15 Ideas to build a climbing wall or childrens climbing wall at home

15 Ideas to build a climbing wall or childrens climbing wall at home

Children love to climb. It is not uncommon to see them at any time climbing up the sofas or bunk beds, it is something they love from a very young age. Therefore today we are going to propose to take advantage of this habit and turn it into a discipline with climbing. building a climbing wall or climbing wall at home. Climbing is considered a very complete sport for the little ones, because in addition to serving as an entertainment and fun game, it also helps them to perfect many physical, psychological and social aspects, thus progressing in their integral development. This discipline helps them to train their motor skills, to awaken coordination, balance, along with resistance and strategy as they discover new movements in a vertical world.


If you are interested in this project, today in Thousand Ideas we are going to show you some ideas to create your own children’s vertical climbing wall at home. You can buy them already made or make them yourself since their components are not excessively expensive and it is very easy to build. And if you also consider yourself some DIY handymen and DIY fans, surely you even enjoy doing it, but not much more than your little ones climbing and climbing on them. Let’s see them:

Children’s climbing panel with inclination.


Corner children’s climbing panel with waterfall drawing and access to the loft.


Children’s climbing panel with rope.


Children’s climbing panel on wall.


Children’s climbing panel on exterior wall.


Child climbing panel on exterior brick wall.


Outdoor children’s climbing panel on garden wall.


Children’s climbing panel made of wood or pallets.


Children’s climbing panel in room.


Children’s climbing panel made of wood for outdoor use.


Children’s climbing panel on the wall of the bunk bed.


Children’s climbing panel in the room with access to the attic.


Children’s climbing panel in room.


Tree-shaped children’s climbing panel.


It is worth mentioning that all protection is little, in specialized sports stores you will find everything you need so that your children do not get hurt when climbing the wall.

It is also advisable as well as logical, to install mats on the ground to cushion any fall without suffering damage.

If you are not very clear about where to start, in Hogar Útil, we have found this tutorial to build a children’s climbing panel, to see it click here.

Photos: Architectureartdesigns.

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