13 steps to the perfect bedroom

13 steps to the perfect bedroom

The perfect standard bedroom does not exist. Since decoration is an art of a subjective nature and the degree of perfection depends on each person.

But there are some rules, tricks and tips that I am going to teach you in this article so that you can achieve your perfect bedroom. The perfect bedroom for you, of course.

Trust me, it’s easier than it sounds. These 13 tips and tricks will help you get there.

13 steps to creating the perfect bedroom

1) Measure, draw and know every inch of your space.

Perfect bedroom measurements

The first thing you should do to design and decorate your perfect bedroom is to measure it, draw it on a plan and know every inch.

This is the first step to know the advantages and limitations of any space. This is where it begins.

You may think that your bedroom is small and you know it like the back of your hand. And I believe you. But believe me when I tell you that the moment you take a sheet of paper and a pen and write down all the measurements in your bedroom, that is when you will really know it.

It has happened to me that, when I skip this step in a project that at first I think is simple, then I have to return furniture, rugs or any other element for not having perfectly measured every inch of the space.

By doing this you make sure you don’t get any disappointment and parts of a totally realistic base.

Regardless of the style you want to print in your bedroom, you will know what furniture, carpet, bed, cabinets or any other element will fit or not. Whether it will eat up a lot of space or not. If it is going to allow you to move comfortably or it is going to close the space, and many other details that simply, if you do not measure, you will never know until you put a piece of furniture and say, okay, it does not fit, I have to return it.

You don’t have to know how to use any CAD type program to create a sketch of your bedroom with all the measurements indicated. Although if you know how to do it and it is more comfortable, go ahead.

With a blank sheet of paper and a pen, it is more than enough.

So before you start, take a meter, a sheet of paper and a pen and write down all the measurements.

What do you have to aim for?

Here are some measures that are essential for me:

  • Length and height of all walls.
  • Length and height of all windows.
  • How high the windows start.
  • Length and height of the doors. (They are usually standard).
  • Length and height of cabinets.
  • Length, height and depth of any furniture that is already in the bedroom and you are not going to change.
  • Width of closet doors, windows and doors. (So ​​you will know how much land they eat you when they are open).
  • Ceiling height. (To know if a certain lamp is going to fit you or is it going to be too low or high).

It is the “most boring” part of designing a bedroom. But it is the best base. Also, in an hour you have it finished.

Ok, now that you have the measurements of the bedroom and you know it in depth, let’s move on to the next step to have a perfect bedroom.

2) Know your functional needs.

We are talking about creating a nice, magazine-like bedroom, the perfect bedroom. But all the decoration, styling and design is useless if the space and furniture do not satisfy your functional needs.

What are your functional needs?

These needs are the practical and pragmatic part of any space.

  • Do you need a large table to store many things or just a small one to leave few things on it?
  • Do you need storage space? To store shoes, bags, or what for?
  • Do you need a desk? With many drawers or something simple?
  • Do you need a large or small bed?
  • Do you need a lot or little artificial lighting? Do you have enough light points or do you have to take some out?

In short, you need to make a list with all those things that you really need to live comfortably in a practical and functional space.

This step is vital, like all the ones we are going to see. If you do not take into account your functional and practical needs, it is as if the most beautiful and decorative office in the world was designed, but then when working in it there was no printer, or the computer did not fit on the desks, the chairs were too low or not enough light to read reports or do invoices.

So, take paper and pencil again and make a list of what you need in your bedroom yes or yes to make it a space that is not only beautiful, but practical and functional. Some examples of what you might be able to put on your list:

  • I need a closet with a lot of storage capacity.
  • Good artificial lighting to compensate for the little natural light that enters.
  • A space to store your shoes.
  • A bookstore to store all my books.
  • Etc.

Anyway, everyone knows what they need in their space, right? Well write it down.

What are you going to get out of this?

In addition to making your priorities clear, you will also choose the furniture with greater success, since you will know exactly what works for you and what does not. An example:

Imagine that you only use the nightstands to leave your glasses, mobile and a book. You don’t need to keep anything in them because you keep everything in the cupboards. With this premise in mind, you probably won’t buy a 3-drawer nightstand that takes up a lot of space since you’re not going to use it because you keep everything in the cabinets. Instead you’ll buy a lightweight coffee table with a shelf or two that meets your practical needs but doesn’t take up more space than necessary. Do you see how useful this point is?

Let’s move on to the next:

3) Get inspired and organize that inspiration.

Inspiration for a perfect bedroom

You may think that decorators have all the information in our heads and we do not need to be inspired and see and know other spaces, but nothing could be further from reality.

All, and when I say all the decorators, architects, interior designers and other professionals who touch design, we are inspired before making any space.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. From a painting, to a landscape or a folder of photos saved from Pinterest, Instagram or any blog on the internet.

How to find your inspiration?

