The new hall after pandemic

entrada da casa - hall

If there is something that has already changed and I believe it will be really different in the houses, it is their entrance.

What will the new Hall look like?

O novo hall - antes
Photo: CasaAbril – O ANTES

The New Hall after the pandemic is already among us and, due to the clear need to create more stringent hygiene rules for our health and safety, it will remain.

o novo hall - depois

1 – Alcohol gel, paper, object holder

2 – hooks

3 – Support to sanitize purchases

4 – Trash bin and used shoes and / or clothes

Of course, at this point I don’t have (or anyone) a clear idea of what it will really look like – many products will appear in a little while, but the entrance to the house will increasingly be seen as the main barrier against the proliferation of diseases.

hall antes da pandemia
Photo: Casa e Jardim – O ANTES

In some societies this has long been a healthy habit. I understand that it will become universal and commonplace. And that’s good. After all, who doesn’t want a cleaner, sanitized and safer home?

o novo hall agora
Photo: Muito chic – Creating support points for hygiene. using minimal spaces

Micro-apartment developments will face a major challenge. Will they be required to have external hygiene areas? It is very likely because how to add more to this area that needs some space so as not to drive people crazy?

maior espaço para a higiene na entrada da casa
Photo: keltainentalorannalla – In cold countries it is common for the hall to have space to store coats and boots. Now, these areas will also have to changeWill the apartments have to have a real hall, connected to a bathroom or, at least, a counter with sink and tap?

hall de entrada com pegboard
Photo: keltainentalorannalla

Using the walls and creativity in the new hall will be essential!

And how to adapt the current apartments, which most of the time don’t even have a hall, like the apartments in countries with severe winter? Will we have to take advantage and modify the ideas we see in magazines and travel?

Entrada de apartamento com barzinho
Photo: theinspiredroom

The cart used today as a bar or for plants may have a new use and be closer to the new hall.

hall de entrada atrás da porta
Photo: TheNew

The space behind the entrance door (if any) can be quite useful

All of this is due in a little while, but I’m sure we will see interesting changes, perhaps mandatory standards, anyway….

entrada da casa - hall
Photo: delikatessen

n the meantime, see the post “How to keep the house organized and safe in Quarantine” and think about the adaptations and ideas that are in that post. Can you adapt them for that moment, your needs and your home?

ripado de madeira no hall

Adding shelves and containers, the wooden slat can become a good area for cleaning in the hall

We have to protect ourselves and wait, with patience and faith, for the future that will certainly bring the solutions we need to return to the times of peace, tranquility and comfort that we so need.

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