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15 charming little dining rooms 15 charming little dining rooms
The other day designing a small dining room for a client (the one you can see above these lines) I realized that I did... 15 charming little dining rooms

Charming small dining room design

The other day designing a small dining room for a client (the one you can see above these lines) I realized that I did not have an article on the blog with tips and ideas for designing a charming small dining room.

And the truth is something that they ask me a lot lately due to lack of space in today’s houses.

So I have prepared a collection of 15 small but really small dining rooms, for a maximum of 4 people. Really small dining rooms. But yes, all of them charming.

So if you need ideas and inspiration to set up and decorate your own small dining room at home, follow me as I will detail the furniture, colors, chairs, lamps and other keys of each dining room so that you can design your own.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography Sonia Pecass

If you have practically no space to put a table, one of the best solutions is to use a folding wall table that you open when you go to eat while it is closed and without taking up space when you are not using it. This table may interest you.

If you think that you cannot achieve a charming space with a table like this, above these lines you have an example that shows you that you can, and with little truth.

In addition to the table, two white Eames-style chairs with wooden legs and two decorative plates in pastel tones.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography At Home with Ashley | @athomewithashley

Romantic cut with pink details. It is true that square or rectangular tables make better use of space, but it is also true that they hinder more.

Round tables, on the other hand, make the passage more fluid and the entire space more manageable.

In the charming small dining room above these paragraphs, a round Tulip-type table has been installed, with a small bench and two chairs in shades of pink.

As decoration, a small gallery of paintings and prints and two vintage wall sconces in gold tones have been put on the wall.

Let’s see another small dining room full of charm.

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Lovely little dining room

Design and photography Karnie Felipe Interiors

Look how simple but how well decorated: A small round white Tulip table and two Eames-type Nordic chairs upholstered in white and with wooden legs.

Another of the great attractions of this small and charming dining room is the wall in gray tones that creates the ideal frame to put a set of light furniture.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography Jeeva Design

Another small dining room in which Eames-type chairs have been used with a table of the same cut. The beauty of this dining room lies in the entire space itself, but especially in the Silvia Nordic lamp, by Umage / Vita.

A lamp with a lot of style and tradition too, available in different sizes, colors and at an excellent price, which you can buy here.

If you think that your dining room is missing something, try putting a lamp that attracts attention. You will see how the dining room changes.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography Cherished Bliss

If you decide to put a round table for your small dining room, I advise you to have it with a central foot, like most of the ones we have seen so far.

The center foot leaves more space free, without interruptions or discomfort than a table with four legs.

The dining room that we see above these lines of industrial style, uses the central foot of the table to add a very appropriate metal accent.

Of course, it is the black metal and leather bench matching the black metal and rattan chairs that give it that charming touch that you are seeing.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography Hostess Jo

Putting a bench in the corner, whether for work or carpentry, is a good idea to set up a small dining room, since it takes better advantage of the space than putting chairs.

It is a definitive solution that offers us a lot of aesthetic and decorative solutions. In the case above, the bench has been designed in white wood, contrasting with the black chairs and the IKEA Ingartorp-style central table in aged white.

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Lovely little dining room

One of my favorites for its simplicity and efficiency and because it uses my fetish chair in white.

A Tulip-type table with a marble top brings together two pretty CH24 chairs by Hans Wegner on one side and on the other a white wooden upholstered in gray fabric.

Completing the entire scene, a large painting in soft pastel tones and a beautiful beaded and wood lamp.

As you can see, it doesn’t have much, but it’s perfect, right?

If you like those chairs, here you can find some good replicas in this store.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography Crystal Ann Interiors | @crystalanninteriors

Also this other dining room oozes charm in each piece, but especially in its entirety.

Nordic style black chairs in contrast to the central oval Tulip-type table and the marble top.

Opposite, a small and elegant bench in wood and leather. As an accent, a large painting in pink tones and a beautiful lamp in black and white tones.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography Kym Maloney | @kymmaloneydesign

In this other dining room they have chosen to install a minimalist bench, which makes the space lighter. In addition, an oval table has been added that makes better use of space than a round one, with the two elegant black Ruthie chairs.

The black wall lights and the matching black and white tableau are a total success that perfectly complete this dining room.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography Lioba Diez Altuzarra @pasdebasque

Elegant, feminine and flirtatious, the pink velvet upholstered chairs and the Umage / Vita EOS lamp that you can buy here add a sophisticated and soft touch to the entire dining room.

Lovely little dining room

Designed by The November Design

In this other room, the dining table has been integrated together with a bar all in the same space but without saturating it.

Notice how despite having a square table with 3 seats, a bar and a large cabinet with storage, all the space is light and does not recharge.

Lovely little dining room

Designer by Afina Portobello

Behind the sofa, a round table and three white Eames chairs and a simple lamp in shades of white. Nothing else. What do you think of what has been achieved with great simplicity?

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Lovely little dining room

Design and photography At Home with Ashley | @athomewithashley

Before I told you that if you wanted to add a special touch to your dining room, no matter how small it was, you would put a striking ceiling lamp.

Above these lines you can see how well this tip works.

The dining room, while charming, has almost nothing. A round table with a center foot and three black and white chairs, but the pendant lamp and geometric wallpaper work wonderfully together.

Lovely little dining room

Design and photography by Hello Ivory Rose | @JaneneCrossley

This other charming dining room has plenty of space, yes, but it’s not large. In fact, look at the table that only fits 4 chairs, although it is true that the space that surrounds it is generous in measurements and also in lighting.

But hey, leaving this issue aside, let’s look at the furniture, which you can integrate into a smaller place, if that’s your case.

A solid wood table and four pretty chairs upholstered in black, but it is, again, the round chandelier in shades of aged metal that adds that charming touch to the entire dining room.

Lovely little dining room

Simpler, unpretentious, small, flirty and charming.

In white and wood with matching table and chairs and four decorative ornaments that complete the scene, such as the side table with a wicker basket with eucalyptus, the stool with long hair and the wooden box on the wall with a little plant.

If you want something like that for your dining room, check out this set of Nordic chairs and table on sale.

If you want to put your dining room in the kitchen, then here you can see small kitchens with dining room, so you can get inspired and take ideas.

As you have seen, in addition to the furniture that are the main protagonists, the lamps are sometimes the ones that dominate the visual weight of the scene. If you want an appropriate lamp, check out these perfect lamps to put on the dining room table.

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