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Living Room Racks with 50 Models that are on the Rise Living Room Racks with 50 Models that are on the Rise
Find living room racks of all styles and get inspired! Here is the ideal space for you to check out incredible projects for bookcases... Living Room Racks with 50 Models that are on the Rise

Find living room racks of all styles and get inspired! Here is the ideal space for you to check out incredible projects for bookcases in the living room, whether for books, steel bookcases, for TV and home theater, made of wood, with niches and panels, plaster and many other different materials and designs!

The project by Verônica Dornelles was placed shelves next to a panel, all in wood, embedded in the wall giving space to the space and in addition taking advantage of the space with drawers that further facilitate the organization of the environment.

Project: Verônica Dornelles

If you prefer something more modern and different, this is an inspiration for a TV panel with shelves that not only makes the most of the space, but also gives the environment an industrial and minimalist look.

Via: Box 14 Arquitetura

Making the wall your bookcase is a great way to optimize the space you have in your living room!

Via: EH Pale

This project highlighted the wall with this panel and its contemporary and sophisticated aspect, transmitting innovation and modernity to the environment.

Project: SP Estúdio Arquitetura

The neutral tones and the white background, in addition to making the environment lighter, give an idea of amplitude in addition to the super clean air you have when observing this decoration.

Via: Ângulo Iluminação

There is no lack of shelving options, if you want to have ideas on how to decorate your living room with a bookcase to your face, here you will not miss the most diverse options.

Project: Gabriela Hoepers

You don’t need a huge space to have the shelves you always wanted, any corner you can adapt that shelf to compose the decoration of your way.

Project: SP Estúdio Arquitetura

Small bookcases are also incredibly efficient to give that touch that was missing in your room, in addition to organizing objects that previously could have been hidden and that make all the difference in the decoration composition of your environment.

Via: Criare Decor

A very minimalist decor with brown and wood tones to make your environment even more beautiful.

Project: KMelo Design de Interiores

The shelves with their sustainability in iron give an incredible industrial and minimalist aspect to the environment besides being sophisticated and clean.

Via: Criare Decor


And for those who like lighting, lights are never too healthy, right? These illuminated shelves leave the environment extremely refined and unique.

Project: Silvana Lara Nogueira

This bookcase besides being contemporary and unique, gave an aspect of refinement and sophistication to the environment with little, known as minimalism.

Project: Dona Mariana

A small bookcase, well chosen, well decorated, can be all the difference of its environment and its decoration. The idea of this illuminated bookshelf to compose the environment is sensational, leaving it simple and sophisticated.

Project: Gam Arquitetos

A large room with plenty of space, with a panel covering the entire wall and thus with its illuminated shelves, giving the environment an aspect of sophistication and spaciousness.

Project: Carol Stival

Lighting just a few spaces on your shelf can be a great option to highlight what you want to highlight. This decoration was super different and beautiful with this proposal.

Project: Georgia Brandi

Each decoration with its creative and unique style, making your space a special corner and only yours.

Project: Roberta Melo Arquiteta

This panel of bookshelves at the back of the room made all the difference, giving a luxurious aspect to the entire breadth of the room and making it modern despite its rustic and classic touches.

Project: Marina Pellicano Arquiteta

White and light cannot be wrong, any detail will make all the difference and your environment will be even more beautiful.

Project: Lidiane Nogueira

A simple project, with reasonably common decorations but that is still beautiful for that reason, highlighting the lights in the background that made all the difference and drew attention to the entire composition of the space.

Via: 2Palitos

The usefulness of the lighted shelves is also practical when looking in a darker environment. If you liked the idea, go there and put lights on your bookshelf too.

Project: Renata Pimenta Design


If you like contemporary farmhouse style, wood and straw are something you can’t miss in your home decor, and this bookcase gave a unique and beautiful charm to this room.

Project: Natália Meyer e Danielle Cortez

Knowing how to combine the colors and tones of the decoration of the room, with the decoration of the bookcase and even with the bookcase itself makes all the difference for harmonizing the environment.

Project: Silvana Lara Nogueira

Minimalism is the simplicity of being able to transmit the whole message with almost nothing. This spectacular decoration with almost nothing on its shelves but conveying sophistication and practicality in itself.

Project: Execute Arquitetura

The wooden panel with the contrast of the white shelves drew super attention to the wall, if you want to highlight a wall in your environment you already have a great option.

Project: Thais Helena Arquitetura

The wood does not necessarily need to be colored in wood, it can be painted and even then it will make the decoration special.

Project: Thaís Helena Arquitetura

The wood works with any style of environment, is able to adapt to any decor bringing an air of comfort and convenience to the environment, passing the idea of a contemporary and simply incredible rustic.

Project: ACF Arquitetura

A differentiated and modern wooden bookcase showing that wood is an option for any environment.

Project: Cybele Barbosa

The charm of the wooden sideboard together with the white and decorated shelves became really special.

Project: Escala Arquitetura

Simple and practical, wooden shelves on an iron support, giving a rustic and modern touch to the environment.

Project: Bruno Brazão

With Niches

The niches are an excellent choice for those who want to organize and decorate the space. In the metallic color, sophistication and light abound, as in the example in the image above.

Project: AS Design Arquitetura

Niches can be in large or small environments that will give that effect of spaciousness and lots of space, in addition to being able to organize your things with a very different decoration..

Project: AS Design Arquitetura

An example of a small room with a panel of niches in the background, saving and optimizing space and making the decoration even more modern.

Project: AS Design Arquitetura

More asymmetrical and modern styles can be built with niches as well. This super modern, clean, sophisticated and minimalist model certainly made this decoration completely unique, with very little.

Project: SP Estúdio Arquitetura

A bookcase with several niches forming a panel to organize your things and still give your room a color, what do you think?

Project: SP Estúdio Arquitetura

Few niche-shaped shelves, fulfilling their practical and useful function for the home environment, taking care so that the space is well used.

Project: SP Estúdio Arquitetura

Background panel, contrasting colors with the general composition of the environment and the shelves themselves, leaving the environment with more color and life.

Project: Thaís Helena Arquitetura

Niche and still lit? That’s more beautiful than that, isn’t it? If you like style and refinement, you’ve found the perfect inspiration.

Project: Luíza Cavalcanti

Simple and complete, plus a niche bookshelf super practical and decorated to leave your space to your face.

Project: Alex Athayde

And the niches can be of the most diverse shapes, sizes and styles, just choose yours, get inspired and make your bookshelf your way.

Via: Decorace SP


A super economical way to make your shelves, can be the pallets.

Via: Cor e Arte

The pallets, although simple, are beautiful and give a special charm to the environment. If you like the proposal of leaving your home in a contemporary farmhouse style then you will have no mistake in using them.

Via: Marcenaria do Benel

Regardless of how you choose to organize your pallets, you can find several modern and beautiful ways to decorate your environment with this type of shelving.

Via: A Palleteria

Wood always makes any environment more warm and cozy.

Via: Mercenaria do Benel

Rustic, modern, sophisticated, or simple, however you want, inspiration is not lacking for you to choose yours and make your room even more beautiful and complete!

Via:  Rom Móveis Rústicos

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