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Decoration of living rooms with classic furniture Decoration of living rooms with classic furniture
There is no doubt that high decoration is still identified with classic furniture; Opulent and ostentatious furniture, with sinuous curves and a lot of... Decoration of living rooms with classic furniture

There is no doubt that high decoration is still identified with classic furniture; Opulent and ostentatious furniture, with sinuous curves and a lot of personality. This type of furniture not only serves to decorate classic-style rooms as you might think at first, we can and must also use them to create more contemporary, current environments, after all. Taking this premise into account and thanks to the elegant and exquisite classic living room furniture by Cuerobello, we are going to see some tips and suggestions to integrate classic furniture in modern living rooms.

classic living room furniture

Classic Living Room Ambien by Cuorebello

It may seem that integrating classic living room furniture into a contemporary décor is difficult, or wrong at worst, but nothing further. On the contrary, placing only minimalist furniture in a current decoration makes the living rooms flat, without personality; you only have to see an image of minimalist living rooms to verify what I say.

To prevent this, we must introduce into the living room, furniture with personality, that means something to us and expresses something more than a beautiful design. Of course, in moderation, so as not to overload the environment, and that in the end it is not heavy or suffocating.

classic living room furniture-2

Lower Mediterranean bookcase by Cuorebello

One or two pieces with a classic cut, well chosen to complement the rest of the decoration, or to contrast, give personality and character to a room. This type of furniture does not go out of fashion, so, well chosen and combined, they will also make the decoration of the living room timeless.

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classic living room furnitures-3

Sofá California Capitone de Cuorebello

In order for the classic style furniture to marry the current decoration of a modern living room, we can make use of two very important concepts in interior decoration: contrast and combination.

The contrast:

Contrasting the classic style furniture or furniture with the furniture we already have is a great trick. Imagine that you have modern, current chairs, with straight lines and chrome finishes. A classic style table made of wood, robust and with curves in its design, will contrast and create a modern environment with a lot of personality. It is an example of how to use contrast to correctly integrate a classic-style piece of furniture into a contemporary decoration.

classic living room furniture-4

Living room environment Valeria de Cuorebello

In the image that we see above these lines, we can see that, using the concept of contrast well, classic style furniture fits perfectly. Both the furniture and the coffee tables, in a classic style, contrast with the general atmosphere of the living room: a contemporary and modern atmosphere. In fact, to create a modern living room, current and with personality, it is a great idea to rely on furniture that transmits something to us, making them the star pieces, instead of choosing all the furniture the same, thus creating flat rooms, without sparkle.

The combination:

This other concept or trick of interior decoration, applied to the matter we are dealing with, consists, as you can guess, in combining the pieces of classic style and the current or modern, to achieve a balance that harmonizes the whole environment.

To combine different elements, be it furniture or other accessories, there is nothing like color. Using the same color for some pieces and for others, we will be able to unify the environment and integrate any precious piece of classic style.

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classic living room furniture-5

Chaislonge 1699 of Cuorebello

As you can see, it doesn’t matter where the color is; in furniture or accessories, that if we combine it, any piece fits and adapts to the decoration.

In short: if you like classic furniture but are afraid or doubt whether they will look good on you in a more modern decoration, you can use the contrast or the combination to make them fit, and, as you have seen, the result is … charming at least .