Easy, very easy. Find what you really like. If you like the rustic style, you have at your disposal thousands and thousands of photographs of rustic spaces, rustic furniture stores, and a lot of inspiration at your disposal.

Why is this step important?

Because you probably don’t even know what your style is. In this way, even if you don’t know your style, by collecting everything that you like, you will define it. You are going to create your own style. Now you know where to start.

But it’s not just getting inspired and collecting photos and more photos. You also have to organize that inspiration.

To do this, the best thing you can do is create a physical or digital moodboard or inspiration board. Here you can see how to do it step by step.

A moodboard is your navigation path. It’s the guide to turn to every time you get lost. It is the cornerstone of your perfect bedroom décor. Plus, it’s super easy and it’s also a lot of fun!

Seriously, see how you can make a moodboard and don’t skip this step.

This is what you will achieve by doing this step:

  • Define your style.
  • Know the environment you want for your bedroom.
  • Know the feelings you want and are going to transmit in the bedroom.
  • Create the color palette.
  • Define your tastes.
  • Don’t waste time searching and then discarding.
  • Get the combination of furniture, colors and decoration in general right.

Does it seem little to you? I remind you that we are talking about designing your perfect bedroom.

Now you know your bedroom by heart, you know what you really need, and you also have your style and decorative personality defined. Let’s move on to the next step:

4) The bed is the protagonist in an ideal bedroom.

Perfect bedroom decoration

Interior Decor Aid

If you have a normal bedroom, like the one most mortals have, the main piece of furniture in this is the bed.

It is the “bulk” that occupies the most. Usually there is always the center of space. And it is the largest floor cabinet there is.

Thus, it is logical that it is also the “package” that deserves the most attention.

In fact, I have seen really amazing changes in a normal bedroom, only changing the bedding and decorating it well.

What’s more, I assure you 100% that the moment you leave your precious bed, you will have already achieved 50% of your perfect bedroom.

Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Today we have at our disposal countless bedding textiles at an excellent price. Cushions, pillows, plaids … Whatever we want, at the click of a button at very good prices. Look at the following bedroom:

A perfect bedroom with the bed as the protagonist

This beautiful bedroom of the great Lola Navarro from Decoestilo12 has a very simple total white look, but look at the bed. Is beautiful. Simple, elegant and gives the whole bedroom personality and style. She is the absolute protagonist of the space, do you see what I want to tell you?

If you need inspiration to decorate a bed, here you can see 20 photos, ideas and tips to decorate a bed.

5) Furniture distribution.

Furniture distribution in a perfect bedroom

Interior Decor Aid

Distribute as you like, distribute as the bedroom asks you, the measurements you have pointed out and your needs, but leave space between the furniture for the bedroom to breathe.

The bed rules in a bedroom. We have seen that it is the one that dominates the space.

90 centimeters around the bed is a reference measurement that you should aim for. Leaving that measurement around the bed guarantees a free space through which to circulate comfortably. Ergonomically and anthropometrically speaking, it is a universal reference measure in this world.

If the space in the bedroom does not give you to leave those 90 centimeters free, perhaps you should consider adding a smaller bed, whenever you can, of course, or stick the bed to a wall, in addition to the headboard.

And if you still can’t, then don’t be obsessed either and move on to the next point to create the perfect bedroom.

6) Nightstands.

A well decorated modern bedroom

Regarding the bedside tables, with the huge number of models or options that exist to make a bedside table, it seems it costs more to follow some rule or parameter previously established to achieve a correct scene.

Almost anything goes, as long as the bedside table is in proportion to the bed, but if you need something more specific, go to shot echoAs they say, look for nightstands that are approximately the height of the bed, or at most, that are lower, never higher.

In this way it will be more accessible and comfortable, as well as avoiding hitting it when you are sleeping if it is much higher than the bed.

Regarding its width, you can put whatever you want, but keep in mind that a 1 meter wide bedside table, you will not use it at all because lying from the bed you do not reach the end. The ideal measurement is that the table is no more than 70 centimeters wide.

In addition, few bedrooms today can afford so much size to put a bedside table, due to the fact that spaces are increasingly reduced. Here you can see nightstands for small bedrooms.

7) Headboard.

Perfect bedroom headboard

Edith and Evelyn Vintage Cindy Design

Regarding the headboard of the bed we also have lately many ideas to make headboards, without depending on stores, obtaining a personalized one. Even so, there is also a little rule that will make it, regardless of its design, suit the bedroom.

The rule is that the headboard measures the same as the bed, or at most 20 or 30 centimeters more than it. If it is larger, the headboard will dominate the space and it may also make it difficult for you to put the tables, in addition to not keeping proportion with the rest of the bedroom elements, ruining all the decoration.

This, as long as you put a headboard, since it is not necessary, and also lately we are seeing many bedrooms without a headboard.

