Decorating in black: painting interior doors black

Decorando en negro: Pintar las puertas de interior de negro

Lately in Newdecoratingtrends we are seeing several ideas to decorate with black, such as bathrooms, some other elements, kitchens, even bedrooms as well, and, if you like black but it seems too radical to decorate an entire room in that color, you may need to start for a relatively small element that all homes have it: the doors.

Pinta tus puertas de negro y rejuvenece tu hogar

Photography Love Create Celebrate Instagram @love_create_celebrate

Although their decorative potential is sometimes overlooked and we see them only as construction accessories that unite and separate other rooms, they have enormous transforming power; more than enough to change the look of a room.

Let’s see these photos and ideas to paint the doors black, and then I’ll tell you the paint you need and the material so that you can paint your doors black, and tell me what you think, and what can be achieved only with a little bit of painting.

Pinta tus puertas interiores de negro y rejuvenece tu casa

Photography The DIY Playbook Instagram @diyplaybook

A black painted door can create an elegant and sophisticated focal point, adding a modern touch to the entire space, especially when it is decorated in light tones.

Pinta tus puertas de negro y rejuvenece tu hogar

Photography The Creativity Exchange Instagram @thecreativityexchange

It goes without saying that black is one of the most appropriate colors for minimalist spaces. This, together with some doors of the same invoice, makes it the ideal candidate.

Pinta tus puertas de negro y rejuvenece tu hogar

Photography Little House of Four Instagram @littlehouseoffour

A door painted black, whatever its style, is always stylish. Taking advantage of this quality to our advantage to add it to any stay is within everyone’s reach. All you need is a little paint, and basic painting tools, such as a foam roller, a paintbrush, sandpaper, and masking paper.

Pinta tus puertas de negro y rejuvenece tu hogar

Photography Most Lovely Things Instagram @most_lovely_things

By painting a door in black, another opportunity opens up for us: to be able to add accents of black in the room knowing that they will combine.

It also works the other way around. If there are already any add-ons in black, a black door will fit the space better.

Pinta tus puertas de negro y rejuvenece tu hogar

Photography Soulstyle Instagram @soulstyle

Another detail of the black color is that it tends to rejuvenate surfaces, as we already saw in this article with ideas for painting furniture in black.

Thus, no matter what type of door we have, black will add a rejuvenating nuance that, in contrast to the style and type of door, can give a very attractive result, as we see above these lines.

Pinta tus puertas de negro y rejuvenece tu hogar

Photography Thrifty Decor Chick Instagram @thriftydecorchick

If there’s one color that loves drama, it’s definitely black, and for certain styles, like industrial and vintage, a touch of drama is always welcome.

Pinta tus puertas de negro y rejuvenece tu hogar

Photography Dear Lillie Studio Instagram @dearlillie

As with white, black goes very well with wood, creating an interesting combination, so if at any time you have thought that black is not going to combine well with the platform or with certain furniture that you may have, get it out of your head; generally they always work fine.

And, although I am not at all in favor of glossy finishes, in some situations and rooms it does seem appropriate, since the gloss adds an old classic patina, which makes it complement better.

But removing these cases, I am a total fan of matte black. If you hurry me, even in these cases, I would also use matte, creating an attractive contrast.

Paint and materials to paint the doors black

There are many types of paint, but the one I recommend is black chalk paint, because the finish is a beautiful and elegant silky black, as well as deep. In particular, I recommend this chalk paint that you can buy here.

The materials you need are:

  • Masking Tape (Best Wide)
  • Flat brush
  • Thread roller (not to leave hairs)

Nothing else, with these three materials and paint, you can leave your doors like the ones we just saw.

And what do you think of the doors in black? Do you dare to paint yours?

If you have any questions during the process, I will be happy to read and help you in the comments.

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