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Planned Rack

Planned Rack

Room 25 September 2020 0

It is always good to think about the option of a planned rack in your house! Among many advantages, they can be super compact and adapt well to any environment, in addition to making the look of your room even more beautiful and modern! In this post we separated... Read more
50 unique modern bedrooms to steal lots of ideas
50 unique, exclusive and modern bedrooms, with a careful decoration full of beautiful and precise details to take good note and decorate our own bedroom in a masterful way. It does not matter what style we have, because among these bedrooms is ours. They are all different, but at... Read more
10 modern Schmidt kitchens that bring together the main trends for kitchens
As in all areas, in the kitchen, trends emerge, styles and materials are renewed and fashions are updated, resulting from time to time certain very defined trends that dominate the current market. So, I have selected 10 modern Schmidt kitchens that incorporate the latest trends, whether in their finishes,... Read more
13 tips for making flowerbeds in your garden
Whether large or small, a garden needs flowerbeds to organize plants and accesses, the paths where we will walk and enjoy the plants. I will give you 13 tips for making beds that enhance your plants and beautify your garden, valuing your property. 13 tips for making flowerbeds in... Read more
Unifying Home Interiors With Horizontal Colour Blocking
Horizontal colour blocking unifies a space, wrapping the walls together like a ribbon around a gift. These five modern home interior concepts illustrate how half painted walls give a cosy colourful aesthetic to any lounge and dining room. We’ll also be taking some full house tours to see how... Read more
17 ideas for covering the fireplace with tiles. Renew your look and debut a new one
In addition to being a practical and functional element of the home, the fireplace is also a decorative object that is generally used as a focal point, directing the eye towards that particular position in the entire room. Of course, over time, the fireplace may continue to be the... Read more
The contact role in decoration
Use contact paper in decoration or finishes it is a great alternative. It is a simple, practical article, with an incredible cost-benefit and that can let your creativity flow. Let’s get to know this item better and show how you can make the most of it, using colors and... Read more
21 ideas for decorating with plants and creativity
Everyone knows that plants invaded the interior of the houses, but how about adding your own touch? And even a little humor and reuse, what helps the planet? I’ll give you 21 ideas to decorate with plants and creativity, but use your imagination and originality and create something of... Read more
Living Room Color Combinations
The colors we choose for our home help provide the right climate for a warm and well-being atmosphere. Through a good selection, combining with furniture or floors, it is possible to create the desired effect for your environment. Cold or warm colors, or even mixing everything, they are an... Read more
American Kitchen Counter

American Kitchen Counter

Kitchen 22 September 2020 0

The American kitchen is the style that integrates the kitchen with the home. By adapting it with different designs you can build your perfect kitchen. In this post we separated incredible inspirations from counters that can perfectly match your American kitchen. 1. Kitchen island counter, modern and beautiful 2.... Read more
Long Room – How to Decorate?
Long rooms are a challenge in terms of decoration, but with our tips you will see how easy it is to make the environment more welcoming and visually balanced. Decorate your long room using tricks to create two environments in one and make the space look more compact with... Read more
20 photos and ideas to integrate a small kitchen open to the living room
Open kitchens integrated into the living room are the order of the day. In fact, this 2017 will be a trend in interior design. The kitchen is no longer a workplace isolated from the rest of the house; the new trends are directed towards open kitchens integrated into the... Read more