8) Lighting for a perfect bedroom.

Perfect bedroom lighting

Photography Remington Avenue Instagram @remingtonavenue

Lighting in interior design is a world apart. Little is said about lighting for how important it is.

As I said, it deserves a separate mention, and I could recommend books and artists who are specialized in lighting almost exclusively, but you can also apply the following simple rules, if you don’t want to get too complicated.

For starters, the ceiling lamp should be proportionate to the entire size of the bedroom, not the bed. Think of the total, not of a particular element, even if it is the bed. But when you hang it up, then it should be centered over the bed, not the bedroom. I explained myself well?

That is its location. Regarding its height, the ideal is at least 2.10 meters from the ground. Basically so that we do not hit the head with it and there is a “comfortable” space between our head and the lamp.

This means that, on many floors today, where the standard ceiling height is 2.40 meters from the ground, it leaves little room for a lamp that hangs excessively. Luckily, we have countless models of standard or low ceiling lamps.

9) Table lamps.

Table lamps in a perfect bedroom

Photography Setting for Four

The lamp that we put on the bedside table must be in proportion to the bedside table. It cannot be disproportionate, neither more nor less. An appropriate measure that you can take is that it occupies a third of the size of the tabletop.

Following this measure you make sure that the lamp is not disproportionate in relation to the bedside tables.

Regarding its height, the ideal would be for the lampshade to be more or less at eye level when we sit on the bed.

Naturally, the lampshade should always cover the bulb so that it does not hit us directly in the eyes, when we are reading or in our favorite position.

There are other, many other ways of lighting a bedroom, but as I said, this topic deserves a separate mention and a very extensive article. Here I have tried to add the most common forms of lighting that are usually seen in different bedrooms, such as the central overhead ceiling lamp and the lamps on the bedside tables.

10) Carpets.

Rugs in a perfect bedroom

Design and photography Styled by Sabine |

There are generally two ways to add a rug to your bedroom. One is in front of the bed.

For this location, we need a mat that protrudes from the bed, at least 30 centimeters on each side and that the bed touches the mat another 30 centimeters. This will keep the rug in proportion to the bed and look good.

If it is more than 30 centimeters nothing happens, as long as it is not much more. Let’s say, at most, about 50 or 60 centimeters at the most.

The other location where a rug is usually put is on the side of the bed, for when we get up step on it instead of the cold floor. In this case there are no rules. Basically the carpet should be in proportion to the bed.

Let’s see more tips with textiles to have a perfect bedroom.

11) Curtains.

Curtains in a perfect bedroom

Design and photography Avenue LifeStyle

This section is also a world apart, due to the wide range of fabrics and curtains available, depending on the window, but there are some rules that we can apply in most cases.

To begin with, the size of the curtains:

Its length must be such that the curtain hangs from as high as possible from the window, exceeding it, almost to the ceiling, and reaching down to the ground.

There are also curtains with a longer or shorter fall depending on the effect you want to achieve, but if you want to play it safe, a curtain hung as high as possible so that it visually makes the bedroom higher and reaches the ground. , is a measure that works well in most standard bedrooms.

Regarding its width, it should also exceed the width of the window at least 20 or 30 centimeters, so that when you open the curtains, they can be gathered outside the window, and not inside, taking away natural light. Also, aesthetically speaking, they look much better that way.

12) Foot of the bed.

A perfect bedroom with footboard

Interior Decor Aid

It is not a very used piece of furniture, although lately it is gaining popularity again, especially in long bedrooms.

If you have enough space to place a footboard in the bedroom, it should be narrower than the bed. Never the same and less even wider than the bed, since the passage and flow of the bedroom would be interrupted. And regarding its height, it should also be lower, although it is a little less than the bed.

These measures guarantee that the bench or footboard is in proportion to the bed and the rest of the elements and is more comfortable and practicable.

If you need inspiration for the footboard, here you can see 40 ideas and furniture to decorate the footboard.

13) Pictures and / or mirrors.

Pictures in a perfect bedroom

Interior Decor Aid

A nice way to decorate the wall at the head of the bed is by adding a painting or a mirror. Or several pictures or mirrors.

If it is your decision, the picture or mirror should not exceed the width of the bed. But not to be far behind either, since the resulting proportion would be visually unattractive. It would create an “awkward” scene.

The perfect measurement is that the size of the painting, pictures or mirror occupies three quarters of the bed. More or less like the foot of the bed.

Here you can see more ideas for decorating the headboard wall for inspiration.

Mirrors in a perfect bedroom

Photo Stylizimoblog

Regarding the mirrors, they can be put in many places. On top of the dresser, standing in a corner, on top of the bed presiding over the headboard, but always try not to see the body in the bed, as it will create a somewhat vulgar feeling, unless you want a mirror where reflect your bodies when you are in bed. Then there is no more to talk.

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