sofa combines with a beautiful gray wall and wooden floor in a lighter shade!

9- A dark green wall matching a brown sofa and white bookcase with wooden accents!

10- If you prefer a white sofa matching the white wall, some plants, cushions and yellow lights give more life to the environment!

? See also Room Colors

11- This green sofa is a perfect match with the yellow cushions and the wooden floor!

12- A beautiful blue sofa combines with wooden floors, for a cozy and cheerful room!

13- This brown wall is a great match with a white sofa, with total prominence in the environment!

14- A beautiful salmon sofa matches the white wall, for a cozy room!

15- This red wall matches the gray sofa, giving a tone of passion in the room!


? Take a look at: Rooms with Neutral Tones

16- A light pink sofa, on the other hand, goes well with a white wall, making the environment cute!

17- This orange sofa combines too much with a black wall, for a more youthful room!

18- If you are a lover of black and white, this white sofa gains its prominence with frames and pillows in shades of black and gray!

19- This blue-green sofa highlights yellow pillows, carpet and chair, matching the light wooden floor!

20- Already a wine sofa, it combines perfectly with a white wall and decorative paintings in close tones!

Different colors create different moods! Therefore, you must consider the climate and atmosphere that you want to create in your room. Colors also have the power to trigger a variety of reactions and feelings in humans. Much of what we know about the psychological effects of different colors derives from centuries-old traditions and remains in our subconscious. Therefore, the combination of walls, furniture and colorful floors are essential for your home!

American Kitchen Counter

American Kitchen Counter

The American kitchen is the style that integrates the kitchen with the home. By adapting it with different designs you can build your perfect kitchen. In this post we separated incredible inspirations from counters that can perfectly match your American kitchen.

1. Kitchen island counter, modern and beautiful

2. American kitchen counter with sink, the matte faucet gave a charm to the kitchen

3. Wooden kitchen counter, its simplicity made it even more beautiful

4. Gourmet counter, perfectly harmonized with the modern style of the kitchen

5. Masonry counter for American kitchen, added a touch of the Provencal style of the house

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6. Island counter, the wooden accent along with the counter gave a perfect style in this kitchen

7. Granite top cooktop counter, modern and beautiful

Via: @apeucasotucasas

8. Planned kitchen counter, the modern style of this kitchen is wonderful


Via: @fedabbur_arquitectura

9. Small kitchen counter with white marble

10. Marble counter for simple American kitchen but still beautiful

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11. Counter with built-in sink in the back and wooden counter in the front

12. Wooden kitchen counter on one side, cupboard and dining table on the other


Via: @hanalum

13. American kitchen counter with practical and beautiful glass top

14. Masonry counter for American kitchen, orange gave a highlight in the kitchen

15. The marble and wood counter perfectly matched the kitchen

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16. Wooden kitchen counter with chandelier

17. Modern American kitchen counter, the cabinet on the counter makes it even more practical

18. This white kitchen counter harmonized with the white American kitchen

19. American kitchen counter with cupboard functionality

20. This Provencal-style American kitchen looks amazing


Via: @ nosolar_68

21. American kitchen counter with glass cabinet

22. Colors make it stand out, as in this American kitchen

23. This marble counter in this American kitchen is beautiful, also serving as a dining table

24. Glass and wood, giving the perfect combination of this counter

25. Rustic wooden counter for kitchen

26. Another example of an American kitchen counter serving as a dining table

27. Simple American kitchen counter

28. Marble counter in a small American kitchen

29. Small apartment kitchen counter

30. This cap on this counter costs R $ 590


Via: Free Market

You can look for carpentry or glazing professionals of interest to set up your counter. How about seeing our posts Planed Kitchen in L and Rustic Wood Stool to get inspired in the assembly of your kitchen.

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