Decoration of living rooms with a yellow sofa Decoration of living rooms with a yellow sofa
So you are thinking of buying a yellow sofa for your living room and you have entered here to see ideas, advice and perhaps... Decoration of living rooms with a yellow sofa

So you are thinking of buying a yellow sofa for your living room and you have entered here to see ideas, advice and perhaps the pros and cons, right?

Well first let me tell you that I don’t have a yellow sofa in my house, nor have I ever had one, so I really don’t know what it’s like to live with a sofa of this color, and I can’t tell you if it has any “buts” or handicap.

What I can assure you that as soon as I can I will buy one, because if I tell you that I love it, I am falling short.

So if you think that in this article I am going to say something negative about yellow sofas that may help you decide to make the purchase, sorry, that is not going to happen.

You have found the number 1 fan of the yellow sofas. Someone who when he looks at them sees only good attributes and characteristics in them. Like when I look at my mother or my girlfriend or my cat.

So a dose of adulation to the yellow color applied to upholstered precious sofas that decorate living rooms is what we are going to see next. Are you still interested? Stay with me then.

Un salón moderno y con estilazo, con un sofá amarillo

Photography Bright Bazaar

You might think that adding a yellow sofa in a living room leaves you without options to add more colors or textures so as not to clutter up the space, but no; it’s not like that.

In fact, if the sofa is smooth, the more patterns, textures and colors there are in the space, the better it will be. More will stand out. A marvel.

Un elegante salón con un sofá amarillo

Old Brand New Photography

Naturally, with the golden tones it goes wonderfully. I say this in case in your decoration there are gold, copper, brass, etc., in the furniture or accessories that decorate your living room.

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In addition to these tones, if you look at the room above these lines, you can see how the earthy tones of the cushions also work great.

That’s because yellow and earth tones belong to the hot part of the color wheel and when put together they create a warm and inviting palette.

Un salón con plantas y madera con un sofá amarillo

Photograph of Janae Hardy for A Beautiful Mess

Another of the virtues of wearing a yellow sofa in the living room, is that if you want you can do without any other color, since the sofa itself will be enough in terms of the dose of color to apply in a space.

If you look at the image above you will see that there are not many more colors, but neutral tones, such as wood and vegetable fibers, and it is a room full of life and color.

Of course, plants help make this happen too. And that is another virtue that I would also like to highlight: Plants go great with a yellow sofa. Do you see how it is perfect?

Un salón lleno de acentos de color con un sofá amarillo

Old Brand New Photography

Who says plants says plant prints or tropical prints. Something to keep in mind for all the other textiles that are displayed in a room, such as curtains, cushions, rugs or blankets.

But let’s continue that there are still more positive qualities that I want to show you.

Un salón actual con un sofá amarillo

Photography Enter My Attic

If a standard yellow seems too aggressive for you, luckily there are many other shades of yellow that are more serene and softer, such as the beloved mustard color.

A mustard-colored sofa is more elegant and sober, more … Adult, less youthful; put it in some way.

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Un salón azul con un sofá amarillo

Photography @yellowcouchstories

But be careful, don’t think that because it’s mustard you can’t create scenes with a great deal of drama.

It is only somewhat more serene, but it still has the strength and power of yellow, to combine it with a cold tone like blue, and create a scene worthy of the mythical Veranda or contemporary AD.

Un salón con un sofá amarillo lleno de color

Photography Old Brand New

Another of the qualities that I have to tell you is that yellow goes great with eclecticism; a term or style widely used in interiors lately, where each piece is the protagonist of the space.

Un salón a todo color con un sofá amarillo

Photography @chicarthome

Naturally, if what you want is a room full of color, so fashionable today, you are going to choose the right decision.

What better color than yellow to give a space a striking dose of color?

None. I assure.

Un salón con un sofá amarillo

Photography Papernstitch

But don’t worry, if so far we have only seen rooms with a great explosion of color, and what you are looking for is something more serene, no problem.

Above these lines you have a good example.

The living room has a yellow sofa, yes, but the rest of the accessories in serene colors and neutral tones, create a calm and sophisticated scene, absent of fanfare.

So yes, in your beautiful monochrome and serene Nordic living room, the yellow sofa will look great.

And now, if you are still interested, I have prepared a collection of yellow sofas of some that I have on my checklist. The problem with these sofas is that it is difficult to choose just one. What if you put two yellow sofas?

Well let’s see them and then you decide.

Sofá amarillo de 3 plazas

One of my favorites. The yellow Raoul sofa. Modern, light and comfortable to relax after eating so comfortably in its 3 seats. It is upholstered in cotton and linen, and is priced at € 799. You can buy it at Maisons du Monde here.

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If you are looking for something larger, luckily this same sofa is in a chaise lounge or corner version.

Sofá amarillo de 5 plazas chaise lounge esquinero de Maisons du Monde

5 seats upholstered in linen and cotton with a superb yellow sofa. Its price is naturally higher, it costs € 1,290. Also in Maisóns, here.

If you are looking for elegance and a sophisticated touch, this beautiful upholstered sofa in velvet upholstery, hits the mark. It has 3 seats, legs finished in chrome and a price of € 999. You can see it here, in Maisons du Monde too.

If what you are looking for is a sofa for a living room, or something more demure, these two are going to enchant you.

Sofá amarillo de dos plazas de Maisóns du Monde

Nordic style with vintage reminiscences. Has it all. 2/3 seater and extremely attractive. Its price is € 379 and you can also see it in Maisóns du Monde, here.

Sofá cama amarillo de 3 plazas de Maisons du Monde

I love this one because it has a more traditional style, but it looks tremendously comfortable. In addition, it makes a bed. Perfect. Its price is € 799, for 3 seats and I have also found it in Maisóns du Monde, here.

If you have not found them interesting, they have many more models that you can see here. I have chosen the ones that have put eyes on me.

Well, now that you’ve gotten this far, what do you think of the yellow sofas? Has your perception of them changed something? I would love to hear from you in a comment.

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And pink, have you thought about adding a pink sofa?