Stepping Softly Into Green Home Interiors Under 90sqm (With Floor Plans)

Stepping Softly Into Green Home Interiors Under 90sqm (With Floor Plans)

Softly, softly does it with these peaceful green accent interiors. The colour inclusions are pale and sparing layers upon peaceful and understated grey, white, and woodtone spaces. The green theme brings a hint of energy to the first floor living rooms of these two double story homes, and freshens second floor bedrooms and bathrooms. Each of the light modern interiors measure just short of 90 square metres, and we deliver the cleverly compact floor plans at the end of each tour.

Designer: N Team Studio

A light sage modern sofa spans the full width of the living room in this 74.4 square metre apartment located in Kyiv. Its green line is emboldened by a long planter of large leafed plants behind it.

The modern staircase design starts just inches from the edge of the couch. In order to overcome the feeling of being crowded in, the staircase sports a transparent mesh siding. Stair lights brighten the stairwell further, and act almost as wall lights to the lounge. Precious space under the stairs is well utilised for storage.

A good sized media cabinet provides more space to stow away bits and pieces. The large white unit runs the full length of the TV wall, but a plinth light helps the piece feel a little more lightweight. Wood panels texturise the TV mount wall, with the same timber making up the top of the media unit.

Raw timber and pale walls give the small living room an airy and calming atmosphere.

The boxed indoor plants form a natural screen between the lounge and a breakfast bar, so that the sofa doesn’t feel uncomfortably overlooked by anyone who is eating there.

Stone grey bar stools scoop under the bar, peering through the green outlook.

A more formal dining area fits comfortably into a window nook.

A round dining table pushes up against custom banquette seating to form a compact breakfast nook.

One tiny dining pendant light adds just the right flash of finesse over the round dining table, which is topped with fruit bowls, candlesticks and a glass vase full of delicate wheat stalks.

Cabinets fit into the recess of the breakfast nook, extending kitchen storage.

The rest of the L-shaped kitchen is sliced through with a charcoal grey backsplash.

Warm white LEDs skim under the upper cabinets.

Upon climbing the wooden staircase, we come to flush white interior doors with slimline black surrounds.

One of the doors gives entry to a home office with a snug lounge.

A square coffee table with an indoor plant creates a homey entryway into the office, whilst an inviting window seat softens the far wall.

The home workspace hides away behind a deep support wall.

Green accents make a fresh minty addition to the attic bedroom. A green throw colours a made-to-measure floor bed design, which is situated right beneath the skylight for stargazing.

A bespoke dresser design rests lightly on the foot of the floor bed.

The walk in wardrobe is furnished with an emerald green pouf.

Green accents disappear inside a sharp grey and black bathroom design. Soft light emerges from around a modern bathroom vanity cabinet, and from a perimeter recess along the shower enclosure.

The subtle perimeter lighting effect is repeated in the small powder room.

First floor plan.

Second floor plan.

Designer: Zrobym Architects

Located in the Logoisk district of Minsk, Belarus, this 90 square metre home employs a brighter tone of green to shake up grey and timber base decor. A bright mint and umber rug perfectly compliments the colourful round coffee table, which is the stylish 33 by Gruppo Tomasella.

An amber glass vase warms up a pure white sideboard, where white bookshelves climb a pale oak panelled wall. A black floor reading lamp and comfortable reading chair give the reading nook a stark contrasting aesthetic.

Sheer grey drapes hang lightly at floor to ceiling windows.

An open plan kitchen diner lines up in the space behind the sofa. Ribbed black siding makes a feature of the central kitchen island, and matches it to the fireplace wall in the lounge.

Modern dining room pendant lights make an impressive feature over the little dining spot, which projects straight off the kitchen island.

A simple glass carafe stands on the rectangular tabletop. Black dining chairs match its black powder coated frame.

Black framework characterises glass interior walls too, giving them strength and presence.

Inside the bedroom, a misty grey, white, and pale green palette paints a relaxing space. Small modern wall sconces meld with an exaggerated white headboard.

Wood effect panelling makes an attractive mount for a bedroom TV.

The end of bed bench is built right into the bedframe for a minimalist streamlined finish.

Clean and linear, a modern vanity unit is lifted clear of the floor in the downstairs bathroom. A ribbon of LEDs highlight a convenient recess in the wall above the vanity countertop, where a whole host of toiletries or decorative items can be housed.

A small indoor plant adds a sprig of greenery.

In the kids’ room, the green accent takes leave of absence and is replaced by dusky pink and blue accessories.

The upstairs family bathroom takes us back to the colour theme with a unique green vanity.

Grey stone slabs and white marble tiles break up the small space.

First floor plan.

Second floor plan.

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