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15 effective solutions to hide light boxes, counters, thermostats and other wall elements 15 effective solutions to hide light boxes, counters, thermostats and other wall elements
In general, they do not tend to bother much, neither physically nor aesthetically, but there are many occasions in which the happy box of... 15 effective solutions to hide light boxes, counters, thermostats and other wall elements

In general, they do not tend to bother much, neither physically nor aesthetically, but there are many occasions in which the happy box of lights is like an ugly “glob” in the middle of an important wall, decoratively speaking.

And the truth is that although there is aesthetic progress in other matters, it seems that on the covers of light boxes, counters and others, no, and that, sometimes, can annoy all the decoration.

It is not the first case, nor will it be the last where some of my clients expressly contact me to conceal or hide any of these elements.

That is why I have prepared this article with some effective ideas and resources that I myself use in my projects to hide the light boxes and meter covers, as well as even thermostats. So, let’s see these solutions.

15 solutions to hide light boxes, counters, thermostats, etc.

Boxes to hide the counters and light boxes:

Boxes to hide the light boxes

Buy on Amazon

The first and most frequently used option, and for me, one of the most effective due to its ease of installation, is to use a personalized box to cover the meter.

Luckily today we have hundreds of standard models to cover these covers. Even if you can’t find one of your measurements, you also have them personalized.

This one that we see above these lines is a thick frame that comes with a decorative sheet and is available in various sizes. You can buy it on Amazon, here.

It is also true that sometimes, you may not be able or you simply do not want to put a custom box to cover the light box. In this case, there are many other options, like the one we see below:

Mimics and camouflage the light box:

Decorative wall composition to hide and conceal the light box

Design and photography Wegrochy

Tell me the truth, did you see the cover of the light box the first time? I had to look at the image several times until I saw it.

And that is precisely what it is all about. To mimic it with the environment, to camouflage it by surrounding it with other elements, making the eye go to these elements and making the light box go completely unnoticed.

Let’s see another example:

Decorative wall composition to hide and conceal the light box

Design and photography Creative Momma

Again, how long did it take you to find the thermostat on this wall?

As I said before, sometimes we cannot cover the element because it has to be cleared. This is the case with thermostats that have to be uncovered to function properly.

In this case, the best we can do is mimic and integrate them as we have just seen. It will go completely unnoticed if we manage to guide the eye to other elements, as we have seen in these two examples.

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Let’s see more solutions:

Paper holder to hide the light box

Design and photography That Home Bird Life

An economical and functional solution could be the one we see above these lines.

It is about installing a support that includes a roll of paper to hide the light box.

It can not be easier. The roll of paper with the support is already sold, you don’t even have to; all you have to do is install it on the wall. You can see how they have done it here.

In addition, this idea also comes in handy to write, leave notes, for your children to paint and leave messages, etc.

A very economical and effective solution.

Along these lines, there are other ideas to hide and conceal the light box, also very simple and inexpensive, such as the following:

Painting the cover of the counters and light boxes:

Paint the light box cover

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

This is one of the walls of my house, and there we see the light box. Having a large painting next to it, it did not seem appropriate to put another painting to cover the happy light box, so I simply painted it the same color as the wall.

As the large painting next to it and the light painting painted the same color as the wall, it is concealed and the eye is not so much interested.

If you decide to paint it, first I advise you to give it a coat of sealing primer or 4 x 4 type wash primer, since being a plastic surface the paint does not grip well.

Once you’ve given it a coat of sealer or primer, then you can apply the same paint that you applied to the wall. Yes, plastic paint. Exactly the same.

Let’s see another simple and inexpensive solution:

Decorative sheet covering the light box and thermostat

Design and photography Makely Home

Behind that decorative sheet is a large box of lights. As you can see, the idea is completely simple, you only need a decorative sheet, without a frame, without anything, and then install it on the wall, using supports that protrude from the wall a few centimeters. The fair ones to save the depth of light box.

As it is so simple and the supports are used to make them perennial, you can exchange the decorative sheet whenever you want, changing the style or design as it suits you.

This solution is perfect especially for thermostats, since they are not completely covered, and can continue to function normally. You can see how to do it step by step here.

Install a cap for a practical purpose:

Custom coat rack to cover the light box

From Her Tool Belt for Remodelaholic

Since we are going to put a lid with a thick frame, we can use it to add one with a practical purpose and not merely decorative as a painting.

