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Tips for a more accessible and safe quarantined home Tips for a more accessible and safe quarantined home
At this time when many are at home, care is super important to increase the security and accessibility of your home. A little slip... Tips for a more accessible and safe quarantined home

At this time when many are at home, care is super important to increase the security and accessibility of your home. A little slip and you can stop at a hospital in the middle of a pandemic. Therefore, observing all environments and changing what is possible is a great measure.

Thinking about it, I made a compilation of suggestions that can be made now to have a more accessible and safe house in quarantine.

Tips for a more accessible and safe quarantined home

General circulation – Do not leave objects, toys, carpets, wires or extensions loose around the house. Especially in circulation areas.

uma casa mais acessível e segura na quarentena

Photo: Casa Abril

At night, keep circulation, especially from the rooms to the bathroom, well lit or easy to light from the room.

corredor com iluminação embutida no piso


Photo: Project architects Renato Andrade and Erika Mello

Floors in general – Do not leave rugs loose (use tape for example) and do not use high rugs (to avoid tripping). In fact, there are medical instructions to avoid using carpets in the home, as they can help in the proliferation of diseases. Avoid wetting slippery floors. If you do, dry it quickly to avoid tipping over. If you have gaps between the environments, find a way to draw attention to them. Loose floors and floors must be repaired.

sala de estar com sofá azul

Photo: diariodointeriorsp

Lighting and electrical in general – Check that all lamps and sockets are working well. Make sure that all areas receive good lighting right at the entrance to the rooms. If you have children, place protectors in the outlets that they can access. Avoid plugging too many devices into one outlet.

Sala de estar e jantar em marrom e bege


Photo: Your house – Project: Claudia Albertini

Furniture in general – If you have children, consider whether any furniture is in a position where the child can climb and knock it over or have access to a window and change places if they find it.

quarto de criança em rosa

Photo: HomeAdore – Project: Ivan Kachalov

Kitchen stairs – If you have to use them, observe their condition and be very careful when handling them.

area de serviço com produtos de limpeza e escada


Photo: Decorfacil

Access to medicines, poisons and cleaning products – Store these products in places that children do not have access to and that cannot be confused with other products.

In the rooms:

Lighting – Have a switch to turn on any light while lying down. It can be a lamp that illuminates the room well. Another idea to avoid accidents is the switches that are illuminated so that you know where they are even in the dark. The lights must not obscure the eyes when switched on (use indirect light or with milky protection).

quarto com iluminação leitosa nas laterais cinza e madeira


Photo: casastreschic

Beds – Should allow the person to touch the floor with their feet when sitting on it.

Bedside tables – With rounded edges and at the same height or up to 10 cm above the bed.

Have a support furniture or armchair – To make it easier to put on socks and shoes, with a height of the seat that allows the person to touch the feet when sitting.

quarto branco e azul com móvel de apoio para sentar


Photo: apartementt34

Shelves – Avoid tall shelves that require a stool to access. Glass shelves should also be avoided, especially if they are difficult to access.

Especially if someone is sick or has trouble getting up, keep a phone or cell phone or an alarm bell near the bed.

In the bathrooms:

Lighting – Must be activated right at the entrance to the bathroom. Do not allow the use of electrical equipment inside the box.

Locks – Ideally, you should have locks with an emergency key to open if someone gets stuck in the bathroom.

banheiro estilo industrial madeira, verde e branco

Photo: desprinter Project: Raca Design

Do not leave children alone in the bathroom, especially if you have a bathtub.

Security bars – In my opinion, there should be boxes in all bathrooms. You cannot imagine how many people have serious accidents in the box. If you can install them now, it’s a good idea.

banheiro com barra de segurança e toalheiro na porta do box


Photo: thestylefiles

Box seats also greatly reduce accidents. If you cannot install one, leave a plastic chair, for example, in the box.

Bathtubs are especially dangerous, especially those with curved corners. Care must be taken when using them and if they have a shower, place a carpet with suction cups on the floor.

banheiro em marrom e bege com banco no box


Photo: construindominhacasaclean

Carpets in the box – To increase safety you can use rubber mats with suction cups, of excellent quality, that really stick to the floor.

Shelves – Avoid glass ones and any surface or object, such as brush containers, etc., that are sharp, especially inside the box.

The bathroom is the place where most accidents happen. To have a more accessible and secure home in quarantine it is important to be very careful with it!

In the kitchen:

Access – Heavy objects must be in more accessible places. Knives and other sharp objects must be kept out of the reach of children and handled with extra care.

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cozinha pequena bege e branca com vidro gold


Photo: creative projects

Attention to high temperatures – Get everyone used to wearing thermal gloves and being careful and careful to avoid burns.

Stove and gas – Increase attention to usage and facilities. Keep the record closed when you’re not using it. The safest thing to do is to have the gas in a cylinder outside the home or, at least, in the kitchen. If it is inside a piece of furniture, this piece of furniture must have openings. Never place cylinder gas in closed furniture. Pan handles always facing inward. Repair loose cables or stop using the pan.

Microwave – It must be in an easily accessible place, which does not require removing containers from a very high place.

In the Living / Dining Room:

Watch out for carpets. Avoid tall, slippery rugs. Maintain good lighting. Make sure that chairs, armchairs and furniture in general are well balanced on the floor.


Do not leave toys, loose rugs, objects, near the access or on the stairs. Be sure at night mostly.

escada branca e madeira


Photo: limaonagua

Use non-slip tapes on the steps – Required when the stair lining is slippery.

Maintain good lighting on the steps – that allows you to see the unevenness of the stairs well and does not obscure people’s eyes.

Balconies and gardens:

jardim minimalista iluminado com led

Maintain good lighting, highlighting unevenness and do not leave objects in the way. Swimming pools should always be protected to prevent children from falling.

Did you like the Tips for a more accessible and safe house in quarantine? To learn more about accessibility in general, see the accessibility guide and this interview with an accessibility specialist. Read this post specifically about apartment wheelchairs.

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