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Back to school. Lovely study spaces for children. Back to school. Lovely study spaces for children.
When a child is preparing to study or do homework, it is essential that their work space is as simple as possible, spacious, clean,... Back to school. Lovely study spaces for children.

When a child is preparing to study or do homework, it is essential that their work space is as simple as possible, spacious, clean, and without toys or stories that can serve as a distraction.


We know that creating the right study space is not always easy, especially because sometimes we do not have enough space for it, or because we simply do not know what are the essential factors that a child’s room needs so that the long hours of study be as encouraging as possible. For a good structuring of the room, several components must be taken into account, such as lighting, the color of the walls, the decoration, the orientation of the desk, etc. That is why today in Thousand Ideas, we are going to give you some tips and ideas so that the child’s room can also become a perfect room for study.

Children’s room with little space.


When it comes to coupling furniture to small rooms, we always think about how to optimize the space in the children’s room, which is why we always choose to unify them. That is, if a room requires a bed, furniture and desk, a solution is to acquire all three things in one and occupy as little space as possible.

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We refer to the type of furniture that you see in the image, which has a bed at the top, a cabinet with drawers at the bottom, and a desk with wheels that is removed from under it each time it is used, and it is hidden again when it is no longer needed. In this way, we will occupy the space vertically, and the children will have more play space in the rest of the room.

Regarding the colors of the room, always opt for light, soft and relaxing colors, neutral colors that cause an effect of spaciousness in the visual field.

Finally we have the lighting, it is not enough to have a single light on the ceiling of the room, we must also illuminate the study area well, and we can do it with a white light lamp adaptable to the desk, there are many types and You can find them in specialized lighting stores for a very affordable price, since in general, they are not too expensive.

More examples for adding a study area in a small room:

In order to create a good workspace in small rooms, it is also advisable to use folding furniture, because as you can see in the image, this study table takes up minimal space when not in use, in addition to also serving as a blackboard for children can draw on it.

pizarra_mesa_estudio_habitacion_pequeña_abierta pizarra_mesa_estudio_habitacion_pequeña

Photo: Mobikids.

The furniture that you see below is another of the fantastic ideas that we have found. It may look like a bookcase on the surface, but this cutie can also become a study desk when needed. Due to its functional design, and modern style, we could say that it is the perfect contribution for a children’s room with reduced space.



Photo: Car-moebel.

Large and bright children’s room.

When our children’s room is big and bright, we can do wonders with it. If we don’t have to optimize the space, we can create a dream room for them with a few tips. Here are some examples.

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Taking advantage of natural lighting.


To optimize the light in a children’s study room, a good idea is to install a corner desk under the window to take advantage of the natural lighting in the room.

Divide the study area from the bedroom.


Photo: Dormitoriosdecorar.

If the space of the children’s bedroom allows it, it is advisable to separate the rest and games area from the study. In this way, the child will focus more easily on her tasks.

Children’s rooms to share between two or more children.

When the children’s bedroom has to be shared, and we are lucky that the room is large enough, there is no problem. But if the room is a bit small, and on top of that we have to divide it into two, the matter becomes a little more complicated, but the key is to know how to optimize the space, so that each child can enjoy their study hours without even having to he, nor the brother feel uncomfortable. As for lighting, each child will have to have their own, so we once again remember the lamps we were talking about before, cheap and very functional. And the decoration of the walls, we advise them to be as less overloaded as possible, use soft colors or pastel tones, because if a child gives off too much energy, now with two children, the energy is doubled, so we need colors that invite calm and to relax. To give you an idea, here are some examples of distribution:

A long tabletop desk, for desktop sharing.


A two-story bedroom with separate study spaces.


Photo: Midulcemitad.

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Shelves that become workspaces.


Photo: Entrechiquitines.

Rooms separated by zones.


Photo: Juniorliving.

Themed children’s rooms.

Nothing more motivating than having a room according to the child’s tastes or hobbies, it is essential that your adolescent adore their room, so it is advisable that when they reach a certain age, they are the ones who choose their furniture or decoration style, to that when they have to study or do homework, they want to do it in their particular castle. We show you some examples:

Habitación infantil tematizada “ACDC”  para los amantes del buen rock.


Photo: Dormitoriosdecorar.

Themed children’s room for lovers of the underwater world.


Photo: Tegarmobel.

Themed children’s room for motor racing fans.


Photo: Tegarmobel.

Create study areas outside the child’s bedroom.

If the children’s bedroom is not pleasant for your child, either because it does not have enough space or because you cannot get her to focus on her studies, another option is to create a study area outside her comfort habitat. Any room that you have at home can be worth it if you adapt it only and exclusively for study. In this way, you will not have distractions with your toys, and you will know how to distinguish your study hours from your play hours.

The decoration must be as precise as possible, and the color of the walls, as we have already mentioned, must be in neutral and relaxing tones, so that the child can easily find peace when doing homework.

Lighting is important, whether or not that room has a window with natural light, it is essential that the desk has its own lighting. Here are some examples:


Photo: Milkmagazine.


Photo: Mokkasin.


Photo: Konfettiform.