In this case, we can imitate the solution proposed by Remodelaholic, which is about creating a personalized DIY frame with wood, with a cover that has hangers or hangers instead of a decorative sheet.

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As it is personalized and in wood, we can later give it the finish we want to integrate it into our decoration.

It seems to me one of the best solutions to hide the cover of the light box in the hall.

Let’s keep going:

Install a fabric with magnets:

A decorative fabric with magnets to hide the light box

DIY Beautiful Design & Photography

Another cheap and effective solution to hide the light box is the one we see above these lines made by Cindy from DIY Beautiful.

It is about using a personalized fabric to taste, to stick small magnets, so that later it can be magnetized to the counter cover.

Of course, if your lid is made of plastic, magnets won’t work for you, but you can use the idea of ​​custom fabric.

Let’s see more:

These solutions are cheap and easy, but I have to admit that they do not seem definitive, or too elegant. If the same thing happens to you, the following solutions are. At least, much more:

Install a decorative storage bracket:

Decorative wooden support to hide the light box

Buy on Aliexpress

This one that we see is sold here on Aliexpress, and as you can see, it is quite decorative. This is a thick frame deep enough to bridge the depth of the lightbox, but instead of having a foil on the front, it has a perforated wooden top so you can create a small message center, add a plant, leave keys, notes and other things.

If you have the painting in the hall, this wooden stand can be a great solution.

Hide the light box using a furniture composition:

EKET decorative composition to hide and cover the table of lights and counters

Design and photography by Les Murs ont des Oreilles studio

The one we see above these lines is a modular shelf composition made with IKEA’s EKET series.

I found it one of the most perfect and best integrated solutions of all.

Naturally, it will not be possible to put it on every occasion due to lack of space or because a shelf cannot go on the wall where the painting is.

But if in your case it can go, you can create a shelf with a modern, economical and highly decorative design with large storage space that hides the light box, counter or whatever you need.

Let’s see another of the best solutions in my opinion:

Sliding decorative box to hide the light box

Buy at Fourline Design

The most elegant and effective, whenever you want or can put a box to cover the box of lights.

It is a thick frame with a beautiful decorative sheet that does not open like a hinged door, but has a system of sliding hinges.

It is available in different finishes and with different decorative sheets to integrate it into your decoration without any problem.

Simple but decorative lids:

Decorative cover for the light box

Dosy2 lid

I have always thought that if designers of industrial light boxes made them with a bit more style, this problem would be solved.

If you also think the same or you simply want a cover for the light box more beautiful than the one that came with the house, you have at your disposal several models, like the one we see above these lines.

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It is from the Dosy2 firm, which has a wide variety of light box covers, some more elaborate and others simpler, like the one we see above.

A simple cover, unpretentious, but effective in its mission.

I have selected the one that we see above, but that same cover can be ordered in a lot of different colors as we can see on their website.

If you are looking for something that simple but a little more elaborate, the following cover is for you.

Decorative wooden cover for the light box

Dosy2 lid

Also available in different finishes, this other model is a simple but decorative and aesthetically beautiful cover, with which to cover the light box without complications.

It is from the same firm, and the best thing is that the covers are made personalized.

That is, if you have a complicated size light box, they can make it with the measurements you need.

Custom cover for light box

Cover of Moldings and Pictures García

Of course, we also have 100% personalized covers, where we can add the photo or sheet that we want. This model that we see is from the firm Molduras y Cuadros García, which makes both the frame and the cover personalized to taste to make the integration of it perfect.

Use a mirror:

A mirror to cover and hide the light box

Design and photography from I am a Mess

True, it cannot be done in all frames. It could only be done in the light boxes that were flush with the wall, if not the mirror or not all the mirrors could be installed, as you can imagine.

Another thing you can do is remove the cover of the counter so that it does not startle and then put the mirror. Although I also have to tell you that all light boxes by law must be covered with their original cover.

But if your meter is flush with the wall or you find a mirror that allows you to install it above the light box, it seems like a great solution.

Classic decorative caps:

Decorative cover for the light box

Buy on Amazon

And finally, we can always turn to the decorative covers for lifelong light boxes, like this one that you can see above these lines, or these hundreds of others that you can buy here.

The only problem with these decorative light box covers is that they are not available in “odd” sizes, but rather standard. But they are an economical solution and very simple to install.

Well, these have been the solutions. Which one are you going to integrate? If you have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer you. And if you think this article may interest a friend or family member, share it. Thank you!