Step by step to make a home garden

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Guys, our gardening and landscaping editor, Marcia Nassrallah, decided to make a vegetable garden at her house! And isn’t it that she did the step by step to make a home garden for people ???? Let’s see! And there’s video on Simple Decoration Channel on You Tube showing the development of Márcia’s garden. Go see it too!

Step by step to make a home garden

This subject makes your mouth water. Who doesn’t love a salad or fresh vegetables?
Since many people are interested in learning how to grow their vegetables, herbs and legumes, we decided to do a step by step for you to also hit the your Home Garden.
This walkthrough is based on my experience:
1. I used 4 plastic boxes of 39 L x 59 L x 31 P.
2. The crates have been drilled on the sides and bottoms to ensure excellent drainage.
Step by step to make a home garden
3. At the bottom I put chopped Styrofoam to serve as a drainage layer.
home garden
4. I put a draining blanket so that the soil does not leak during watering.
home garden - soil
5. The soil is a mixture of garden substrate and earthworm humus. I added a little bit of Forth Plantio because I find it very useful at this time. The appropriate amount is indicated on the packaging. In each box were 1 bag of 25K of substrate + 10K of earthworm humus.
home garden - seedlings growing
6. I sowed in May 21. I used seeds from: Brussels sprouts, Portuguese coriander, beetroot, radish, chicory, spinach, mustard and hanson lettuce (this was the only one that didn’t germinate). Remember that the depth, spacing, quantity of seeds and the correct time to sow is described on the packaging. Follow the instructions.
home garden - what to plant
7. I separated the top part of beets and carrots and also put them to root. I did the same process with garlic, ginger and sweet potatoes. All sprouted.
home garden - seedlings from parts of vegetables
1. Gardens need sun. At least, the whole morning sun (4 to 6 hours).
2. Water every day without soaking.
homemade vegetable garden - carrot
3. After they germinate, you will need to separate the best seedlings and replant with adequate spacing for them to develop. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
home garden - growth
The latest photos and video are from July 5th and the garden is still in full development.
And then? Make mouth water? How about starting your garden?
You can use multiple containers. Be creative and recycle, reuse.

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