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17 modern and inspiring black bathrooms Betting on black? 17 modern and inspiring black bathrooms Betting on black?
It is not easy to see a black bathroom, people are often afraid or rejected of this color, and in part it is totally... 17 modern and inspiring black bathrooms Betting on black?

It is not easy to see a black bathroom, people are often afraid or rejected of this color, and in part it is totally normal.

Unless the bathroom is a large and very bright space, opting for black can be reckless.

But if it is designed properly and combined with other colors, you get a timeless bathroom, which does not go out of style, unique and with a lot of personality.

That said, do you have a black bathroom in mind? Write down these ideas and get inspired with these 17 modern black bathrooms that we are going to explore right now.

Design and photography The Home Project

The entire bathroom in black, with a horizontal ceramic plinth, creating an interesting pattern, and the surface above the walls painted in matt black.

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Un cuarto de baño negro moderno

Photography The Blooming Hydrangea

If it seems too excessive to cover all the bathroom walls in black, you can choose to create a white baseboard, or another color, with tiles or wood, like the black bathroom above these lines, creating a very elegant bathroom and a always successful contrast.

Un baño con azulejos negros

Photography by Style Curator

True, it is not a total black bathroom, but we can see another way to add black in the bathroom. Creating a very interesting accent wall, with different tiles that line the bathroom.

Un baño negro y en oro

Design and photography Living Savvy

In addition to combining it with white, you can also add gold accents in many of the bathroom accessories out there, as we see in the black bathroom above.

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Its main color is black, combined with a lot of white and dotted with gold accents, maintaining a very elegant style.

Un cuarto de baño negro

Design and photography Flect Instagram Flect.ru

Deep black on geometric hexagonal tiles, with the floor in white, as well as the toilets and wood accents to warm the space.

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Un baño negro con bañera exenta

Photograph of Antonia Dreaming from Wolf and Beard Kids

Another good quality of black is that it combines very well with wood, just like white. Well, not exactly the same, but it does fit her perfectly. In addition, by adding wood, it makes the bathroom warmer and more welcoming, and softens both black.

Un baño negro con espejo en oro

Photo by Laura Tyska @bangbang_laura by Hair By Ann Lane

As you can see, black and metals get along particularly well either in one style or another, as we see in this classic cut bathroom, with vintage details.

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Un cuarto de baño negro

Mamma Of Bears Photography

If you have decided to combine black with white, here is another idea to inspire you.

It’s a very small bathroom, as you can see, but it has a great source of natural light that makes the black look stylish.

Of course, all the toilets, bathtubs and other elements in white, also help.

Un baño negro

Photography and design @casadefrems

If you have plaster walls, without tiles or other coating, it takes a weekend to paint all the walls black, including the door to turn your bathroom into a black bathroom.

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If you later add elements such as the toilet seat, the washbasin cabinet and other details in black, you will complete the scene.

Photograph by Christopher Stark | Evars and Anderson Project

Another way to get an acceptable black bathroom is as we see above these lines.

It is not actually a black bathroom, but a white bathroom with many black details, such as the floor, furniture and the shower screen that make it one of the most elegant bathrooms we are seeing.

Un cuarto de baño negro y en madera

Factory HomeStaging studio project and photography

Instead of white you can also choose wood, to combine black. The more wood the warmer and less dark. You choose the proportion.

Un cuarto de baño negro

Another top material to use in a bathroom is marble, as in this other bathroom that has used a marquina marble, with beautiful irregular veins, characteristics of this type of marble.

Durable, elegant and timeless, it is perfect for bathrooms.

Baño negro moderno

Design Baptiste Legué

This other bathroom designed by Baptiste Legué studio, or rather, rendering, is another great source of inspiration if you are looking for a black bathroom.

Light wood and modern-style lacquered white furniture have been combined with graphite black on the walls and a black tile mosaic for the shower area, and the result is a very modern bathroom with a lot of class.

Un baño negro

At One Interior Design | Photography @atoneinterior

You don’t have to go to pure black if you don’t want to. There is ceramic to cover the walls and the bathroom floor in very dark gray, graphite or anthracite type that achieve an aesthetic similar to that of black but without consuming so much light.

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Un baño de microcemento negro

Design and photography Diff Homes

Another of the materials that you can use is microcement, as we see in the black bathroom above these lines, which does not become black at all, unless we tint it, but it is very dark, and creates textured walls, that are warmer and with more presence than the smooth tile.

Design and photography Amy from The House With the Fluffy Dog

We can also add black in different finishes and materials, such as paint, matte or gloss tile, creating a very interesting contrast between blacks, some more pure than others. What has been a monochrome palette.