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American Kitchen Counter American Kitchen Counter
The American kitchen is the style that integrates the kitchen with the home. By adapting it with different designs you can build your perfect... American Kitchen Counter

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The American kitchen is the style that integrates the kitchen with the home. By adapting it with different designs you can build your perfect kitchen. In this post we separated incredible inspirations from counters that can perfectly match your American kitchen.

1. Kitchen island counter, modern and beautiful

2. American kitchen counter with sink, the matte faucet gave a charm to the kitchen

3. Wooden kitchen counter, its simplicity made it even more beautiful

4. Gourmet counter, perfectly harmonized with the modern style of the kitchen

5. Masonry counter for American kitchen, added a touch of the Provencal style of the house

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6. Island counter, the wooden accent along with the counter gave a perfect style in this kitchen

7. Granite top cooktop counter, modern and beautiful

Via: @apeucasotucasas

8. Planned kitchen counter, the modern style of this kitchen is wonderful


Via: @fedabbur_arquitectura

9. Small kitchen counter with white marble

10. Marble counter for simple American kitchen but still beautiful

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11. Counter with built-in sink in the back and wooden counter in the front

12. Wooden kitchen counter on one side, cupboard and dining table on the other


Via: @hanalum

13. American kitchen counter with practical and beautiful glass top

14. Masonry counter for American kitchen, orange gave a highlight in the kitchen

15. The marble and wood counter perfectly matched the kitchen

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16. Wooden kitchen counter with chandelier

17. Modern American kitchen counter, the cabinet on the counter makes it even more practical

18. This white kitchen counter harmonized with the white American kitchen

19. American kitchen counter with cupboard functionality

20. This Provencal-style American kitchen looks amazing


Via: @ nosolar_68

21. American kitchen counter with glass cabinet

22. Colors make it stand out, as in this American kitchen

23. This marble counter in this American kitchen is beautiful, also serving as a dining table

24. Glass and wood, giving the perfect combination of this counter

25. Rustic wooden counter for kitchen

26. Another example of an American kitchen counter serving as a dining table

27. Simple American kitchen counter

28. Marble counter in a small American kitchen

29. Small apartment kitchen counter

30. This cap on this counter costs R $ 590


Via: Free Market

You can look for carpentry or glazing professionals of interest to set up your counter. How about seeing our posts Planed Kitchen in L and Rustic Wood Stool to get inspired in the assembly of your kitchen.

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