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The 7 essentials for a small bathroom The 7 essentials for a small bathroom
Especially to small bathrooms you have to optimize them like no other room, squeeze their few square meters, and for this, we must make... The 7 essentials for a small bathroom

Especially to small bathrooms you have to optimize them like no other room, squeeze their few square meters, and for this, we must make use of furniture and other elements that we are going to see below, special to optimize small bathrooms. Join me and discover how to get the most out of the bathroom, with these 7 essentials for a small bathroom.

Dressing room mirror. The mirror cabinet of all life

Baño con mueble espejo

Extremely practical, mirror cabinets for the bathroom provide us with a valuable storage space as well as a mirror, a non-negotiable element in a bathroom.

Also, if the mirror cabinet is wall-to-wall, the better. The more surface it covers, the more space we will have and the greater visual amplitude we will gain thanks to the mirror.

If you do not decide on this type of cabinets, at least that the mirror is wall to wall.

Recessed cistern

Baño con cisterna empotrada

It requires a minor work, and, although at first we lose some space, its final aesthetics will make up for that little lost hole.

In addition, we can take advantage of installing a cabinet above the closed partition that encloses the cistern to optimize the space of the cistern as much as possible.

And even better when the toilet is suspended, since it reinforces the sensation of visual lightness.

Glass partitions

Baño con mampara de cristal

Forget about the shower curtains and put on a glass bottle. Extremely light, they will not cut the visual of the bathroom and aesthetically we will gain meters, in addition, of course, of functionality compared to a curtain.

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It does not matter if we are talking about a shower or a bathtub, there are partitions for both systems that provide us with these advantages.

Built-in washbasin better than countertop

Baño con lavabo encastrado

Photography and project: R de Room

In the functional part there is no difference, but visually yes. Built-in or integral sinks offer a much lighter visual feel, and keep the vanity top tidier. In a small bathroom where the mission is to optimize it, even the smallest detail is of utmost importance.

Suspended Furniture

Baño con mueble suspendido

More modern, they offer a more modern look at the bathroom, offering the same storage space as a traditional free-standing cabinet, and, above all, they recharge the space less.

We can also use the hole they leave to put some baskets or put other items such as a scale or other objects and have them hidden from view.

Shelves and more shelves

Estantes para el baño

There are solutions for all types of walls and places where you can put a shelf and optimize the bathroom storage space. From the wall where the cistern goes, whether it is built-in or classic, to any corner with the corner shelves, passing through places such as above the door or any empty surface that can become a storage point.

Towel radiator

Baño pequeño con radiador toallero

Of infinite designs and sizes, they adapt to any bathroom, with great style, even some adding a decorative plus.

These allow us to keep the bathroom warm and the towels always dry. There is no excuse for not installing one, if we talk about lack of space, and the advantages are overwhelming.

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Generally, and although it is not a bad idea at first, minimalism tends to be practiced in small spaces, when what should be done is, above all, to optimize them.

It is true that a minimalist aesthetic offers a light and appropriate look, but what is needed in a small bathroom is the sum of a minimalist approach combined with maximum possible functionality. Minimalism without functionality and well optimized is simply art.