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Kitchen Niches: +50 How to Use Ideas! Kitchen Niches: +50 How to Use Ideas!
The kitchen niche is an excellent bet to make the environment more organized, functional, modern and more beautiful. The niches go well in American... Kitchen Niches: +50 How to Use Ideas!

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The kitchen niche is an excellent bet to make the environment more organized, functional, modern and more beautiful. The niches go well in American kitchens, along with shelves and cabinets, in small kitchens and can be made of wood, MDF and even made with crates! Check here a selection of 50 different, bold, creative and also conventional niches for kitchen ideas and get inspired to change the look of this environment in your home!

A single niche in the kitchen can make a difference in decor. The rectangular wooden niche above the countertop receives decorative objects.

The square and rectangular kitchen niches distributed irregularly and in different colors add a touch of relaxation to the environment.

Here the large niche for the rectangular kitchen, hollow and with shelves, was delicately decorated with cute kitchen utensils, creating, also, another functional space.

The large kitchen niches that intersect are made of wood and also enhance the decor, highlighting the environment.

The niche in the kitchen in MDF, rectangular and with different sizes are arranged in a millimetrically organized and well-defined way.

The niches in the hive style kitchen bring sophistication to the place.

The kitchen niches can be the highlight of the place, with a tone that clashes with that which predominates in the environment. These are smaller, intended for decoration.

The square niches in the kitchen are arranged in an alternating position, maintaining visual balance. Pure wood also has a rustic feel.

Here the different niches in the planned kitchen are mixed with overhead cabinets in MDF.

A kitchen with niches in a stronger color gains more life and joy! The color chosen in this model was yellow, which is also present in other details.

The white niches in MDF are classic and go well in any environment. These also replace overhead cabinets.

Different shapes and colors can be combined to compose the kitchen decor with niches. They serve not only to store household items, but also decorative objects.

The wooden kitchen niche adds sophistication and elegance to the environment. The decoration can be done with the utensils themselves, such as wine glasses and more colorful pieces to give more freshness to the environment.

The small MDF niche for the kitchen has the advantage of easily fitting into any space, which is of great value for those who do not have a planned kitchen and want to complement the decor with functional furniture.

How about using crates as kitchen niches? They complement the decor and add extra space even in the kitchen with more sober and elegant decor, giving a rustic and relaxed touch to the place.

In this small kitchen, the decorated niches above the sink made all the difference!

The rustic and L-shaped wooden kitchen niches replaced the suspended cabinets, following the style of the environment, more romantic and retro.

Here the shape of the kitchen niches is more conventional. Placing it above the sink is a great option, both for its functionality and practicality, as well as for its visibility and the possibility of mixing utensils with decorative objects in one place.

White cabinets can take on a bold and modern look with the intersecting black kitchen niches.

If you like bold colors, here is a niche kitchen model with perfect microwave space! Turquoise is a color that always pleases and brings relaxation to the environment.

Following the palette of stronger colors, it is not uncommon to see the color red in kitchens. The red niches in this environment can combine with other furniture, such as the table, or even decorative objects.

Even in smaller spaces you can fit the niches in the kitchen! Here the solution was to place them vertically and make them very narrow. The spaces created still allowed to store many condiments, books and plants!

Another kitchen niche in an outstanding color and with extra lighting!

In a planned kitchen the niches can receive appliances, such as the electric oven and microwave, in addition to creating decorative spaces.

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