12 tips for using colors in decoration

12 tips for using colors in decoration

Colors are extremely important elements in the decoration. That’s why I keep talking about colors here. There are even series! Now I have selected 12 tips for using colors in decoration in order to bring, in addition to the visual aspect, solutions to issues of visual comfort, architectural problems (such as too low or too high ceilings, dark, narrow environments, etc.) and other issues that may serve right to improve some aspect of your decor. Come on?

12 tips for using colors in decoration

12 dicas para usar as cores na decoração

The lighter, the more a color reflects light. So, if you choose a light color for the wall in front of the window or door, the light that comes from outside will hit that wall and reflect on the rest of the room. This is an easy way to bring more natural light into the home. It is the same principle that makes us suggest placing a mirror on this wall – if the sun does not hit the mirror directly, of course!
como fazer um teto baixo parecer mais alto

The idea is simple: As you don’t see where the wall ends and the ceiling starts, you end up not having an exact idea of its size. So, deceive right, right?
how to hide furniture that is too big

This is a good way to reduce the “protagonism” of a piece of furniture. For example: When the sofa is too big, but you want to continue with it because it doesn’t get in the way and is comfortable. Of course, it’s only valid if you like the color of the furniture in question!

to lessen the effect of a dark wall

It’s that case where you want a dark wall but, at the same time, you don’t want it to darken the environment too much or you want it to look more cheerful. In fact, what you will be doing by placing one or more frames in light colors is decreasing the amount of dark color in the environment. It always works!prefer dark colors on the panel or wall of the tv

If you’ve ever been to the cinema you know: Around the screens it’s always dark! And this is not for nothing! In addition to facilitating your concentration on the screen, the fact that it is dark around tires less your vision. So also avoid lighting with spots above the screen when watching the TV.colorful ceilings help with low or high ceilings

When the ceiling is very high you can feel a “cold” feeling in the environment. In this case, nothing better than a dark color on the ceiling. It will give the impression that he is shorter and moreover, bring warmth (this chocolate brown ceiling then….). In addition, you can also “start” the ceiling still on the wall. I mean, paint a strip, the same color as the ceiling, on the top of the wall. So you really flatten your right foot!

When the ceiling is low, painting it with a light color helps to make it look taller. In the first photo above, yellow, moreover, reflects light in a way that seems to illuminate. See that this color gives the impression of a high ceiling combined with a dark wall that even made a yellow stripe on the wall and even then, it looks quite high! In fact, it made the environment “lighten” and gave a feeling of depth that you don’t really know where the ceiling starts and think it has more height, you know? A beauty of choice of colors, see?

sometimes a colored band changes everything in the decoration

As soon as I looked at this photo (the original is the one on the left) I had a feeling that something was missing at the back of the room. It was just “painting” this mustard yellow stripe, continuing the one that already existed, that I felt at peace… kkkkkk! Don’t you think she was missing?

vibrant color in the bedroom, only on the headboard

Yes, colors influence our mood. There may be people who feel rested and relaxed looking at a bright yellow wall, but I’m sure there are very few! Yellow is sun, light, energy. Most people don’t live well with her in the bedroom. But at the headboard the effect is minimized because you don’t sleep looking at it! In fact, lying in bed you don’t even see her! That’s why it can be used on the headboard. But use a coating that doesn’t reflect yellow throughout the room, okay?

curtains and colors

So, the curtains that have different colors from the walls are of course that “appear” more. And the greater the contrast between the 2 colors, the more they will “weigh”. They will be almost like a big piece of furniture occupying your visual space. But if they are high (up to the ceiling), the vertical lines of your drape will make you think that the ceiling is higher.

The curtains that are the same color as the wall look like a continuation of it. So they are like “invisible”, weighing very little in the environment, even less if they are not bulky.use few colors to decorate easier

You can look, practically every room in this post has, in fact, a few different colors. The one above has blue and green – apart from the objects in gold and the white that is neutral. Even the gray on the wall is a little bluish. This generally small number of colors is the environment’s color palette and it is important – and easier – to have a small number of different colors in good decoration. Color is visual information that “fills the space”. So it must be used with control.corridors and colors

This you should already know, but it is always good to remember: Cold colors, mainly light, give the impression of greater. Warm colors, even more so when saturated (vivid) give the impression of less. Stripes, even more so when colored, give the impression that the environment is bigger in the sense that they are – See this post where I speak specifically of corridors and colors. Don’t forget this when decorating your home.

use colors to transform environments

It is always important to think about originality and imagine the transformative ability that colors can do in an environment. Suddenly, nothing but a small yellow painting around the armchair and you see a cozy corner. Or a bright area when surrounded by yellow on all sides of a room that, in any case, is all blue and gray. Perhaps impactful ideas like these are not for everyone, but there are others, less shocking and also transformative:

impacting corner

The dark colored panel connects the furniture and creates a warm and melancholy setting perhaps. There is something theatrical about this composition. And the colors, all sober, but still, very important for this purpose.

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