50 Bathroom Flooring Options

50 Opções de Pisos para Banheiro com Materiais e Preços para se Inspirar

There are different types of bathroom floors, before choosing, it is necessary to look for options with good durability for wet areas, after all, they cannot swell or damage with contact with water. In addition, of course, to the aesthetic appeal, which must match the style of the residents. Check out some essential tips for your dream bathroom.


Padovani Architecture project with non-slip floor in the bathroom. The window overlooks a beautiful internal garden. A good bet is the External Ceramic Floor Stone Zarci Gray 45x45cm Eliane which costs R $ 32.90 per m² at LeroyMerlin.

Author: Padovani Arquitetos

The rough material provides greater dispersion of water and offers more security for residents. Good choice for the elderly and children. Choose the Glossy Edge Bold Snow Ceramic Floor 45x45cm from Formigres which costs R $ 11.99 per m² at C&C.

Author: Pixabay

For those looking for a non-slip floor for the bathroom, a good option is the tablet. Choose porous models to ensure they are non-slip. The square meter can cost from R $ 200.00.

Author: Celite

The burnt cement used on the floor kept the bathroom safe because it was porous and non-slip. Who doesn’t dream of a bathroom like this?

Author: Egue& Seta

Another model of cement floors for the bathroom. In this case, the material chosen was Gray Gray marbled porcelain tile, the same was also applied to the walls.

Author: Portoanália


The São Paulo office Grou planned this bathroom thinking about its use for an elderly person. The wood guarantees comfort to the feet while the box and toilet area are more durable.

Author: Grou

Wood is the protagonist in the bathroom and is present on the countertop and wooden floor. A black support sink like this costs around R $ 800.

Author: Padovani Arquitetos

Wood is present on the floor and walls of this bathroom. The suspended basin is highlighted in the environment. A similar model, from Roca, costs R $ 2400, at C&C.

Author: Stabrawa

The wooden floor was used outside the shower area in this bathroom, the look is amazing!

Author: Nexxar

The wood provided greater breadth for the kitchen with a contemporary style. A similar shower costs R $ 1,200.

Author: Padovani Arquitetos

The coating can still be used in the box, lower floor and walls, bringing more comfort to the bathroom.

Author: Claudia Pimenta e Patricia Franco

Wood is a key element in this bathroom and is present on the floor and in the joinery. In the sink area, the highlight is the metal, in black. Mixers like these cost an average of R $ 800.

Author: Studio Kos

Superschooled bathroom with wooden floor and bench. Highlight for the vat, which refers to a copper bucket.

Author: Studio Kos

The floor can enter giving highlights to some spaces in the bathroom, as is the case of the basin area sanitary.

Author: Carol Cantanhêde

Beautiful bathroom brought in the bathroom the woody porcelain tile on the floor and wall that also has a lighted niche for hygiene items.

Author: Eduardo Muzzi


The architect Bia Guedes in partnership with Daniela Lago proposed this composition with different coatings for the bathroom with hexagonal floor by Colormix next to the vinyl floor. A hexagonal hydraulic tile model like this costs R $ 15, at Leroy Merlin.

Author: Bia Guedes

Cozy bathroom with vinyl flooring. The material is water resistant and ensures a cozy look.

Author: AD

The architect Fernanda Salvagni bet on the vinyl floor for this bathroom where red is highlighted. The support sink is beautiful in the composition. A similar model, from Incepa, costs R $ 284, at C&C.

Author: Fernanda Salvagni

From Tango Arquitetura, the bathroom brings an interesting mix of elements, while the walls received burnt cement, the floor is covered with vinyl flooring, making the counterpoint between materials.

Author: Tango Arquitetura

In this project, the architect Adriana Bellão bet on the Click vinyl floor model, which has easy fitting for application. The model is the Oxford Clic vinyl floor, standard Teka, and R $ 126 per m² in Madeira Wood.

Author: Adriana Bellão

It looks like the vinyl floor in a clear pattern brought spaciousness and warmth to the SPA bathroom. It was beautiful!

Author: Imperium do Piso

The vinyl floor was applied from floor to wall in this super stylish project. The way out was perfect to bring sophistication to the bathroom.

Author: Imperium do Piso

With the other elements in lead gray, the wood in the vinyl floor was the key element to bring comfort to the environment. In addition to being non-slip, it is a floor that keeps the floor at a pleasant temperature for the feet.

Author: Gold Pisos


The 3D floor can be found in several formats, resulting in visual experiences that can cause different sensations. There are several models, and some can be made with geometric shapes. The Biancogres brand has in its product line the 60 × 60 Clark Gray straight edge satin enameled porcelain tile, sold on average for R $ 113 per m².

Author: Smart Artesanato

Another option for 3D floors is liquid porcelain, which can recreate abstract paintings, adding colors and illusions of textures. The application of the product costs on average from 220.00 to 250.00 m2.

Author: Porcelanato Líquido

The option of liquid porcelain tiles allows for a multitude of possibilities, such as models that imitate marble, porcelain stones, wooden floors, granite, metallized, abstract and geometric effects. The finish can still be done with matte paint, for those who do not like brightness.

Author: Mundo Arte com Resina 

To understand more about the material, it is a monolithic coating, that is, a single floor, without groutings and without seams. It can be placed on other floors such as ceramic, slate, wood, porcelain, stones in general, burnt cement, against the floor and others.

Author: Porcelanato Líquido

With a geometric print, the hydraulic tile in gray, orange and black, which brings the impression of a supermodern 3D effect to the environment. A similar model with 20 x 20 cm, fs Real Ladrilhos, costs R $ 9.09 per m², at Leroy Merlin.

Author: Iná Arquitetura

Hydraulic Tile

In addition to being beautiful, the hydraulic tile is porous, a feature that makes the material non-slip. It is worth investing!

Author: GF Projetos

Gray, black and white set the tone for this bathroom, to bring color to the environment, the option was to include a hanging plant. The wooden cabinets warm the atmosphere.

Author: Histórias de Casa

Success on the internet, the bathroom at Apartamento 33 won over fans for the geometric tile with a geometric print. The half wall of ceramic tile covering, reminiscent of London and New York meters.

Author: Apartamento 33

The hydraulic tile chosen for this environment is a model with arabesques. Decorating superbly with the choice of flooring, the architects invested in metals and accessories in black. At Ladrilho Online you can find similar models for R $ 12.90 a piece.

Author: Spazio Designs

Another example of how gray and black can be used in different ways, here the model is floral, but it was used in an industrial style environment. Each piece of the hydraulic tile costs around R $ 20.

Author: MHouse, inc

Blue and green are highlights in the pattern of the hydraulic tile used in this bathroom, good choice for those who want to bet on elements in neutral tones. A similar model that refers to Portuguese tiles costs R $ 185.62, at C&C.

Author: Rustico Tile&Stone

Lines and hexagonal shape mark the blue and white tile of this bathroom with walls and sanitary wares. The mirror positioned on the entire wall helps to enlarge the small environment. The hydraulic tile in hexagonal format is R $ 169.90, at Ceramicasa.

Author: Jones Associates Architects

Iná Arquitetura led the renovation of this bathroom, which received new coatings, such as white tiles and on the floor, colorful tiles that bring life to the environment.

Author: Iná Arquitetura

The hydraulic tile model chosen for this bathroom brings the 70’s print back! Note that the walls were only covered within the box area. At Ladrilho Online, the individual piece starts at R $ 10.90.

Author: Adriana Penteado

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